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Chapter 66 – It's normal to have a baby (Part 1)

Lin Mumu shook her head and couldn't help but sigh ruefully, “When I was a child in the mountains, if I couldn't find my way back, I would have to walk for a long time before going home.”

She wasn't merely sighing, but rather actually saying the truth.

Lin Mumu wasn't very talented in Taoism. When the master first taught, he was afraid he wouldn't have enough time to let her learn properly, so he used a cruel method to force out her talent.

She was trapped in the forest, and could only walk continuously while being cold and hungry.

In these kinds of condition, a man's will to live would give birth to unexpected potential. However, as a result of this experience, Lin Mumu didn't awaken her innate talent for Taoist, but rather awakened innate gift for plants.

The truth was instead of learning how to escape the forest, Lin Mumu leant how to cheat her way out by communicating with plants to lead her.

Her master couldn't do anything about her and had no other choice but let nature take its course.

Lin Mumu didn't have great affinity with Daoism. It took her ten years to hardly grasp a few skills. Contrarily, her innate talent with plants was quickly getting stronger and stronger. Some of her abilities were so astonis.h.i.+ng that even the elder Daoist priests were somewhat fearful of them.

Therefore, before Lin Mumu went down the mountain, she was summoned by the enlightened master:

“You're too young, you'll go down for three years. You're not allowed to attack anyone on your own initiative. If people don't harm you, you are not allowed to harm them. Of course, if anyone provokes you, we Taoists are not the Buddhism's living Buddhas. You don't need to save them face, ruthlessly strike back at them.

This is what is called the karmic cycle. If someone wants to bully, they should be prepared for your retaliation."

(TN: A living buddha means a very compa.s.sionate person.)

Lin Mumu felt that the master's words were very reasonable. As a result, whether it was a policeman, military instructor w.a.n.g Chong, or Yun Ruoshan, she abided by this principle. Perhaps she wasn't benevolent enough, but she had a clear conscience.

“Lin Mumu, I really admire you. You go out with your husband every night for some springtime, yet, your physical strength during the day is still so good!” Chen Fangya could walk any longer, so she tried making fun of Lin Mumu.

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