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Chapter 4101: Su Yu’s Defeat (1)

“What do you know?” Qiao Fei walked up to the woman.

“Buy me a drink if you want to know more.” The woman’s seductive smile, thick makeup and heavy perfume scent made Qiao Fei’s stomach churn with disgust. However, he wasn’t about to leave any stone that may lead him to Lu Yan unturned, so he nodded quietly at the seat across from him.

“I’ll have a bottle of Royal Salute.” The woman immediately ordered an expensive liquor.

“If you give me what I want, I’ll buy you any drink you want.”

“Really? Well then, if you’re rich… waiter, I’ll have two bottles of Royal Salute,” the woman said greedily; she thought she had met her sugar daddy.

You couldn’t blame her – Qiao Fei looked like a rich tourist. Moreover, he was a good dresser, and although he wasn’t wearing any brand-named clothes, those bodyguards immediately gave his status away.

Qiao Fei remained silent this entire time. Once the liquor was served, the woman opened both bottles and winked at him.

“Can you tell me what I want now?”

“You’re from out of town, right?” the woman asked.

“I am.”

“No wonder I don’t recognize you. You’re looking for your girlfriend, right?” the woman asked, swirling her whiskey gla.s.s.

“I am.”

“Haha, kids these days are so good at being mad at each other. Why bother? If you like each other, you should just be with each other.”

“Stop with the bulls.h.i.+t, what do you know?” Qiao Fei demanded with annoyance.

“Do you have a photo of her? I know a lot of people, if your girlfriend was here, then I’ll be able to find her,” the woman said with confidence.

Qiao Fei paused for a second. Then, he reached for his phone and found a photo of Lu Yan.

In the photo, Lu Yan was wearing a white dress with red polka dots, and a ribbon belt wrapped around her waist.

Huo Mian had purchased this outfit for Lu Yan. In the beginning, Lu Yan didn’t like this style. However, she would wear this outfit whenever she missed her sister; this get-up made Lu Yan look like a completely normal young woman.

This was actually a candid photo of Lu Yan; Qiao Fei took it when Lu Yan tilted her head at him, so her features were very distinct.

Lu Yan was so beautiful that anyone who saw her would never forget her face.

The woman glanced at Qiao Fei’s photo of Lu Yan. “Wow, is your girlfriend a celebrity? She’s so pretty.”

“Cut the c.r.a.p, have you seen her or not?”

“I haven’t… but I can ask my friends.”

“Are you f*cking with me?” Qiao Fei frowned.

“I’m not, I told you I know a lot of people. I’ll tell you if any of them has seen her.”

“So you don’t really know anything?” Qiao Fei asked angrily.

“I didn’t tell you I knew anything, little boy. You don’t want trouble, do you? Pay for my drinks and I’ll let you leave unscathed,” the woman said arrogantly.

Upon hearing this, Qiao Fei flashed her an icy, deadly smile. “Are you threatening me?”

“I am, what are you going to do about it?” Then, the woman clapped her hands, and two or three dozen people suddenly jumped out of the crowd, circling Qiao Fei and his men.

“Check how much the bill here is tonight, this young man is buying tonight.” The woman laughed, and the waiter quickly tallied up the bill.

“The total comes to 79,800 yuan.”

“What would you do if I told you that I don’t have money?” Qiao Fei smiled.

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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4101 - Su Yu's Defeat (1) summary

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