My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4189 - I will Destroy it If I can't Get it (9)

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Chapter 4189: I will Destroy it If I can’t Get it (9)

Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

“Yeah. Your daddy asked me when he had lunch with me today…” obliviously, Su Yu answered.

“Oh, okay…” Pudding nodded thoughtfully.

“What’s up? How is your mommy?”

“Nothing. I just think my mommy isn’t happy.” Pudding decided not to tell Su Yu about her suspicions.

After all, she didn’t fully understand the situation yet. But from what she heard from Su Yu’s words, her daddy seemed to have noticed something.

Pudding felt her heart was racing…

“Of course, she’s not happy. Your mommy went through too many things… You must give her time to adjust. Just treat her as a child.”

Su Yu felt no matter how strange Huo Mian behaved, it was understandable and must be pardoned; after all she went through a lot of hards.h.i.+ps and lost a baby.

Nodding, Pudding didn’t say more about it and got into the car.

Su Yu drove the twins to South Hill Manor and planned to leave immediately after dropping them off.

But when he stopped the car at the gate, he saw Huo Mian walking out of the house.

She wore only a beige-colored windbreaker, looking quite pretty.

“Girls, you enter the house. I want to talk to your Uncle Su,” said Huo Mian.

“Okay, Mommy.”

Pudding glanced her mommy warily and then at Su Yu.

She sent a WeChat message to her daddy.

“Daddy, we came back from supper at Grandma Su’s house. Don’t worry, Uncle Su drove us back. We’re home now, but Mommy said she wanted to talk to Uncle Su. They are now at the gate.”

Pudding’s message contained lots of information.

Qin Chu understood instantly.

Pudding was never nosy and never reported her whereabouts to him.

Immediately, he drove back home.


As usual, Su Yu was pleased to see her.

“Talk to me. I’m in a foul mood.”

“Okay. Get into the car. It’s cold outside.”

Su Yu immediately opened the door to let Huo Mian in.

Qin Chu’s mother saw Su Yu’s car parked at the door; she also saw the kids come in and Huo Mian walk out.

At first, she didn’t think much about it; then at second thought, she decided to talk about it with her husband.


“Yeah?” Qin Chu’s father looked up.

“Mian sees Su Yu a lot lately.”

“That’s normal. They are good friends.” Qin Chu’s father didn’t think it was unusual.

“But can’t they talk on the phone or WeChat? It’s cold outside but I saw Mian run out in a windbreaker. The car is in front of the gate; they must be in the car now.” Qin Chu’s mother sounded displeased, thinking Huo Mian wasn’t supposed to behave like this.

“You’re imagining things. They are in front of the gate, which means there’s nothing between them. Mian is not easy… She’s having a difficult time with Chu right now; we as parents must help them improve their relations.h.i.+p instead of sabotaging it.”

“I’m not sabotaging it. I just wanted to say that Mian is a considerate child and shouldn’t do something so unseemly.”

Qin Chu’s mother felt displeased.

She had seen Huo Mian talk to Su Yu at the gate the last time.

Now was the second time. Huo Mian had hurried out when she heard Su Yu was at the gate.

It gave Qin Chu’s mother an uneasy feeling…

“When Chu comes home, you can’t tell him this,” Qin Chu’s father warned his wife.

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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4189 - I will Destroy it If I can't Get it (9) summary

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