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Chapter 4207: Qin Chu’s Crazy Behavior (7)

Hearing his wife’s demand, Gao Ran licked his dry lips guiltily.

Taking off his jacket, he sat down beside her and threw an arm around her shoulders.

Zhu Lingling shrugged his arm off, showing her displeasure for his late return.

“Hon… Listen to me…”

“I don’t want to listen. I’ll just ask you: are we going for a vacation or not?”

Zhu Lingling was frustrated. She had thought Gao Ran would be less busy after he was promoted to be the bureau chief

But she was surprised that Gao Ran was even busier than before since he dealt with many cases in person.

Zhu Lingling knew he worked so hard not because he wanted to be promoted to a higher position but because he loved his job.

When he was still in high school, Gao Ran had set the goal of becoming a policeman just like his father. His ambition wasn’t as n.o.ble as serving people, but he wanted to get rid of criminals who harmed innocent people.

After he was promoted, he had less time to go out with his family during the weekends, not to mention taking his wife and son to see the aurora borealis in northern Europe or vacation in Hawaii as other families did.

Gao Boyuan was still young and didn’t complain, but Zhu Lingling was resentful.

She envied other women whose husbands spent lots of time with them.

“Of course. I promised you and I’ll keep my promise.”

“When?” Zhu Lingling asked immediately.

“Um… After the current case, okay?” Gao Ran felt guilty.

“Another case… do you live your life with cases or with me? Have you forgotten you have a family?”

“Of course not. Lingling, don’t be angry. You must understand me…”

Gao Ran felt helpless; after all, someone must do the work.

Hearing his words, Zhu Lingling got even more furious.

Standing up abruptly, she pointed at him and said with red-rimmed eyes, “Gao Ran, ever after I married you, how much concession have I made for you? Don’t you know? When other women enjoyed steaks with roses in their arms on Valentine’s Day, you were working overtime; when other couples watched movies to celebrate Women’s Day, you were working overtime; when other couples cuddled together during wedding anniversaries, you were still working overtime. You even came back late in the night on my birthday after the cake melted and dishes went cold… How many times were you still working overtime in the bureau while I drove our feverish son to the hospital in the middle of the night? You’re the busiest man in the world, huh? Are you the President of the United States or the UN Chairman?”

Zhu Lingling exploded with all the frustrations that had been suppressed in her heart like a volcano.

Gao Ran felt bad. He understood his wife’s frustration, but what could he do?

Did she want him to be a bureau chief who only drew salaries but did no work?

It wasn’t his style…

Woken up by their argument, Gao Boyuan walked out groggily.

“Mom, Dad. Are you fighting?”

Zhu Lingling turned her head away with red-rimmed eyes and didn’t speak.

Lovingly, Gao Ran picked up his son and kissed him.

“It’s fine. We’re not arguing. You mom is reprimanding your dad. Your dad totally agrees with what your mom said.”

“I think… you guys should give me a younger sister.”

Gao Boyuan’s words rendered Zhu Lingling and Gao Ran speechless.

“Who told you that?”

“Grandpa and Grandma said if I have a younger sister, the atmosphere in our home will be better. Mom will be busier taking care of my sister and won’t have time to think of your busy schedule.”

“How could your grandparents tell you this?” Zhu Lingling rolled her eyes in anger.

“Haha. What if we give you a younger brother?” Gao Ran laughed out loud at his son’s words.

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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 4207 - Qin Chu's Crazy Behavior (7) summary

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