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"Little Nie, I was just caught off guard…" Su Yu was truly not prepared for this.

He had been eating fried rice with eggs and drinking, and then such a stunning thing struck him in the middle of the night.

"It's fine. Take your time. Tell me your decision when you are done thinking…" Nie Lingxuan turned to go.

"Your dress is soaked… Come in and change it."

Su Yu opened the door and was exasperated when he saw An and Zeng Rou were eavesdropping in the house.

"You… Take her in and give her some clothes to change into." Su Yu pointed at Zeng Rou.

"Okay." Zeng Rou nodded and led Nie Lingxuan to her room.

Su Yu and An stood in the living room, feeling a bit awkward.

"Boss, someone… just hit on you…" An said.

"How long did you eavesdrop on us?" Su Yu glared at An.

"I didn't. The house is not big, and your voices were not too small…"

"When I got up this morning, my left eyelids kept jumping. I knew it wasn't a good sign…"

"Left eyelid jumping means fortune; right eyelid jumping means disaster… And it's not a disaster but a declaration of love for you…"

"If you want her, I'll give her to you," Su Yu asked.

"Ha! Don't… She's too good for me."

"Didn't you break up with your previous girlfriend? Maybe I can recommend you to Little Nie?"

"Please don't. Boss, I'm not good enough for her. I thought my ex-girlfriend was a good person, but she turned out to be a gold digger. Let's not talk about her," An sighed deeply.

An had met a girl who was a senior student in the city's Media College.

She said she made money by streaming, and she wasn't very pretty but very gentle.

One day when she was doing an outdoor livestream, a gangster riding on a motorcycle s.n.a.t.c.hed her cellphone.

An was on his way to do an errand and helped her beat off the gangster. Then the girl wanted to treat him with a meal to thank him.

He was in a hurry and didn't have a meal with her.

The girl insisted on having his WeChat contact and then they had some good chats on WeChat.

They even dated twice. But later An investigated the girl's background and discovered the painful truth about her.

The girl seemed to be a mistress of an older guy in the city.

Her luxurious stuff, such as the new iPhone and designer handbags, were all gifts from the old guy.

In their later chats, the girl would mention with seeming casualty that she wanted some stuff; it seemed she thought An was a second-generation rich guy.

After all, An had driven Su Yu's Lamborghini that day.

Seeing through her purpose, An decided to break up with her.

He told her that he was just a chauffeur, not a second-generation rich guy, and that the car wasn't his and he was just an employee.

From then on, the girl had never contacted him but didn't delete his contact either.

An had felt bad because of it for a long while, but he got over it eventually.

Hearing Su Yu mention this incident, he didn't know he should cry or laugh.

"President Su, you can't take it out on me after you got shocked by the confession of love. Do you think it's fair to me?"

Su Yu felt pained…

In her room, Zeng Rou took out a comfortable and pretty pale pink casual dress for Nie Lingxuan.

"Thank you, Miss Zeng."

"Beauty, I admire no one but you… Haha! You truly stunned Su Yu…" Zeng Rou gave her a thumbs-up.

"Miss Zeng. I'm sorry. Now, I'm kind of your rival in love, right?" Nie Lingxuan said uneasily.

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