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Qin Chu and Huo Mian smiled at each other. The latter then glanced over at Pudding. “Learn from your sister, look how calm she is.”

“I'm not single, so I'm okay with this,” Pudding explained.

“Come on, I'm not single either! Hmph, you guys are bullying me again. I'm going to Auntie Lingling's to play today.”

“Seems like our daughter is growing up fast… Honey, you need to ask Gao Ran for an engagement gift.”

“Mhm, I'll call him later today,” Qin Chu replied cooperatively.

“Daddy, don't you feel bad asking them for an engagement gift when you're so rich? Uncle Gao Ran may be the director of the bureau, but he's making next to nothing. Auntie Lingling can't even buy bags with his salary!”

“So, what you're saying is we should let them marry you without a gift?” Huo Mian rolled her eyes on purpose.

“No, Mommy, Little Bean not only doesn't want an engagement gift from Uncle Gao's family, she wants you to give a gift to them,” Pudding explained.

“Pudding's right. Daddy, when you marry me out, can you give me a Bugatti Veyron. I like the orange version,” Little Bean chuckled.

“Do I look like a Bugatti Veyron to you?” Mr. Qin asked with a serious look on his face, and Huo Mian burst out in laughter.

Pudding: “Great answer, Daddy.”

Little Bean: “Haha, Daddy you need to loosen the purse strings a little, you have so much money that you'll never finish spending it. Why can't I have some?”

Qin Chu responded without thinking. “The money I have will be saved up so your little brother has money to find a wife.”

Little Bean: “Oh, I almost forgot about Scapegoat Qin.”

Huo Mian was confused. “Who's Scapegoat Qin?”

“The one in your belly,” Pudding reminded Huo Mian, and the latter asked, “Why is he Scapegoat Qin?”

“Because he will be our scapegoat for a very long time…” Little Bean answered matter-of-factly.

Huo Mian felt speechless. She then rubbed her belly. “Don't come out yet, let's give it another three years.”

“Haha, Mommy, what do you think you're pregnant with? Three years? He can't wait that long!” Little Bean burst out in laughter.

“No bullying your little brother.” Huo Mian was very protective.

“We won't, he'll have to take over the business like Daddy. Grandpa and Grandma said that the women in our family are in charge of being beautiful and spending money while the men are in charge of making money.”

“Um, how did I not know about this?” Huo Mian wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

“Honey, I'm going to head to work now. You're going to Sky Blessing Court today, right? Be careful.”

“Yup, I'm taking the twins and the guards with me, so don't worry.”

“Mhm, call me anytime you need something.”

“Sure, Honey, but I'm curious about something.”

“What is it?” Qin Chu's gaze landed on Huo Mian.

“Isn't it my birthday soon?”

“Yes, so?”

“So did you get me a present?” Huo Mian asked shamelessly.

“Come on, Mommy, you can't just demand a present from Daddy. isn't that too shameless?” Little Bean immediately said.

“Mommy, you shouldn't be so blunt, your husband might feel pressure!” Pudding chimed in.

“He's my husband, why can't I ask him? My husband is also paying all the bills for you two, you guys shouldn't say anything,” Huo Mian reb.u.t.ted.

Qin Chu tilted his head. After some thought, he asked. “So, Honey, what do you want as a birthday present?”

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