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“Su Yu's my uncle.”

“Uncle?” Han Yueyao was surprised. She had guessed that Su Xiaoxiao was a member of the Su Family or even an illegitimate daughter of Su Yu's father, but she'd never imagined that Su Yu was Su Xiaoxiao's uncle.

“Yeah. The Su Family is very big and most of the members are in the military regions. Su Yu's father is a brother of my grandfather. My father is in the distant Gannan Military Region and I was raised by my grandparents in northern China. After they pa.s.sed away, my father wanted me to join the army, but I refused. I have a half brother, but I don't like him nor my father, so I didn't want to return and live with them. My grandpa was close to Su Yu's father; according to the family generations, Su Yu is a cousin of my father and I'm his niece.”

“Um… Okay.” The information was a bit too much for Han Yueyao to process immediately.

“My father only gives me money and doesn't care what I do. Even if I ask him, he won't help me; instead, he'd railed at me for hanging out with villains. But you know Lin isn't a villain. He fought with people to save his friend, so I must help him. My uncle Su Yu is powerful here and can help me by pulling a few strings, but I know he'd give me a dressing-down.”

“Maybe… I'll go with you? I can share the blame.” Han Yueyao was now used to being lectured by Su Yu.

“Ha. No, I truly don't need you to go with me. I can't always drag you into my mess.”

She patted Han Yueyao on the shoulder and said, “Yao, wait here for me. I'll come and pick him up after I see my uncle. Then we'll leave together.”

“Okay. I'll wait for you here.”


Then, Su Xiaoxiao walked out of the bureau.

Han Yueyao didn't know how Su Xiaoxiao explained the whole thing to Su Yu, but Ling Hang was released that night and the victim's family who had threatened to get him into jail turned silent as if the fight had never happened.

It was the first time that Han Yueyao witnessed the terrifying effects of power.

When the four of them sat down in a hot pot restaurant at midnight, the whole thing still felt like a dream to her.

“Yao, what are you thinking?”

“Um, nothing.” Han Yueyao snapped back to reality.

“Big Brother Lin, you must thank Yao, too, because she helped you. She used her connections and tried to persuade Chief Gao to let us see you.”

Su Xiaoxiao told him everything.

“Thank you.” Lin Hang filled a cup of liquor and drained it to show his grat.i.tude.

“Don't mention it. I did it to help Xiaoxiao.” Han Yueyao made it clear to him.

“You look like a good girl. Why did you enter the entertainment business? Don't you know how dirty it is? Are fame and money so important to you?”

Lin Hang seemed to be very prejudiced against the show business and spoke his mind now that they got closer due to this incident.

“Because I can make more money in this business…” Han Yueyao smiled.

“You'd make more money as a hooker, right?” Lin Hang blurted out before he realized he had spoken out of line, but it was too late to take it back.

“Big Brother Lin…”

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Han Yueyao worriedly, thinking she'd get angry and leave them.

But she didn't; instead, she picked up a shrimp slide from the hot pot calmly and replied—

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