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Su Yu touched his nose and walked out without a word.

It seemed she had infuriated him.

“I must tell you, I didn't buy this outfit for you to date those villains. It's for Mian's birthday party…”

“I know; I know. I'll do my best.”

“Girl, you never disguise your love for money… Can't you pretend a little bit?”

Su Yu found the woman was crazy for money. She had taken 2,000 yuan without a word last time; now she didn't even pretend to decline when he took her out to buy clothes.

Other women would play coy and pretend to be modest even though they desperately wanted the clothes.

“I'm a straightforward person… We're busy and I don't want to waste our time on guessing games.”

“Forget it. You can always find something to say in your defense. Anyway, on that day, you must stay by my side. I'll pick you up before we drive to the yacht.”

“Okay. President Su, I want to know how much you plan to pay me for pretending to be your girlfriend on that day?”

“What do you mean?” Su Yu thought he had heard it wrong.

“I meant… the payment for my work on that day.”

“How can you ask for a payment? I just spent over 200,000 yuan on you. You aren't worth this much money even if I sell you.”

Su Yu was furious.

“I don't think so. President Su, you gave me the clothes because you wanted to. After the tags are cut, I won't be able to return them. I can't work for you for one whole day for nothing in return.”

“You mean you won't go to Mian's birthday party if you don't go with me?”

“No, no, no. If you don't take me, I'll go myself… But I'll feel less tired since I don't need to help you deal with that woman from the hospital. She's very ferocious and dealing with her takes lots of physical strength and brain power… Of course, if you think it's not a good deal for you, I can return the clothes to you. Or you can find another girl to do it. I think Gao Yaruo is a good candidate; you can have a try with her…”

“Han Yueyao, are you doing this on purpose?”

Su Yu stared down at the sharp-tongued young girl.

Gao Yaruo was a typical scheming girl pretending to be n.o.ble and innocent; Su Yu didn't care to spare her a glance.

In comparison, Han Yueyao was less annoying despite her love for money.

“I don't dare. I was trying to recommend other candidates…”

“Thank you for your kindness but I don't need it…”

“President Su, about the payment…”

“As we did the last time, I'll pay you 2,000.” Su Yu tried to remain calm.

“No way. It's a big occasion and I'll have to deal with many people. 2,000 yuan is not enough.”

“How much do you want?” Su Yu's face turned dark as if he'd explode any moment.


“No. 3,000,” Su Yu haggled.

“3,500; it's final.”

“3,200.” Su Yu drove a hard bargain.

“My big boss, you have a fortune that's worth tens of billions. Can you stop being a miser? You won't even pick up 200 yuan bills on the ground even if you see them. Don't be so brazen, please.”

“Since you are brazen enough to ask for a pay, I'm brazen enough to haggle.”

“I can be brazen because I'm n.o.body, but you're a big figure and can't be so shameless…”

“Shut up. 3,000.”

“No. 3,500 is the bottom price. Or you can find someone else…” Han Yueyao stood her ground.

Biting on his lip, Su Yu tried to suppress his fury.

“Han Yueyao, do you still expect to become something at Imperial Star after offending your boss in this way?” Su Yu demanded with his hands on his hips.

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