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Chapter 1899: A Golden Virgin

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Ye Qianqian smiled, watching them take jabs at each other, when a familiar voice suddenly traveled across the room.

“Well, well, well, who’s here?”

Ye Qianqian and Shen Zhilie turned their heads around at the same time and saw a man entering the room. He was wearing casual black clothes and appeared very fas.h.i.+onable. His black hair was cut short and neat.

Ye Qianqian recognized him. “Isn’t that Luo Zhan?” she thought.

No, it wasn’t. Judging by his northern accent, he must be Luo Zhan’s twin brother, Luo Ran.

Luo Ran walked up closer to have a look at Shen Zhilie. “Why did Doctor Shen come here without saying a word beforehand?” he said with a smile on his face.

Shen Zhilie stood up and punched him with his fist. Luo Ran reached out his hand at once, and their fists b.u.mped together. Then, they shook hands and clasped each other’s shoulders.

Shen Zhilie hit him and joked, “So you’re not going to the bar to flirt with girls today?”

“Phfft, like he would do that,” someone yelled out, then laughed. “He almost got stuck with a woman, so where would he get the nerve to go clubbing? Hahaha!”

The people around him laughed out loud when they heard this.

“Xie Yin, shut up!” Luo Ran grabbed an empty beer can and threw it at him.

As soon as Xie Yin dodged the can, he laughed even more arrogantly. “You’re p*ssed off, huh?”

Shen Zhilie grew interested and asked, “What’s going on? It seems like there’s a lot of gossip to tell.”

“It’s more than just that. It’s…”

“Shut up,” Luo Ran interrupted him.

The other guy said, “It’s a shame for the prince of love!”


There was a roar of laughter at Luo Ran’s expense. He was so infuriated that he yelled out, “Are you done yet?”

Shen Zhilie was startled and looked sideways at Luo Ran. Luo Ran’s temper actually wasn’t that bad. In fact, it was better than his. It was unusual for Luo Ran to be talking so loudly.

Shen Zhilie became more interested. “So what happened?”

Xie Yin shrugged and said, “The little prince of love won’t tell us what happened.”

“The little prince of love is angry now.”

“Little prince of love, do you want to have a drink or not?”

“Get out of here!” Luo Ran couldn’t bear it anymore. “D*mn you if you keep talking!”


n.o.body knew who laughed first, but the room, which had just managed to quiet down, instantly burst into laughter again.

When Ye Qianqian noticed Luo Ran’s toned down, meek appearance, she could imagine how dominant and arrogant he usually was when he was among these people. That was probably why they were playfully dissing him like this.

Shen Zhilie opened up a bottle of wine. He took a sip from it, chuckled, and joked, “The tables keep turning.”

“Shut up, you.” Luo Ran turned to Shen Zhilie and lightly punched him on the shoulder. “Why don’t you introduce me to your friend?”

“I wanted to introduce you to her just now, but didn’t you interrupt me halfway through?” Shen Zhilie put on an innocent front and put down the beer can. “This is my girlfriend, Ye Qianqian.”

Ye Qianqian smiled and said, “h.e.l.lo, everyone. My name’s Ye Qianqian.”

“Ah, you look pretty. What did Shen Zhilie do to deserve someone like you?”

“Hey, he’s a better choice than you. At least Old Shen is a golden virgin boy.”


Ye Qianqian couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Then she shot a strange look at Shen Zhilie.

Shen Zhilie picked up a few melon seeds and threw them at him. He had a dark expression on his face and mumbled, “Shut up.”

“My, my! I’ve made an effort to wash your reputation clean in front of your girlfriend. What reason do you have to throw seeds at my face?”

“Yeah, even if you throw seeds at his face again, you’re still a little virgin. Hahaha.”

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