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Chapter 1149: Cultivation Had Always Been Lonely

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

After the Heavenly Great Sage Bull Demon King, came a long and thick black shadow that flew out from the big hole left by the Golden Cudgel and spiraled upwards, almost blocking the entire Ether of this pure land. The surroundings were suddenly filled with moisture and humidity that seemed as if it would turn into a deep ocean and form a world of water by itself.

“The Great Sage of Fu Hai!” the Little Fox Qingqiu’s body trembled slightly as her excitement rose to the occasion of the return of the Great Sages in the myths and legends that had accompanied her childhood.

The heroes of those myths appeared in front of her one by one!

The expressions on Glow, No Thoughts, and the other demons were similar, showing more respect and less arrogance as antic.i.p.ation shone in their eyes with the hope that more Great Sages would walk out of the sealed land.

Feeling the intertwining touch of the water waves, Meng Qi had different ideas running through his head. King Fu Hai from the depths of Donghai in the West is about to flourish as he is on his way to the peak of a legendary dragon’s life where he would dominate the sea. The situation does not look optimistic for the Donghai Dragon Emperor!

However, this guy was good at being a dragon. He was resilient enough that he could get around well enough. At worst, he would merely lose some of his wealth and would lay idle with nothing to do in the future. The only thing he could do was to try hard to produce dragons and lead a befuddled life in the Myriad World of General Knowledge such as rewarding an anchor tens of thousands of Emperor Coins or buying piles of market goods.

Before the legendary dragon circling the sky could constrict its body, a giant shadow flew out roaring with the sky to its back as it soared upward, almost covering the entire peak of Spirited Mountain.

“The Great Sage of the Chaotic Heavens!” several demons muttered to themselves as the shadow of a roc with one wing at the west and one wing in the east shrunk instantaneously and transformed into a bird-headed man wearing a golden robe. His beak was slightly hooked, where the tip was a dark red that neared the color of black and emitted the fierce aura of attributes belonging to dragons and snakes. n.o.body knew how many creatures of the sort had been tragically swallowed into this roc’s belly.

The Great Sage of Chaotic Heavens, the Roc Demon King, lay his sight directly on Taili and said with a deep voice, “You are Five Elements Peac.o.c.k.”

“Yes,” Taili who was always arrogant seemed to be trembling, too, when facing the inquiry of a Great Sage.

The Roc Demon King slid his right hand out of his sleeve as his expression turned serious as if he was pulling something out very forcefully. It was five hazy feathers that were divided into the colors red, green, yellow, white, and black where each color dazzled in brilliance as if they contained the highest level of the Nine Levels of Heaven, the level that represented the base of the heavens and the foundation of the Myriad World. Its heaviness was beyond imagination that even if the Roc Demon King could bear the whole universe on his back and soar, he could not wield the feathers easily.

“Five Elemental G.o.dly Feathers!” Taili blurted out with sudden excitement.

In the past, the Mahamayuri Kong Xuan wandered the ancient times by relying on his own talent which was the Five Elemental G.o.dly Feathers, a symbol of the beginning of the era of the Five Elements. It contained the mysteries of Da Dao and was the real Existence Absorber. It is unbelievable that it now appeared in the hands of the Roc Demon King.

As the thought ran across Meng Qi’s mind, he heard the Roc Demon King said, “Before Mahamayuri pa.s.sed away, he shed these five tail feathers and let me pa.s.s it to the first Five Elements Peac.o.c.k that I met.

Kong Xuan had pa.s.sed away?

The Kong Xuan that had proclaimed himself to be one of the first few beneath the Nirvana Realm had pa.s.sed away on Spirited Mountain?

So did this mean that Taili had become the successor of Kong Xuan?

His future would be limitless…

In shock, Meng Qi lost control of his aura slightly, causing obvious fluctuations that instantly attracted the attention of the Bull Demon King, the Dragon Demon King, and the Roc Demon King.

“A terran?” the Bull Demon King looked over and asked with a rough but low voice.

After getting free, he had been in such a pleasant and self-satisfactory mood that he had not noticed the exact situation around him after briefly sensing that there was no danger. Therefore, he had only just noticed the existence of Meng Qi now.

The looks that shot in that direction conveyed a heaviness that was comparable to the weight of the world as the few Great Sages looked at the small terran with Holy Light in their eyes with neither evil intentions nor good intentions because a mere terran Celestial Being did not need such attention and corresponding emotions.

Meng Qi suddenly felt the void around him condense with pressure as if there were mountains peaks all around that wanted to squeeze him into a pile of nothing.


He suddenly held back his blade and pointed the blade in front slantingly. Letting out a fierce and domineering aura, he made his figure suddenly seem tall and strong as streams of lightning flashed through the darkness and broke the peaks apart.


As the will of the blade collided with the sights of the few Great Sages, explosions of thunder that contained the Universe Cave erupted. In between the flares that formed and died out, the resplendence of the galaxy and the intertwining nebulae within could be seen.

While facing the Qi Ji probes by the few Great Sages, it was unexpected that Meng Qi could stand his ground as he held the Invincible Blade!

These were the Great Sages from the legends and myths!

“Eh?” the Dragon Demon King made a low sound and gathered momentum as he seemed to become serious.

It was at this moment that the Little Fox Qingqiu picked up the Spear of Mythical Creatures, turning invisible flames into a barrier as she stood blocking Meng Qi and the Great Sages. Her voice echoed in the surrounding, “Teacher Su is here to help out. Please do not act rashly, Great Sages.”

As soon as the Great Sages saw the Black Golden Spear with Phoenix Wings and felt the familiar aura, their attention s.h.i.+fted immediately and said in unison,

“The Demonic Sage?”

Had the Demonic Sage died? And turned into this spear?


At this time, as Meng Qi held back his blade to resist the Qi Ji of the Great Sages, the Pure Land that was struck quickly shattered as if both heaven and earth were collapsing, bit by bit, never to exist again. Fortunately, the Great Sages all helped out and easily resolved the aftershocks.

Suddenly, a beam of light from the sky shone through the void like a meteor cras.h.i.+ng down and swept across Spirited Mountain to hit the earth.


Spirited Mountain shook violently as rocks fell and deep cracks appeared everywhere. A bottomless hole had appeared in the ground outside the mountain, blooming with the purest light that was untouchable by anything else.

A Golden Cudgel which was as thick as a giant mountain that could support the skies followed subsequently and fell into the hole as well. Thus, an earthquake as terrifying as the apocalypse occurred once again.

Then, as if the two had hit something, all movement disappeared without a trace.

The destruction of Spirited Mountain then stopped and began to recover as if it was alive. It truly lived up to its name of being the Pure Land that Buddha resided in once upon a time. From the time of the war of the Fall of Thousand Buddha to the situation where Nirvana Realm Individuals would likely attack, it had remained up to now, how could it collapse so easily?

Witnessing this situation, Meng Qi had a rough idea of what was going on, everything was as he had expected. The Supreme Buddha who had failed to engulf the Slough of Maha Kasyapa was not the Great Sage Equaling Heaven’s opponent, but it was still not easy for the Great Sage Equaling Heaven to catch or kill him. It was not just that he was bizarre, but just the simple fact that he was able to engulf Buddha was enough to make a lot of individuals happy to see him free and unfettered.

While the Great Sages were still shocked by the death of the Demonic Sage and were distracted with the battle between the Great Sage Equaling Heaven and the Supreme Buddha, Qingqiu said to Meng Qi hurriedly, “This journey has largely depended on the help of Teacher Su, this is your reward as promised, please accept it.”

“We will not trouble Teacher Su with the subsequent events, please leave as soon as possible.”

She urged Meng Qi to leave hurriedly because she was unsure of the att.i.tude the Great Sages would have toward Terrans after being sealed in Spirited Mountain for so long. Would it be friendliness, bloodl.u.s.t, or hostility? Hence, under such circ.u.mstances where they were still in shock, it was better to keep Meng Qi away to avoid worsening the situation. If the Great Sages started to become brutish, she would not be able to stop them even though she had the Spear of Mythical Creatures.

Spreading out her fingers on her right hand, spots of light rays flew out like raindrops and fell into Meng Qi’s palm. Within each spot of light was an Ananda Projection from different universes, showing the essence of characteristics in every reincarnation to enable Meng Qi’s easy imitation.

With the information he wanted in his hands, Meng Qi did not stay any longer. The only thing he regretted was not having a face-to-face talk with the Great Sage Equaling Heaven.

He glanced at the few Great Sages and found that the enormous hole created by the Golden Cudgel was emanating a sinister aura again, meaning that there would be another release of a Great Sage again. While Raka, No Thoughts, and the others were filled with joy and antic.i.p.ation, Meng Qi sighed and looked at Five Finger Mountain which was suppressed by the Wondrous Tree of Bodhi. He then packed up the Nether Skeleton and stepped back to retreat from the peak of the mountain and left from the dilapidated mountain road.

It was not only the Great Sages who were sealed here but also the Devil Buddhas that could sweep them away. Unfortunately, n.o.body paid attention to it and dared not to pay attention to it.

As for the Slough of Maha Kasyapa, he gave it up in rationality. If the Supreme Buddha really escaped the pursuit of the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, wouldn’t it be suicidal for him to carry this thing?

The Supreme Buddha was only interested in Buddha Bodhisattva and Arhat whereas the Tathagata Zhending that he had was only the manifestation of divine power and was not real. Without the Slough of Maha Kasyapa, why would the Supreme Buddha even give him a second glance?

In addition, the Great Sages that were released had been sealed for many years. Although their injuries had long since healed, they would still be weak after being isolated from the Myriad World. It would take at least three to five years, or around 10 years at most to be completely restored. Though the Demon King and the Spear of Mythical Creatures were helping him become a Legend as soon as possible, it was still under the condition that the forces of the demon race were rejuvenated enough that it would be sufficient to suppress him… as the thoughts ran through his mind, Meng Qi did not delay his journey. In some places, he directly dashed through the empty gaps in the void and quickly returned to the foot of the mountain. He leapt over the Cloud Canyon that had been destroyed in the aftershock and left Spirited Mountain to return to the Jade Palace in the Real World.

Stepping into the silent room, he sat down cross-legged and stretched out his hands as little spots of lights flew around his body, showing different projected images of Ananda that complemented the Hao Tian Mirror Fragment in his palm.

Afterwards, Meng Qi closed his eyes.

And then, the room was filled with silence again. After all, cultivation had always been lonely.

More than three years later, in the Void Hometown, the Night Emperor Huo Lishang kept changing his face as if he had gone through different ident.i.ties in different regions and had experienced different lives with different kinds of enjoyment.

Finally, all the faces overlapped to return to the original Huo Lishang’s face.

He slowly opened his eyes and sighed, “The Thousand Faces Thousand Years Trials Art can indeed make people acquire the characteristics of a Legend in advance, but it is also extremely dangerous. Without caution, it would be so easy to lose one’s mind and forget oneself.”

With the support of the Void Hometown, he had just barely pa.s.sed this stage. After ten years, he had finally improved to become the Celestial Being that he had initially thought would require decades to achieve.

In this moment, the Night Emperor had a feeling and turned back to look at the depths of the Void Hometown. He saw an aura as boundless and majestic as the universe stretching out bit by bit!

Huo Lishang broke out in a happy smile and could not help but to get up and look out.

“The Oracles have begun to awaken one by one!”

The real Oracles that had followed the Ajati Matriarch once upon a time were about to return one by one and all of them would descend within thirty years!

In the western region, the death desert, where black gravel covered the earth.

Suddenly, green mountains and clear water emerged, overlapping with the black sand and gravel like a mirage, but at the same time, it also appeared as if two worlds were colliding. From there, the demon race dashed out from the Arcadia and rushed to the west of Great Zhou under the spread of demonic clouds.

The Great Sages had returned, what did the terrans have to fear?

Now that there were two or three Great Sages that had recovered most of their strength, it was enough for them to sweep through this world!

As the demon race charged in, the terrans inside the city started to tremble and the forums and live broadcasts on the myriad world access went silent as if they could not believe that the era they lived in that they had deemed as the best and the most wondrous was so fragile.

In this moment, the city gate opened and a tall figure draped in a gray robe walked out with dimmed eyes and a concealed aura that incited fear.

He shouted loudly, “I am Oracle Juan Lian of the Luo Sect. All ye demons, retreat!”

As he spoke, his aura suddenly burst as if countless galaxies had overturned. It was so overwhelmingly vast that without any disturbances made, it had directly pushed the oncoming demon race back into the Arcadia.

“It’s the Legendary Terran!” the demon fairy who led the way was stunned as he muttered to himself. Thousands of thoughts ran through his heart and finally, he waved his arms in sign of retreat, to further think out another plan of attack.

Behind Sha Wujing, many terrans chanted in unison,

“Ajati Matriarch, the Void Hometown!”

A little later, a post appeared in the Jianghu Teahouse forum of the Myriad World Access with the t.i.tle:

“The Legend is out, so there is no point in ranking the Heavenly List. Shouldn’t we just convert to the Luo Sect already?”

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