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Chapter 1076 John Doe s.n.a.t.c.hed the Map!

“That really is John Doe. Wherever he goes, he can do a lot of shocking things.”

“In Zhongdong, John Doe really does what he said before!”

“I don’t know who has obtained the plutonium material map now. If even it has fallen into John Doe’s hands, it would be too terrible.”

Countless people were discussing on the forum of underground forces.

“It is said that when John Doe was being pursued, he once said that everything happening recently in Zhongdong was a trap set up by Nirvana Organization, whose purpose was to cause chaos in Zhongdong and a war!” Just when everyone was talking enthusiastically, Fang Qiu’s statement was also spread on the forum of the underground forces by a person in Zhongdong in the meantime.

“Nirvana Organization? What kind of organization is that?”

“I have never heard of the so-called Nirvana Organization.”

“No way. All these were all set up by one organization? Isn’t this organization going too far?”

“How can there be such a force in the world that can mess up the situation at will? Besides, there are so many underground forces around the world. I have really never heard of any so-called Nirvana Organization.”

“Why do I feel that John Doe is cheating us?”

Hearing the news, no one believed it.

After all, they’d never heard of Nirvana Organization and didn’t think that the five great countries could tolerate the existence of an organization that could sow chaos and incite war in the world.

However, the major underground forces in the world daren’t treat it lightly despite disbelief. They all sent people to investigate if Nirvana Organization really existed or not. If so, did it relate to the recent situation in Zhongdong?

After all, all the major forces were also aware that what had happened there was too strange.

Firstly, the plutonium material map appeared in the Truth Division, and then the holy fruit appeared in the Gospel Division again. From the beginning to the present, everything seemed to be happening around the two divisions.

From this perspective, it was indeed a little abnormal.

At the same time, the Truth Division and the Gospel Division were also discussing this matter.

“f.u.c.k. He actually escaped!” At the headquarters of the Gospel Division, no sooner had the Divine Envoy returned than he couldn’t help swearing, “John Doe is so cunning!”

“Calm down.” On the host seat, the middle-aged man in armor frowned, saying, “John Doe has been opposing us. This time, he not only did rob the holy fruit belonging to us, but has killed many of our people. He’s too arrogant!”

“We need to give him some punishment.” Next to him, the military counselor frowned slightly and said, “Now everyone knows John Doe has the holy fruit. It is so tempting to other forces that even if other forces have found John Doe’s whereabouts, they may not speak it out loud. Therefore, what we have to do now is directly issue the wanted poster and offer a reward!”

“Well, what Military Counselor said makes sense.” Nodding knowingly, the middle-aged man in the main seat waved his hand and said, “Send out the wanted poster immediately and offer a reward of 100 million dollars for the arrest of John Doe. Those who can provide relevant information will be generously rewarded!”

Soon, the wanted poster from the Gospel Division was issued.

And it was offhand spread on the forum of underground forces as well.

“100 million dollars?”

“It’s not a small sum of money, but don’t you think it’s a little inappropriate to use it to arrest John Doe?”

“Haha, the Gospel Division is really stingy. The general in Southern Yue was willing to spend one billion dollars to kill John Doe. Just 100 million dollars is definitely not enough.”

“That’s too little. How can the Gospel Division arrest John Doe with such a small sum of money?”

“100 million dollars is even not enough to buy information, isn’t it?”

Many people began to laugh at the Gospel Division on the forum.

Indeed, compared with John Doe’s value in the killer world, 100 million dollars was really not enough. However, everyone knew that this was just an act of the Gospel Division to show its determination to the public. Moreover, 100 million dollars was not easy to earn. Its purpose in hunting John Doe was just to take back the holy fruit from John Doe and save face rather than kill him.

“Since the Gospel Division has issued the wanted poster, what will the Truth Division do?”

“This time, the Truth Division has also suffered a lot. Although it is not as heavy as that of the Gospel Division, it got nothing after wasting so much energy, and even fought at the headquarters. If it doesn’t do anything, it will lose face.”

“The Truth Division is too slow. It’s been so long, but there’s still no news at all. Could it be that it is afraid of John Doe?”

As soon as the wanted poster of the Gospel Division was issued, everyone’s attention was immediately turned to the Truth Division.

At the headquarters of the Truth Division in Esfahan, just like the Gospel Division, as soon as John Doe escaped, the Divine Envoy of the Truth Division immediately turned back and sat in the conference room with the Lord and military counselor of the Truth Division.

“John Doe, it’s John Doe again.” Hearing the envoy’s report, the Lord of the Truth Division, who was sitting in the main seat in splendid clothes, instantly looked sullen, as if this name left him in great pain.

As a matter of fact, when one thought about it, it was true that John Doe really made the Truth Division feel very in pain.

The first thing John Doe did when he came to Zhongdong was to destroy Luna subordinate to the Truth Division and then break into the headquarters that night, which made it really lose face.

But that was nothing.

What made the Lord of the Truth Division furious was that the plutonium material map in their hands was inexplicably s.n.a.t.c.hed away after John Doe barged in.

And until now, they even didn’t know who had done that!

The Truth Division was already indignant after losing the map. Then the appearance of the holy fruit diverted its attention, but John Doe came out again and killed their people before they could s.n.a.t.c.h the holy fruit. In the end, he even robbed the holy fruit.

He was simply going too far!

“Military Counselor.” Looking at the old man sitting in the first seat next to him, the Lord of the Truth Division asked, “What do you think we should do now?”

“Well...” The old man pursed his lips, starting to ponder.

“I didn’t believe it before, but now it seems that since John Doe has the ability to s.n.a.t.c.h the holy fruit from so many experts, I’m more convinced that it is really John Doe who robbed the plutonium material map from the Divine Envoy,” said the Lord.

“Maybe it’s possible,” the fat Divine Envoy frowned and said. “Although it seemed that it was a Murican wizard who robbed the map from me, he has not shown up yet. So I have to doubt if someone pretended to be a Murican wizard to distract us!

“If the person who took the map from me is really someone else in disguise, then his strength is too terrifying!”

When he finished, the Divine Envoy and the Lord turned their heads at the same time, looking at the military counselor.

“The current situation is very complicated for us.” After thinking for a long time, the military counselor finally said, “The most important problem now is not who owns the map, but that we should get rid of the slander as soon as possible. Since John Doe is so famous and so powerful that he is suspicious, why don’t we directly confirm it?”

Hearing that, the Lord and the fat Divine Envoy were stunned at the same time.

The military counselor continued, “Of course, first of all, we can’t admit that the map was in our hands from the very beginning. We have to continue to frame the Gospel Division, telling everyone that after our people got the news that the Gospel Division had the map, they immediately set off to get it in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the wicked. However, the map was taken away by John Doe halfway!”

“Good. That’s a good idea!” The eyes of the Lord of the Truth Division lit up, and then he issued orders at once.

Soon, the Truth Division’s wanted poster also appeared.

“John Doe is shameless!

“That day, when we learned that the plutonium material map had appeared in the Gospel Division as soon as possible, our Divine Envoy was immediately sent out to get it. Though we succeeded in obtaining the map, it was taken away by John Doe on the way!

“John Doe stole my holy fruit and took my plutonium material map. Today, the Truth Division is willing to offer 200 million dollars to reward for the arrest of John Doe. The person who captures John Doe and provides relevant information will also be generously rewarded!”

Hardly had the news come out when everyone on the forum of underground forces was shocked.

No one had expected that the missing plutonium material map was also s.n.a.t.c.hed away by John Doe!

“No way. John Doe has actually got the plutonium material map?”

“My G.o.d. In this trip to Zhongdong, John Doe has become the biggest winner, hasn’t he?”

“No wonder the Gospel Division used the dead as an excuse to attack the Truth Division. It turns out that the plutonium material map was really in the Gospel Division, but it was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the Truth Division before John Doe got it.”

“It is so weird.”

“It seems that at first, the Truth Division was ready to deal with John Doe alone and take back the map from him. But now John Doe is obviously so powerful that it could barely imagine. That was why they chose to make it public.”

“John Doe is really too strong. How could everything be taken by him?”

“Not only did he take the holy fruit that everyone dreamed of, but he also got the plutonium material map. What kind of person is John Doe? How can he be so powerful?”

“I don’t dare to believe it. This is truly too unbelievable.”

Soon, as the news spread, all the people who saw it were shocked.

All the underground forces all over the world were shocked, too.

With the spread of the news, the name John Doe was completely well-known in the entire underground world. All the people there had remembered this name deeply because it was too incredible.

Every step he took caused a shock!

He not only destroyed a second-rate organization by himself, but also barged into the headquarters of the Truth Division and killed Thomas, the second-ranked killer in the world!

Moreover, he attacked the members of the two top forces head-on, annihilating all of them!

Next, he killed Tyler, the Demon King ranked 30th on the Underground List. He now had s.n.a.t.c.hed away the plutonium material map from the Divine Envoy of the Truth Division!

These deeds were just too unbelievable and incredible!

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