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Chapter 1123 Never Take Your Girlfriend to See This Kind of Movie

On the stage, Director Chen Xiaogang expressed his grat.i.tude for the efforts of the main creative staff.

When he thanked He Gaoming, he suddenly laughed.

“Before we started filming the movie, there was one thing that sparked off a lot of discussion on the Internet. It was about the martial-arts instruction team for this movie.”

Chen Xiaogang continued, “I guess you must have known about it. When we set up the movie project, I tried my best to plead for Eighth Master’s help in order to shoot a better movie. What happened afterward was also known to everyone. The team of fight Ch.o.r.eographers that Fang Qiu introduced to me replaced the Eighth Master’s team.”

“As for the cause and effect, I won’t say much about it. All of you have witnessed the strength of this team of fight Ch.o.r.eographers. Now I’d like to introduce one distinguished fight Ch.o.r.eographer, He Gaoming, and his team!”

With this, Chen Xiaogang pointed to He Gaoming and introduced him to everyone. “I’m very grateful to Fang Qiu for introducing such a top-level team of fight Ch.o.r.eographers to us. I really appreciate their sustained efforts to make this movie. Without them, there wouldn’t be so many wonderful fight scenes in the movie. All the movements in the movie came from the real combat experiences of He Gaoming and his subordinates. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you fight with them so you can learn from them.”

Hearing this, everyone laughed.

Just like what Chen Xiaogang said, everyone had recognized the strength of this team of fight Ch.o.r.eographers. Originally, people were wondering what kind of team could outs.h.i.+ne the famous Eighth Master’s team. Now, after seeing the finished product, they were all convinced!

The execution of each movement was smooth and wonderful!

“That’s all I’d like to say.”

After introducing everyone, Director Chen Xiaogang bowed and said, “I hope you will all watch the movie when it is out in the cinemas in order to support us and help us promote this movie. Thank you all.”

In the end, the premiere ended with a great round of applause.

Guided by the staff, the lucky fans left in an orderly manner.


Under the guidance of Director Chen Xiaogang, the invited stars also left one by one, ready to meet and be interviewed by the barrage of reporters outside. Although Director Chen Xiaogang did not require them to give good comments, compliments were inevitable due to the excellent quality of this movie.

On the other side, the movie critics had rushed out excitedly long ago, intending to publish their movie reviews as soon as possible.

After all, the purpose of their joining the premiere was to comment on the movies.

Without a doubt, these movie critics must have received a decent fee for their reviews.

It was not from Chen Xiaogang, nor was it from the film’s main creative team. It was from the distribution and production companies of this movie.

“How would you write about the movie this time?”

A group of movie critics walked out of the movie hall, chatting with each other.

“How? Just tell the truth,” one of them said.

“To be frank, we wrote honestly by following our hearts at the beginning, so we won the trust of the movie audience. That’s why we got the chance to join the new movie premieres. But as our fame grew, we stopped writing insincere comments long ago. I have been scolded by my previous die-hard fans several times because I recommended bad movies to them.”

“We have no choice. As long as we receive the fees, we have to speak highly of the movies for the companies. The audience will know it, no matter how hard we try to cover it up. Frankly, we are selling our own reputation.”

“That’s right.”

“However, we must seize this opportunity!”

“This is indeed a great opportunity.”

“Although I’ve also received the fee, this is the first time that I feel at ease and justified because it’s indeed a movie that has quality. It’s worth bragging about.”

“Indeed, there is nothing to complain about for this movie. Director Chen has explained that the only shortcoming is that there is no heroine in this movie. It’s a play of men.”

“You know what, I’ve just booked a midnight ticket to see it for the second time. Would anyone like to go with me?”


Besides them, the fans also came out of the cinema. They were discussing the movie and exclaiming excitedly.

Some people were busy editing WeChat Moments and writing comments on Weibo to publicize the movie, and at the same time showing off.

Some people just called their friends, inviting them to watch the movie. They extolled the movie with ecstatic enthusiasm.

These fans did not even walk out of the cinema. Instead, they were all in a hurry to buy the midnight tickets, preparing to watch the movie again at midnight in less than an hour!

The premiere ended.

That night, more and more people came to the cinema, all of whom had booked tickets to watch the movie.

Midnight pa.s.sed.

Countless people crowded into movie halls with tickets in their hands.

Although there were other movies on show on the same night, most of the audience came to the cinema with the tickets for “Yang Yizhi” and walked into the movie halls which were showing “Yang Yizhi.”

Pre-orders of “Yang Yizhi” kept increasing.

That night, sales of this movie were robust. Several cinemas in the capital launched two or even three showings of the movie simultaneously.

This kind of hot scene did not just happen in the capital city.

Tickets sales were also brisk in the cinemas of other first- and second-tier cities.

The movie began showing.

In the movie hall, laughter and screams could be heard from time to time.

Especially when it came to the final battle in the movie, all the audience couldn’t help exclaiming out loud.

It was too awe-inspiring!

The audience, both men and women, became highly excited, and their eyes were full of tears!

The movie was so touching that...

Many people wanted to see it again after they enjoyed it so much the first time around.

Unfortunately, the cinemas closed after the midnight screenings ended. Thus, they could only see it again the next day.


The next day came.

It took those movie critics a whole night to come out with the most suitable and best film comments.

After they finished writing their reviews, they uploaded them, one after another.

Sure enough, they posted their articles on Fresh-bean, the biggest, best, and most authentic website in Huaxia!

On Fresh-bean, these famous movie critics were like the top stars in the entertainment circle. Every time a movie was screened, a considerable number of people would wait to see their movie evaluations. Then, they would decide whether they should go and see the shows at the cinema after their movie reviews.

In this case, as soon as these movie reviews emerged on the internet, they immediately attracted a lot of loyal readers.

On Fresh-bean, the first movie comment about “Yang Yizhi” from a guru-level movie critic appeared.

“Choice of Life!”


Upon seeing the t.i.tle, the readers were initially stunned.

Then they clicked on it to check.

The beginning of the film evaluation showed a grading system with a star rating belonging to Fresh-bean.

This movie review rated “Yang Yizhi” as four-and-a-half-star out of 5 stars!

The movie was highly acclaimed.

The readers couldn’t sit still anymore.

They immediately began to read it carefully.

“I refuse to give out any spoilers. Those who are here specifically for that can leave!”

“I’m not bragging nor am I smearing anyone. I attended the premiere of ‘Yang Yizhi’ and watched the movie. Frankly, I admire Director Chen Xiaogang’s good grounding in producing movies and the outstanding abilities of the actors. They were truly awesome!”

“Among them, the most surprising thing was that Fang Qiu fulfilled his role and performed very well in his first show. At least his performance didn’t make me feel bored for even a second. He even managed to get me and all the people who partic.i.p.ated in the premiere deeply involved in the movie. This is indeed something rare for a new actor!”


There came the second review.

“Never Take Your Girlfriend to See This Kind of Movie!”

This article was more straightforward than the first one.

Star Rating: Five stars! The movie critic awards full marks for this movie!

“I don’t need to say much about this movie. I hope everyone who sees my post will go to the cinema to see it in person, and then come back and let me know how you feel after watching it.”

“However, since I’ve decided to write about it, I’d like to share something with you.”

“First of all, this movie does not promote about the relations.h.i.+ps between men and women. Those who never take movies seriously or who plan to do some romantic things in the cinema, you can give this movie a miss when you see this.”

“Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. This is not a movie for couples out on a date. The most critical thing is that your girlfriend would very likely be attracted to Yang Yizhi, played by Fang Qiu. You will regret it then.”

“Although it sounds a little absurd, I still want to emphasize that you’d better not take your girlfriends or boyfriends to watch this movie. After watching it, they are very likely to be attracted by the righteousness displayed by Yang Yizhi and Zhu Zhangyuan. What’s worse, they may think that romantic relations.h.i.+ps are useless, which will only hinder their progress. Thus, I suggest you watch it alone or with your best friends to achieve your Chivalrous Swordsman Dream!”


Then, the third one followed.

“Two Billion Yuan at the Box Office May Not be a Dream”

Star rating: Five stars.

“I’d like to explain the source of this t.i.tle. At the premiere, the host asked Fang Qiu to predict the box office of the movie, and the answer given by Fang Qiu was two billion yuan!”

“Before I saw it, I thought he was joking. But after I finished watching the premiere, I changed my opinion: Two billion yuan may become a reality!”

“The whole movie is full of awe-inspiring righteousness.”

“As an actor in this movie, Fang Qiu demonstrated excellent acting skills. He and Li Baoguo, a national treasure actor, have an inexplicable and wonderful on-screen chemistry. Their performance complemented each other wonderfully. They are simply a perfect match!”


The first three movie comments immediately ignited a flurry of animated discussions on Fresh-bean.

After that, all kinds of comments kept coming out thick and fast.

In addition to those who focused on Fang Qiu, Li Baoguo, acting skills, national justice, world peace, etc., there were many comments about the fight Ch.o.r.eographers, the relations.h.i.+p between characters, and so on.

Each movie comment displayed the details of this movie in one specific aspect.

Some people scanned through the website from top to bottom.

After skimming through all the movie comments, they found that nearly all of them rated “Yang Yizhi” above four stars, and few marked it below four stars.

The final score of the movie reached a terrifying 8.9!

Such a high achievement amazed all the netizens on Fresh-bean.

There were even many people who shared popular movie comments and the movie’s final score with each other on Weibo.

Unexpectedly, this aroused many people’s suspicions.

“f.u.c.k, it can’t be?”

“Are they trying to trick us into watching the movie at the cinema?”

“The score is ridiculously high. It’s too drastic to be true.”

“The score is so high. I’m afraid they must have hired some paid Internet trolls.”

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