Medical Master Chapter 1124 - Break the Single-day Box Office Record! A slew of movie reviews came flooding in.

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Chapter 1124 Break the Single-day Box Office Record!

A slew of movie reviews came flooding in.

All kinds of doubts also emerged.

After all, this was Fang Qiu’s first debut as an actor. He had never acted in a movie before. How could he perform as well as described in the comments?

Moreover, in recent years, there had never been a movie with such a high score in Huaxia

What did it mean to get a score of 8.9? At present, the highest score of movies on Fresh-bean was 9.6. It should be known that Fresh-bean had a collection of all the movies in the world! It meant that the best movies in the world just got 9.6. Therefore, how could Fang Qiu’s first debut as an actor in a movie obtain a score as high as 8.9?

It was impossible!

Undoubtedly, everyone was most concerned about Fang Qiu’s acting skills.

Fang Qiu starred alongside Li Baoguo, a veteran actor regarded as a national treasure. Could a newcomer like Fang Qiu be a good match for him?

They had their doubts, but all the movie comments they came across were full of praise for the movie, and thousands of short comments on the movie page were also good. When they saw all this, the netizens couldn’t help wondering if it was really a good movie.

After the sweet comes the bitter, and when one is highly suspicious, he would doubt himself to the extreme!

“Oh, is it really that fantastic? Am I wrong?”

Looking at the good comments, those with doubts began to buy movie tickets on the Internet or went straight to the cinema to purchase tickets.

They were going to check out the movie and see if it was really as good as the reviews in the movie comments.



As soon as the movie was released, Director Chen Xiaogang brought Fang Qiu all around the country to promote the movie.

He brought Fang Qiu to three cities within a day.

One campaign was in the morning, one in the middle, and one in the evening!

After the last advertising campaign last night, they finally had time to rest. To reward everyone, Director Chen Xiaogang brought them out to have supper together.

It was early in the morning.

Everyone was eating late-night snacks and chatting happily with each other.

“Hey, it’s past midnight.”

A creative worker stood up, raised a gla.s.s of wine in his hand, and said, “Come on, let’s have a toast first, and then search the Internet together to check the result of yesterday’s box office!”

With this, he raised his head and gulped down the wine in the gla.s.s.

The others also agreed and drank up their wine. Then they took out their mobile phones to check the result on the Internet.

They logged onto Fresh-bean. Because the website specialized in movies, it had a real-time box office list. This list was linked to all the cinemas in Huaxia. The number of people who went for every movie in each cinema could be seen at a glance, and the box office data was also very up to date.

“What the f.u.c.k!”

Before the others could access Fresh-bean, a scream rang out.

“What’s wrong?”

Everyone turned their heads to look. Director Chen Xiaogang, Fang Qiu, and Li Baoguo also turned their heads in unison. They were also very curious about the box office on the first screening day.

“The signal of my mobile phone is weak. Did you see it?”

Besides them, He Gaoming had been fiddling with his phone for a long time, but he couldn’t find anything. After hearing the exclamation of the person next to him, he immediately leaned over, looked at his mobile phone, and said, “Thirty-five million yuan?”

“Hey, it’s close, but you missed a zero.”

“It’s 350 million!”

As soon as he said that, the others also located the number.

“The box office yesterday is 350 billion!”

“Wow, really?”

“350 million! It’s 350 million for real!”

When they saw this data, everyone was shocked.

No one had expected that.

How could the movie rake in so much at the box office?

350 million yuan for a single day. The figure was record-breaking!”

“You rock, Director Chen.”

“Mr. Li Baoguo, awesome.”

“Fang Qiu, genius!”

“Everyone here is bada.s.s!”

Everyone shouted excitedly.

On the other side, Director Chen Xiaogang couldn’t believe it and quickly took out his mobile phone to check. However, before he saw it, someone from the investment company called and told him that the box office yesterday was more than 350 billion yuan.

The moment he confirmed the box office data, Director Chen Xiaogang couldn’t help but get excited. He smiled radiantly, his eyes glistening with tears!

He had been waiting for this moment for several years.

Finally, he found the right theme and actors!”

He had experienced bad times for a few years. The outcome of this movie far exceeded his expectations. This movie was destined to become one of the best movies that Chen Xiaogang had ever directed. It would be deeply engraved in his memory. If things went on like this, the movie could rake1.5 billion yuan at the box office as he had expected, or even better, it would reach 2 billion yuan as Fang Qiu had said!

The more Director Chen Xiaogang thought about it, the more thrilled he became.

As the chief screenwriter of this movie, Zhao Rulong was so excited that he couldn’t even speak.

At this moment, everyone’s face was radiant with happiness. Each of them held a wine gla.s.s and looked at each other with excitement.


Director Chen Xiaogang stood up and raised the gla.s.s in his hand.

Everyone got up immediately.


To propose such a toast, they had tasted much bitterness and gone through many painstaking efforts day and night.

Looking back at the past now, they felt it was totally worth it!

Everyone knew it very well.

This movie was about to go viral!

Everyone knew very well the importance of the score and popularity on the Internet. Now that it raked in such a high box office, this movie became an instant hit. It was just the first day, and it was Friday.

The box office would grow rapidly on the following and Sunday. And as the box office rose, the movie could be screened for a longer period at the cinemas!

Now, no one even dared to predict the box office numbers.

It was because no one knew how popular the movie would be. The movie might be popular for two or three days, and then its popularity would wane. It might remain popular for a week, two weeks, or even one or two months!

After a gla.s.s of wine, everyone calmed down a little.

“Well, everyone.”

Director Chen Xiaogang looked at everyone and said, “This is just the beginning. You have to work hard for the next few days.”

Hearing this, all of them echoed him enthusiastically.

The success of this move was an extremely great encouragement for everyone!

Even He Gaoming, a Wulin master, was filled with enthusiasm.

After all, once the movie became popular, as a fight Ch.o.r.eographer, he would become famous, and so would his team. He would no longer have to depend on his small detective agency to make money in the future.


The next day, after the astronomically high box office on the first day and the rave reviews on the Internet, all the cinemas in the country arranged more showings of “Yang Yizhi.”

Without many compet.i.tive movies at this time, the screen share of “Yang Yizhi” had risen to above 50% and directly crushed other movies at the cinema!

It was

Fang Qiu’s family members went to see the movie at the cinema to support him.

Jiang Mengjie also walked into the cinema alone as soon as she finished recording the show.

The students from Fang Qiu’s junior, middle, and senior schools rushed to the cinema to support him. Students from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine watched the movie in groups.


“I told you, my son is good at acting. I almost thought he was going to die in the movie.”

Walking out of the cinema, Fang Qiu’s mother kept praising her son along the way, “What a brat. He worked hard to shoot such a difficult movie but chose not to tell his family. How could his small body withstand this kind of martial-art movie?”

“If he wasn’t really cut out to be an actor, he couldn’t act so well. Am I right?”

“That’s right. He has done a good job. I almost cried when I saw him.”

“It’s a pity that we don’t have a heroine. Otherwise, you might get a daughter-in-law, ” a few elders said.

Next to them, some juniors were also very excited.

“My cousin is a big star now.”

“He is amazing.”

“Brother Fang Qiu loves me the most. When he comes back, I want to take a photo with him and ask for his autograph. I’ll go to school with him.”

“This is so sudden. How could my brother suddenly become a big star?”

Fang Qiu’s cousins were very thrilled.

After all, their brother had become famous. Whether they were closely related to him or not, they were his relatives anyway. In the future, they could show it off.

Right after midnight the next day, the final box office for that day came out.

On the second day of the release, the box office reached 400 million yuan!

As soon as this data came out, it immediately caused huge waves on the Internet!

“The one-day box office record of ‘Yang Yizhi’ has exceeded 400 million. It became the highest of the domestic movie box office record!”

“The box office of ‘Yang Yizhi’ has broken through 400 million and is close to one billion!”

“The movie ‘Yang Yizhi’ is a huge box-office success! It has become the unexpected winner of the box office this year!”

In less than three minutes after midnight, various kinds of news flooded the Internet.

Before long, the netizens who previously had paid little attention to the movie box office saw the box office reports of the movie “Yang Yizhi” from the major media platforms.

As soon as these reports came out, the netizens were astounded.

“Yang Yizhi” shocked the movie industry more than it did the netizens!

Everyone in the industry was already very shocked when they learned that the box office of “Yang Yizhi” had reached 350 billion on the first day. Now, when they saw that the highest box office today had reached 400 million, they were even more shocked.

400 million for one day, the result was quite astounding.

In that case, the box office could be more than one billion in a week. It had only been two days, and the movie had already earned 750 billion yuan at the box office. If the trend continued, the final result would be a phenomenal number.

Netizens were in shock, and everyone in the movie industry felt ashamed of their inferiority.

At this time, people in charge of countless financial resources in the industry called Director Chen Xiaogang, one after another.

In less than half an hour after midnight, Chen Xiaogang’s phone rang non-stop, and all the calls were from people handling large capital in the industry. No one could ever refuse them.

Li Dong, the boss of the Luhai Boya Pictures, who had always competed with the Huayi Brothers, called him first.

“President Li?”

When he received the call, Director Chen Xiaogang could not help but smile bitterly.

Although he didn’t want to answer it, he had to show some respect for the boss of Luhai Boya Pictures!

“Director Chen, long time no see.”

On the other end of the phone, Li Dong’s laughter could be heard and he said, “I’ve watched your new movie. It’s terrific. Both the online evaluation and box office are excellent. Let me cut to the chase. I want the copyrights to this movie. I know that you’re still holding on to the rights and have not sold them to Huayi Brothers yet. As long as you sell it to me, I promise that you will still be the director of all the subsequent series. You’re free to decide how many sequels you’d like to direct. Our company is only concerned with investments, and you have the final say in everything else. What do you say?”

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