Medical Master Chapter 1277 - Chapter 1277 Hunt Down John Doe!

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Chapter 1277 - Chapter 1277 Hunt Down John Doe!

Chapter 1277 Hunt Down John Doe!

“Now, all the people at home and abroad trust only you.”

Li Ji’s voice came from the phone. “Countries worldwide have sent many medical experts to study the variant Ebala virus. However, it’s said that they don’t have any good method to deal with this virus either. Moreover, they’ve encountered a big bottleneck during their studies. In a short time, they can’t find a solution!”

“Nirvana Organization stimulated and mutated the virus using the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, ordinary people can’t find a cure.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

“No wonder.”

Li Ji nodded knowingly and said, “Several countries in Africo have contacted us. They hope you can help us deal with the virus. After all, it’s a devil of a tricky problem.”

“Once I find the method, I will announce it immediately.”

Fang Qiu nodded.

He had shot the video in the biological base. At that time, Nirvana Organization members were trying to mutate the virus with the energy from the jade stones. However, he didn’t take any shots of this scene or the jade stones.

Fang Qiu was well aware…

Once the jade appeared in the video, all the countries would focus on the jade instead.

In this case, they would not care too much about Nirvana Organization. Besides, it would make it more difficult for Fang Qiu to excavate the jade mine in the future!

Therefore, Fang Qiu didn’t record the image of the jade.

Until now, people from all the countries in the world, including Li Ji and the big shots above him, still didn’t know about the existence of such jade stones.

Only Nirvana Organization knew about it!

“By the way,” Fang Qiu suddenly thought of a question and immediately asked, “Martial arts pract.i.tioners are infected with the strange black matter. Have you told it to any other countries?”

“No,” Li Ji replied.

He shook his head and said, “We don’t know the current situation very well. As for the tricky problem of the mysterious black substance, we’ve been trying our best to solve it. But we chose not to share the news with other countries. For one thing, only people above the guru level can see it through inner sight. For another, it seems that only by using Huaxia techniques can people observe it. Even if we tell it to people in other countries, they would not believe it. Thus, the higher-ups have decided not to tell them for the time being!”


Fang Qiu nodded because he could understand why.

Fang Qiu was not surprised when Li Ji mentioned Huaxia techniques. After all, in the world, only Huaxia techniques could enable people to use inner sight. People could observe their bodies from different angles by using cultivation methods from other countries, but they couldn’t inspect things in detail as Huaxia people could do with their techniques.

Moreover, the black substance was extremely weird. Without careful inspection, one could hardly see it.

“You must be more careful in Africo.”

Li Ji reminded him, “This time, Nirvana Organization has made such a big plan, but you saw through it. Besides, you’ve made Nirvana Organization the enemy of all the countries in the world. I’m worried that they will vent their anger on you. They will very likely come after you in Africo!”

“I see.”

Fang Qiu nodded to show he understood it and said, “I will be on my guard.”

After that…

He hung up.

Staying in the chief’s room, Fang Qiu closed his eyes, turned his head, and thought carefully throughout the whole night.

Until the next morning…

Fang Qiu could not find any good solution. So, once again he could only try to use his internal Qi to help with the treatment.

In the end…

It didn’t work out.

The internal Qi still failed to take effect on the mutated Ebala virus.

“The inside-out approach is not feasible, and there isn’t any outside-in method. I guess I can only try to fight it by myself.”

Fang Qiu had a sudden inspiration

He went up to the chief’s bed.

“I want to try a treatment on you,” Fang Qiu said.

The chief was lying on the bed in a stupor due to a high fever. Looking at him, Fang Qiu said, “This method may not work, but I have to try it. If you can’t hold on, I can find other patients.”

“I, I can do it!”

The chief spoke up.

Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate.

He immediately got to work.

With needles transformed by his internal Qi, Fang Qiu stimulated one of his Mingmen acupuncture points!

Mingmen, an acupuncture point, was a person’s gate of vitality. Stimulating it could increase people’s vital Qi and thus enhance their const.i.tution. According to modern medicine, this method helped people boost their immunity. Then, people could fight against the mutated virus with their immune systems!

After this insertion…

Fang Qiu felt that the vital Qi in the chief’s body increased a lot. However, after he observed for a while, he found the increase in vital Qi still posed no threat to the mutant virus.

The human immunity system seemed unable to handle the mutant virus either.

“How could this be?”

Fang Qiu hurriedly examined the patient with his inner sight.


He figured it out.

The vital Qi could be regarded as the guard in the human body. It would be more or less effective even without Fang Qiu’s deliberate stimulation if it was of help.

However, the vital Qi didn’t help. After being stimulated by the jade, the mutant Ebala virus could absorb internal Qi. The vital Qi in ordinary people was equivalent to the internal Qi of martial arts pract.i.tioners. When more vital Qi was released through specific stimulation, it couldn’t resist the mutant Ebala virus. Instead, the virus would gobble up it.

Therefore, the Chinese Medicine methods of replenis.h.i.+ng and mobilizing vital Qi were not useful at all!

“I can only look for a new prescription.”

The continuous failures did not crack Fang Qiu’s confidence. On the contrary, it spurred him on, to try even harder to find solutions to eradicate the mutant virus.

He pondered for a long time.

Eventually, Fang Qiu located an ancient book of prescriptions that he had memorized. In it, he found a prescription that could kill insects and detoxify poisons. After quickly noting down all the herbs he needed, Fang Qiu told the chief about it. Then he fed the villagers medicine, water, and food before leaving the village to look for the necessary herbs.

At another site…

In an unknown place, the pounding of waves could be heard.

“Lord Virtuous!”

A voice from the darkness called out.


In the dark, a glimmer of light emerged.

Upon a closer look, it turned out to be a pair of eyes. There were faint ripples of light in them. The utter darkness set off this brilliant light in the pair of eyes.

“It’s John Doe.”

A voice sounded in the darkness, “John Doe defeated and killed Sixth Venerable and Eighth Venerable. Worse still, he spared no effort in disclosing our plan in Africo: all the countries in the world are aware of our secret.”

“John Doe?”

In the darkness, the pair of eyes suddenly narrowed, and the voice came, “Is that guy from Huaxia? Haha… We underestimated him!

“Lord Virtuous, please issue an order.”

A firm voice rang out from the darkness.


The eyes suddenly narrowed to slits as if its owner was smiling. Then, Lord Virtuous said, “Kill this guy before the higher-ups find out about this matter. Don’t let him leave Africo alive. Only in this way can I carry out the fulfillment of my duty and report it to the higher-ups. Otherwise, it will make me look very incompetent!”


A crisp and firm response came from the dark.

“Wait a minute.”

The eyes closed, and a voice sounded with a chuckle, “Don’t forget our plan in Africo. Those tribesmen should have died a long time ago. If the virus prepared by Sixth Venerable and Eighth Venerable can’t work, let’s finish off them and release them from the sea of bitterness.”

A burst of low laughter followed, which sounded like it came from a woman or perhaps a man.


It was destined to be a turbulent place.

Fang Qiu looked for herbs everywhere. Meanwhile, all Nirvana Organization members in Africo set out to hunt John Doe upon receiving the order!

This mission was different from the previous ones.

No one dared to disobey the order from Lord Virtuous!

As such…

The order threw Africo into chaos.

Various countries in Africo were looking for Nirvana Organization members using every possible means; in turn, Nirvana members had turned out to search for John Doe. Meanwhile, John Doe was looking for all kinds of herbs to treat the mutant Ebala virus.

Of course…

Fang Qiu, in the depths of Africon Savannah, had no idea about this situation.

A whole day pa.s.sed by.

Fang Qiu finally collected all the herbs he needed for the ancient prescription.

When Fang Qiu returned to the Hippo tribe, he didn’t go straight to decoct medicinal herbs for the patients like the last few times.

Instead, he gathered all the herbs that he had collected.

After that…

He took out sufficient jade stones from the big truck and set up a small terrain at the site of the tribe. After gathering all the herbs in it, he strengthened them with the Qi of Heaven and Earth.

In Fang Qiu’s opinion…

All the ordinary methods had proved ineffective.

He procured all these herbs according to an ancient prescription. Since the prescription was recorded hundreds of years ago, it might not have much effect on the variant Ebala virus. Therefore, Fang Qiu wondered if herbs infused with the Qi of Heaven and Earth from the jade could fight against these viruses. After all, the virus had also been simulated and changed by the jade.

When he thought of this…

Fang Qiu began his experiment right away.

After several hours, it was dark, and these herbs in the terrain had been infused with the Qi of Heaven and Earth. It was time for the patients to take medicine.

Soon after…

Fang Qiu removed the herbs from the terrain and took them out to observe them — they had been soaked with enough Qi of Heaven and Earth. Then, he began to process the herbs.

After the processing, he started brewing them.

Fang Qiu even built up a small terrain when he decocted the medicine.

Forty minutes later…

The medicinal potion was made, and Fang Qiu quickly poured it out. After it cooled down, he promptly let the patients drink the potion.

The patients drank it.

After a careful examination, Fang Qiu found that the potion was effective.

“Finally, I have the disease under control for the time being.”

Fang Qiu nodded, but he couldn’t help but smile wryly. “I can only control it temporarily?”

“Judging from the previous outbreaks of the virus in the patients, I can only restrain it for ten days at most. I can’t reverse the hopeless situation if there is no new and effective solution in ten days.”

Fang Qiu found that…

This ancient prescription exerted an effect, but not much. It could only temporarily suppress the division and growth of the virus. Once the drug lost its potency, the virus would become resistant to this medicine. Then the potion’s effect would be minimal when used again.

“There are other tribes attacked by mosquitoes. In ten days, the incubation period of the virus may have pa.s.sed. There would then be an outbreak!”

“Ten days… ”

Fang Qiu’s brows furrowed.

He had so limited time!

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