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Chapter 831 Heavy Rain! End of Shooting?

“Coconut fiber, bring some coconut fiber.”

When the withered gra.s.s caught fire, the others shouted in surprise. Soon, coconut fiber was set on fire. Fang Qiu carefully put the coconut fiber into the hole he had dug in advance, and then put some dry branches on it to let the fire burn completely.

“Fang Qiu, you are awesome.”

Ying’er gave Fang Qiu a thumbs up. It was the first time she had ever seen someone light a fire in this way in wilderness survival. In other similar shows, the fire was lit either by drilling wood or bringing their flint. This was the first time she had seen it, and it seemed much simpler and more practical than drilling logs to make fire.


Fang Qiu breathed a sigh of relief when the fire was in full swing, and said, “Next, we have to have someone guard the fire. Don’t let the fire go out.”

“That’s for sure.”

Liu Qings.h.i.+ said happily, “Everyone is hungry. Since there is no pot, let’s just start grilling. Just use a wooden stick!”

“No.” Fang Qiu immediately shook his head to stop him, and said, “The sea wind on this island is too strong, and some burnt wood ash will blow up. It is not good for your health if you accidentally eat it, and if you grill it directly, you can’t control the temperature and it is easy to waste ingredients.

“But we don’t have a pot. What else can we do if we don’t grill it?” Ying’er asked.

“It’s simple.” Fang Qiu smiled slightly, and said, “Isn’t it just a pot? Didn’t the ancients eat cooked food without a pot?”

“Wait, I’ll make the pot for you.”

With that, Fang Qiu smiled mysteriously and immediately walked towards the beach. When he circled the island in the morning, he had found a pile of rubble on a rocky beach. He didn’t know who made it. There was a pile of rubble on the seash.o.r.e. Someone probably had piled it up when he came to the island to play. There were still many stones scattered around.

When he came to this place, Fang Qiu didn’t go to the high pile of rocks. Instead, he went around and found a round stone slab about half a meter in diameter. He washed it clean with sea water and brought it back.

“Where did you find it?” Seeing the slab, everyone was stunned.

The stone slab was very thin, with a thickness of fewer than two centimeters.

“Over there.” Fang Qiu pointed to the stone pile, and then said, “Isn’t this just a ready-made pot? Can you imagine eating a slab barbecue on this uninhabited island?”

Everyone started to lick their lips before they could answer. Soon, they found four stones to support the four corners of the slab to raise it, left fire holes on all sides, and started to barbecue while filling the wood.

The ingredients had been washed in advance, so everyone just picked them up and put them on the slab. As for shark fin, since the shark was rotten after being left overnight and attracted many flies, Zheng Weilian decided to throw the shark away after discussing it.

While they were grilling, Huang Huachao and Ying’er brought fresh water. Everyone enjoyed the meal.

“Come.” When eating, Liu Qings.h.i.+ specifically beckoned to several PDs to come forward to take a good shot, and said, “Look carefully. When you go back to edit, don’t forget to show it to Liu Guobin. He will be p.i.s.sed off!”

“Liu Guobin, didn’t you expect it?” Gu Jianguo grinned, and said to the camera, “We’ve survived with no pot or fire, haha!”

Soon, after they had a nice meal, they patted their belly with satisfaction. They were lying on the beach and enjoying the pleasant afternoon sun, and even started their lunch break.

However, just when everyone was enjoying the sun bathing comfortably and about to fall asleep, Fang Qiu suddenly sat upright with a cry, and said while looking up at the sky, “I feel that there may be rain tonight, and it’s heavy rain!” After he said it, others raised their heads to look at Fang Qiu in surprise, and then looked up at the cloudless sky.

“No way?” Liu Qings.h.i.+ said.

“Look, the sky is cloudless. It doesn’t look like rain at all?” Huang Huachao was also confused.

“How can it rain in this weather?” Gu Jianguo seemed to have just woken up from the nap, and looked at Fang Qiu in a daze, “It won’t rain, right?”

Ying’er frowned and said, “I heard that the weather on the sea changes very quickly. Maybe it will rain. But if it rains, it will be terrible. We don’t have any rain gear, and we can’t stay outside overnight.”

At this time, “there is no rain,” A PD saw that everyone started to panic, and immediately said, “I have checked it, and I am sure that there is no rain.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows again and said, “The weather forecast says there is no rain in this area. It does not mean that there is no rain near the island. I feel it will rain.”

Hearing his words, everyone was puzzled.

“The weather is so good, and PD also said that there is no rain. How can you tell that there is rain?” Liu Qings.h.i.+ asked.

“I feel it.” Fang Qiu shrugged.

He just felt it, and of course, everyone did not believe it. They continued to relax and sunbathe. Wearing, Liu Qings.h.i.+ wandered next to Fang Qiu, but he patted his belly and read doggerel, “Bighead, don’t worry about rain. Others have umbrellas, while I have Fang Qiu.”

After hearing his recital, everyone laughed, and they all recited after him.

Fang Qiu could only smile silently. Everyone thought he was just talking nonsense and worrying too much. But he felt that it might rain.

As a master, he was very sensitive to the weather.

However, seeing that everyone didn’t take it seriously, Fang Qiu didn’t say any more. After all, judging from the current weather conditions, there was no sign of rain. But when the sun was about to set, the clear sky suddenly became gloomy with the advent of the sunset, and the sea breeze that had felt comfortable under the s.h.i.+ning of the sun also became shady.

Looking at the sky that suddenly became gloomy, they felt a sense of wind and rain. The sudden change of weather shocked everyone.

“D*mn, is it raining?” Liu Qings.h.i.+ was dumbfounded.

“The d.a.m.n weather, how can it change so suddenly?” Gu Jianguo was also dumbfounded.

“It’s over. We don’t have any rain gear, and we still wear little clothes. If the rain is heavy, how can we stand it?” Ying’er started to panic.

Indeed, they wore too little. If the rain was heavy, they would not be able to hold on, and the shooting would not be possible. The most important thing was that the clothes she was wearing were beach casual clothes. When the rain came, her figure would be fully exposed under the wet clothes and even the color of her underwear would be seen by others. The directors were also confused.

Before they came, they had carefully checked and determined that there would be no rain on this uninhabited island, so they had arranged for the three days and two nights of island survival. If they had known it was going to rain, they certainly wouldn’t have sent the six MCs to the island wearing so little clothes.

They were surprised. Director Liu Guobin immediately called the local guide.

However, he learned from the tour guide that the rain came suddenly, a local thunderstorm. After he heard the news, the director team was even more anxious.

What should they do?

When he was nervous, Liu Guobin immediately contacted the four PDs on the island through his headset, and said, “According to the local guide, this rain is a sudden thunderstorm. You can discuss this with MCs and the guests. If they are willing to continue, we will continue and we will find a way to overcome the difficulty. But if they cannot continue, we will leave as soon as possible.”

Soon, four PDs asked the MCs. Ying’er wanted to leave quickly at first, but then Liu Qings.h.i.+ and others all shook their heads to express their unwillingness to leave.

On second thought, Ying’er realized that this was a rare opportunity to present a positive image to the public, and the show also conveyed positive energy that no matter what difficulties one encountered, one must face them bravely.

Finally, after careful discussion, they unanimously chose not to quit.

“Tell the director.” Liu Qings.h.i.+ spoke on behalf of everyone, “Since we are here, we will never give up. No matter what suffering we will encounter, we will stand up to it. Isn’t it just wind and rain? No big deal!”

Although everyone seemed to be quite perseverant on the surface, they secretly complained.

“Son of a b*tch, it’s too late to leave now. As long as we can survive tonight, we will leave in the morning tomorrow. Isn’t it just one night? It will pa.s.s soon.”

Fang Qiu looked up at the rolling dark clouds in the sky.

He thought to himself, the storm was not a trivial matter!

“The station is not going to work. We should quickly find a cave to take shelter from the rain. Remember to bring the fire. Fire can repel insects and ensure the temperature.” Fang Qiu reminded.

“Is there a cave on this island?” Everyone frowned solemnly.

“This island is quite big.” Fang Qiu said, “We have been here for so long, and we haven’t gone deep into it. If we want to stay, we have to go in and look for one. Even if we can’t find a cave, the big trees inside can at least protect us from most of the wind and rain.”

Everyone nodded clearly.

“Let’s go. I’m ahead, you follow me.”

Fang Qiu waved his hand and said, “You may not know that some of the animals are poisonous. Just follow me. Don’t walk around.” Others immediately lined up and followed Fang Qiu obediently.

Fang Qiu picked up a wooden stick and walked towards the depths of the island. As he walked, he beat around with the stick, trying to scare away poisonous animals such as snakes, insects, rats, and ants. There was no need for sticks at all.

All the movement around was under Fang Qiu’s control. The stick was only used to help him behave more like an ordinary person.

As they walked, “Do not move!” Fang Qiu suddenly said.

Everyone screamed and stopped. All of them froze in situ.

“What’s happening?” Liu Qings.h.i.+ asked.

Fang Qiu didn’t answer him. He walked straight to the big tree in front. When everyone was puzzled, he slammed his hand and quickly grabbed a snake out of a th.o.r.n.y bush next to the big tree!

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