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Chapter 860 Always on the Same Page

Director Huang narrowed her eyes and
stuck his belly out, which looked very much
like a Little Huang was growing inside.

Bo Jiu watched him, taking her phone out
to press the voice recording.

The climax was coming.

As expected, after such a long time of
psychology stimulation, the last puff Qin
Mo took was the spark. “Mr You's first
victim was a university student who
discovered she was infected after her
school's health checkup. With good control
over the illness, she is still able to continue
her life even though there may be
inconveniences. It won't be like Mr You's
terminal condition, you don't have much
time left. Hence, there isn't much need for
an interrogation…”

Before Qin Mo could finish his sentence,
You Hongliang could no longer suppress
himself. He smashed his fists onto the table.
“Those gold diggers deserved to die inside a
dirty drain! How is it possible for them to
continue living? That's not possible! It's not
possible at all! Wait a little longer, once the
illness acts up, they won't be able to plant
themselves onto others any longer. When
the time comes, they'll be covered in lumps
and even their appearance will disgust

He shouted so loud there was an echo.
Although he didn't say much, his evil
intentions were exposed.

The recorder from the crime squad started
to look at Qin Mo in a whole new light!

Qin Mo turned. “Done recording?”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Of course'

They were always on the same page since
chemistry was essential for teamwork.

You Hongliang's face fell. He hadn't realized
the slip!

However, it was useless.

Qin Mo stood up, pressing his cigarette b.u.t.t
into the ashtray. He wasn't loud, but his
words were brutal. “Admitting your
motives, I'm afraid that's going to be hard
to shake off. It's a pity since you were
rooting for a loophole in the law'

You Hongliang was so angry it affected his
breathing, his chest heaving up and down.
He really wanted to kill someone!

At this moment, the youngster added, “Do
you really think you could just go scot free
after killing someone? You didn't just fail to
escape, you didn't manage to kill off those
you set out to as well. Your criminal skills
aren't that good, Brother.”

Who the f*ck was your brother!

You Hongliang wanted to stand but his
hands were cuffed to the chair, which left
him with expressing his anger seated.

He hadn't expected such an outcome.

The system clearly wasn't established!

And those victims, were they still alive?!
You Hongliang couldn't accept that he was
the only one dying.

Bo Jiu was certain the Almighty knew about
it, which led to the mind game.

However, You Hongliang's ability to tolerate
stress wasn't that good after all.

“There are needle marks on his arm.” Qin
Mo reminded since she seemed puzzled.
He was a drug addict, which explained
everything. An addict was easily triggered,
which may amplify the oppression he felt
when he was locked up.


“Brother Mo, when did you realize there
were needle marks on his arm?” His sleeves
had been covered the entire time and he
hadn't rolled up his sleeves.


Qin Mo glanced up, his defined features
looking perfect as he replied nonchalantly,
“In the cinema when he punched me'

Bo Jiu: … You're a vengeful person indeed.

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