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Chapter 875: Only Wanted One Thing

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Bo Jiu knew she had to take responsibility, which was actually something she wanted to do. However, in the future, the Almighty would regret today’s decision.

Hence, she couldn’t let things escalate to such a state.

In her entire life, she only wanted one thing: When she had been young, it had been Qin Mo.

After she had grown up, it was still Qin Mo.

She leaned back, sighing in regret as she s.h.i.+elded her eyes.

There would always be someone you wanted but couldn’t get.

Because of fear of a change in opinion one day, there were times when she would selfishly think of how he could be hers.

She wasn’t a good cook, but could still make a decent bowl of instant noodles; and she could earn money.

The Almighty loved reading psychology books, thus she would build a gigantic bookshelf for him.

However, what was even more important to him was catching criminals.

She was a hacker who made the charts every year.

Other than the common consensus on not harming others, her actions would not be approved by the law or the Almighty.

Standing up for her was one matter and arresting her was another.

The Almighty had made the matter clear.

Bo Jiu knew it was for the best since the Almighty was probably the only one who was willing to stand up for a criminal.

At the moment, she was caught off guard by his actions.

She had even wondered if there was even a glimpse of hope.

But in reality, they had always been walking different paths.

He stood up for her purely because he had been objective.

If there came a day when her ident.i.ty would be exposed and he still wanted her to take responsibility, she would definitely bring him home.

More importantly, the Almighty’s suspicion wouldn’t be eliminated so easily.

And she was right because Fatty had been investigating the computer at the station and on the second day, when he had managed to uncover some traces, he went straight to Qin Mo.

“Young Master, I tried to recover the system and there is indeed traces in the D drive, but the traces are defective so I can’t confirm if the computer was used for the network attack.” Fatty grabbed his hair. “The traces may have also been because of a download.”

Fatty then paused for a moment before continuing, “Young Master, the computer at the café is clearly linked to the network attack. Why are you so fixated on this computer?”

Qin Mo asked, “After a mature firewall has been implemented, would the operations be affected after sending it to someone else?”

“With adequate skills, it wouldn’t be,” Fatty replied honestly. “But I have never done it before.”

Qin Mo was still on the phone, but his mind started to wander as he recalled how the youngster had looked like. She had been calm ━ even calmer than he had been ━ and regardless of her body’s reaction, her eyes had remained clear and rational.

She was always like that: indifferent about everything and able to leave or start at any moment.

Qin Mo tightened his grip, his dark hall falling forward as he straightened his body. His expression concealed a darkness inside him and his chilling aura…

“What if someone did that?” Qin Mo asked in a deep tone, which was slightly raspy. “It seems like Z has a close accomplice working with her.”

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