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Chapter 1024: Qiu Baihong

Translator: CKtalon Editor: CKtalon

Therefore, no one was willing to involve themselves with such tiring and unrewarding matters.

After some further conversation with everyone, Fangzheng had a better understanding of Eighth Qiu’s situation. Only then did he bid farewell and leave.

Once he was outside the store, Red Boy came to him and asked, “Master, what do you think this Eighth Qiu is thinking? He ignores the one who’s nice to him, but he sticks to the person who’s bad to him. And he gives her everything good he has. Is he a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t?”

Fangzheng ruffled Red Boy’s head and said, “Yes, an ordinary person would treat Qiu Jinyu better, but in reality, it happens to be the other way around. This is indeed difficult to explain.”

Red Boy puckered his lips and said, “Master, then what should we do? Should we storm Qiu Baihong’s house and teach her a good lesson?”

Fangzheng shook his head and said, “Don’t be in a rush to come to conclusions yet. Let’s observe first.”

This was Fangzheng’s usual way of doing things. He would only take action after he was done investigating.

Qiu Baihong’s house wasn’t too far from the store. It didn’t take long before Fangzheng arrived. There was a tiny van parked in front of Qiu Baihong’s place, and she had a huge yard. A hen was outside in the sun for warmth while a golden retriever was huddled in its kennel. Upon seeing Fangzheng and Red Boy approach, it immediately ran over and bared its teeth, wis.h.i.+ng to bark to indicate its utility as a guard.

However, before the dog could bark, it was frightened by Red Boy’s fierce glare. It ran back to its kennel with its tail between its legs, not even daring to whimper.

Fangzheng raised his hand to strike Red Boy. He wanted him to behave and not scare animals for no good reason.

Then, Fangzheng activated A Golden Millet Dream as he walked into Qiu Baihong’s house with Red Boy.

At this moment, Qiu Baihong was playing mahjong with a few people. The children were sitting there eating melon seeds while watching television. It was quite lively inside.

Fangzheng didn’t look at anyone else. He immediately activated his Wisdom Eye to look at Qiu Baihong, causing him to frown deeply. Although Qiu Baihong did have a baneful aura, it wasn’t as thick as he had imagined it would be! Being unfilial was definitely one of the worst sins in the world, so if a person was extremely unfilial, it was definite that their baneful aura would be extremely thick like a devil’s. However, although Qiu Baihong had a somewhat baneful aura, it was only thicker than the typical person’s by one or two times. It wasn’t even comparable to the typical hooligan’s! Although she didn’t have much of a golden glow either, Qiu Baihong wasn’t a person who had committed heinous sins no matter how Fangzheng looked at it.

What’s going on? Could the rumors be wrong?

Filled with puzzlement, Fangzheng activated his Dharma Eye to take another look…


The scene before Fangzheng shattered, and he saw another scene appear before his eyes.

“Old Man, it’s almost the new year. What happened to the chickens you were rearing? Aren’t you bringing them over? Or do you plan on giving them to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d child?” Qiu Baihong yelled angrily into the phone.

Before long, Eighth Qiu walked in with a chicken in each hand. His wrinkled face forced a smile as he said, “My dear daughter, here are the chickens you wanted. Daddy has brought them here for you.”

“Why are there only two? Weren’t you rearing three? Where’s the other one? Did you eat it? Or did you give it to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d daughter of yours?” Qiu Baihong said in an eccentric tone.

Eighth Qiu’s expression turned ugly for a moment, but he still said, “That one needs to be kept for eggs. It will produce chicks next year…”

“I don’t care! I want three chickens, not one less! Leave these two here and quickly bring the other one here!” With that said, Qiu Baihong chased Eighth Qiu out.

When Eighth Qiu was out the door, he looked back at Qiu Baihong’s house before leaving with a sigh.

Before long, Eighth Qiu walked in with another hen. And by then, Qiu Baihong had already slaughtered one of the chickens and defeathered it. She had chopped it into pieces and was already frying it in a wok.

The moment Eighth Qiu walked in and caught the scent of the meaty fragrance, he subconsciously gulped a mouthful of saliva. At this moment, a man inside said, “Dad, have a seat. Baihong is cooking. Let’s have drinks later.”

Eighth Qiu immediately beamed, but just as he was about to agree, he heard Qiu Baihong’s cold grunt from inside the kitchen. “Eat? All you know is to eat and drink all day! Aren’t you afraid of bursting your stomach from eating that much? All you know is to talk about food, but how much rice do we have? Eighth, you have to rear more next year. Food over the past years has been problematic.”

Eighth Qiu’s smile froze when he heard that, especially when he was addressed as ‘Eighth 1 .’ He didn’t know if he had misheard or it was deliberate; however, Fangzheng believed that it was likely deliberate on Qiu Baihong’s part. She never treated Eighth Qiu as her father!

The man inside the house also looked at Eighth Qiu with an embarra.s.sed look. Eighth Qiu grinned and said, “Well… I have something to do back home. I’ll leave the chicken here and head back.”

With that said, Eighth Qiu turned and left.

After Eighth Qiu was gone, Qiu Baihong said to the man, “In the future, don’t b.u.t.t into matters concerning our family!”

The man remained silent.

The scene changed again.

Qiu Baihong walked into Eighth Qiu’s house with a look of reluctance. Her husband by the side said, “Come on. Don’t sulk. It’s your father’s birthday today. Just treat it as going through the motions, alright?”

“Heh, you might treat him as a father, but I don’t,” Qiu Baihong said eccentrically.

The man sighed in exasperation and could only keep his mouth shut.

After the two entered, they saw Honest Liu inside the house chatting with Eighth Qiu. Qiu Jinyu was busying herself in the kitchen while the stove was burning hot. There was a bottle of sorghum spirit on the table. In the cabinet to the side, there was a bottle of red wine which was packaged nicely.

The moment Qiu Baihong saw that, she p.r.i.c.ked her brows and said, “Aiyah, Eighth, you still have red wine? Your days aren’t bad! How much money have you stashed away?”

Eighth Qiu instantly wore an ugly expression when he heard that.

Honest Liu said gloomily, “I bought it. Our father’s blood vessels are somewhat problematic. I heard that drinking red wine can soften blood vessels.”

“You bought it!?” Qiu Baihong dragged out her tone as she shot her gaze diagonally at Eighth Qiu.

Eighth Qiu lowered his head in silence.

Qiu Baihong went to the red wine and looked at it carefully. “Eighth Qiu, with that tongue of yours, I doubt you can tell good wine from bad. It’s a waste letting you drink it. Why don’t I take this and buy something of a poorer quality for you.”

Honest Liu instantly felt infuriated. Although he was honest, that didn’t mean he was without a temper! Just as he was about to flare up, Eighth Qiu hurriedly held him back and smiled. “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t deserve drinking good stuff. If Baihong likes it, let her take it.”

“That’s more like it.” With that said, Qiu Baihong took the red wine and placed it by her side, as though she was afraid anyone else would take it from her.

The meal was eaten in a gloomy fas.h.i.+on.

The scene changed again.

Cold winds were blowing outside, rattling the window panes as the howling sounded like the ravings of devils.

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