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Chapter 161: Unseal

The fight was heading to the worse!!

Feng Chuge thought that Yao Ye wanted to tease Elder Yang just as he had done to her last time.

But from the onslaught of his attacks.

She thought wrong.

The fight between the two men was intensifying so Feng Chuge shouted to stop them.

“Don't fight, what are you doing?”

The cold red eyes of Yao Ye swept through Feng Chuge. His enchanting face could actually look as cold as ice. “What did you bring him in for? Are you going to deal with me?”

Having been held capture here for so many years, his mind was particularly sensitive.

Feng Chuge laughed in spite of herself. It never occurred to her that Yao Ye would think so.

Elder Yang has already withdrawn his hand at this moment, standing in place, c.o.c.king his beard in anger.

“Hum, my disciple asked me to save you. What a witless beast.”

Yao Ye's eyes were originally tinged with bloodthirsty crimson. In a moment, he calmed down leaving a slightly bright red hue.

“Save me?”

Feng Chuge smacked her lips, “Sure enough, your memory is rotten. It's only been this morning but you already forgot what I said?”

Yao Ye's hands suddenly froze….

It turned out that he was wrong.

Elder Yang stood aside and carefully measured Yao Ye.

He was still a bit indecisive.

A monster… no matter how much it turned into a human shape, it is just a monster.

Once this beast gives full play to its beastly nature, everything will certainly get out of hand.

But he already promised Feng Chuge…

All of a sudden, a cold flash of light appeared at the bottom of his eyes, reminding him of something.

Feng Chuge's voice rang at the same moment: “Elder Yang, since he's here, let's get started.”

Elder Yang took another look at Yao Ye, and then answered. “Alright.”

He took two steps back and pulled out another amulet.

He shut his eyes and chanted another spell and the amulet was lit again.

The dazzling firelight shone everywhere.

Under this flaming light, all the charms that had been hidden around the demon tower were revealed.

Seeing the seals on display, Elder Yang murmured twice.

Besides, these can only be solved by an advanced charmer.

And at the moment, if one is to search throughout the Yuntian continent, there might only be one or two people who have truly reached the level of an advanced charmer.

Elder Yang looked around at the seals.

He took another two steps back and closed his eyes tightly to mobilize his power.

On his forehead, sweat has began to trickle down.

With this course of actions, Elder Yang's face turned a bit ashen.

Without warning, Elder Yang opened his eyes, which were now filled with primal chaos, while endless brilliant rays flashed across them…..

“Pa pa pa –” a spell ignited at the same time.

Followed by powerful currents rus.h.i.+ng towards those seals.

The demon tower shook violently —

“Bang -” When that loud noise rang, Elder Yang was also flung far beyond control and almost crashed into the tower wall. Fortunately, Feng Chuge found it in time and released her own power to keep him still.

“Elder Yang …” Feng Chuge had no time to take care of others and hurried forward.

“Okay… I'm fine…” Excessive mental and spiritual power were consumed that Elder Yang's face turned extremely pale.

But looking up at Feng Chuge, his pale face was all smiles.

The seal was lifted …

This girl will is going to be his apprentice …


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