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Chapter 1686: Opening Her Heart to Him Once More (Part Nine)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Su Yue opened her mouth a couple of times before she managed to say, “You…”

She had just uttered a word when Ming Ansheng’s phone rang.

Ming Ansheng heard Su Yue first, and he merely glanced at his phone. He raised an eyebrow and asked, “Huh? What do you want to say?”

“Nothing.” Su Yue shook her head and pointed at Ming Ansheng’s phone. “Answer your call, it’s your secretary.”

Li Yang was Ming Ansheng’s long-time secretary. So naturally, she knew him.

The phone call destroyed the courage she had garnered.

She pressed her lips and turned her head away.

N City was as beautiful as a scene from a fairytale after the snow. It felt surreal and dreamy.

Just like how he was driving the car and with their daughter sitting behind.

Just like a family of three—this was something she had never dreamt of.

“I know, why are you so worried?”

“Tonight… as in tomorrow morning, send me those files that are urgent. Those that are not can wait until I get back.”

“Decline. Why should I meet them?”

‘Cough, cough.’

Ming Ansheng coughed as he spoke on the phone. He used a handkerchief to cover his mouth, for fear of pa.s.sing the germs to Xiaojiao and Su Yue.

“Got it. Stop repeating yourself so many times. No wonder you’re still single!”

Li Yang heard Ming Ansheng coughing badly and he had expressed his concern for him. Yet, Ming Ansheng complained that he had nagged too much and hung up.

He hung up with a frown and looked impatient.

Li Yang heard him and the next moment, his boss ended the call.

He frowned and muttered at the phone. “You sound as if you’re not single.”


But he still sent his boss a text.

Ming Ansheng received the text and he glanced at the screen to read it.

‘Boss, yesterday you had a high fever of 39 degrees. I hope you take care of yourself. Remember to eat the medicine.’

His phone rang loudly with the text notification.

Su Yue instinctively glanced at the phone. She had good eyesight and so she could read the contents of the text.

Fever of 39 degrees! She received a shock and her eyes widened.

She glanced at Ming Ansheng as he held the steering wheel tightly. It was snowing and the roads were slippery, so he was very focused.

The lights from the lamps illuminated his face and she could see how lethargic he looked. Especially his eyes which seemed to make him look aged.

He looked as though he had been through some hards.h.i.+ps, and he seemed to have lost weight.

She was too immersed in enjoying Ming Ansheng and Xiaojiao’s company that she didn’t really notice him…

“Let’s eat there.” Su Yue peered outside and pointed at a random restaurant.

Ming Ansheng glanced in the direction she was pointing at. “There?”

He slowed down.

Su Yue nodded. “Mm.”

Ming Ansheng frowned and pursed his lips. “But there is nothing special about it.”

It was just an ordinary restaurant.

“It’s near our house and I’ve always wanted to bring Xiaojiao here. But I didn’t get the chance to. Let’s eat there today.” She glanced at Xiaojiao and smiled. “Xiaojiao, shall we?”

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Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1686 - Opening Her Heart to Him Once More (Part Nine) summary

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