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Chapter 1115: We Were Willing To Join the Firmament Palace

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The enormous flood dragon zipped through s.p.a.ce at lightning speed towards the crowd.

Before anyone could react, the flood dragon swallowed the formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe.


Upon seeing that, Yang Dingtian was startled. He had lost control of the formation after it was swallowed by the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea.


Another sound sounded from afar. A middle-aged man in a brocade robe appeared after the flood dragon.

This middle-aged man had an imposing air about him. Apparently, he was also an expert Emperor-to-be.

“Di s.h.i.+!”

The crowd’s attention was all focused on this man, Di s.h.i.+– the Palace Master of the Emperor Xuan Palace.

“How are you doing, everybody?” Di s.h.i.+ asked coldly.

“Di s.h.i.+, you homeless dog! How dare you show up here?” Yin Zong sneered

Previously, he, together with the Second Demon Elder and Beitang Pinghua, had hunted Di s.h.i.+ throughout the entire Firmament World, toiling from the Central Continent to the Western Sea, and then to the Northern Sea.

“Why not?” The expression in Di s.h.i.+’s eyes were hard. He glanced at Yin Zong and the other four people.

Of course, he would not show up on his own. But now that the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea was here, he had nothing to worry about.

Di s.h.i.+’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to Shangguan Hao.

“Hao’er, you really misled me!” Di s.h.i.+ said in a calm voice. He did not seem enraged about what Shangguan Hao had done.

” Hum! Di s.h.i.+, you stopped being my master a long time ago!”

Shangguan Hao said with a scornful smile. Then he s.h.i.+fted slightly towards the Second Demon Elder. Obviously, he was worried about Di s.h.i.+’s attack.

“Karma does exist in the world, and I’ll rid this world of all that stains it!” Di s.h.i.+ proclaimed.

In reality, he experienced a mixture of anger, regret, disappointment and above all, torment.

He had met countless people in his life, but he had not expected that his only disciple would be a mistake.

In fact, it was not Di s.h.i.+’s fault. Although Shangguan Hao was arrogant, he had not been especially so in the past.

It was the loss of his Martial Soul, compounded with Di s.h.i.+’s preference for Su Mo and Su Mo’s marriage with Xi’er, that completely stimulated him.

All this had caused him to do extremely unacceptable things by clouding his judgement!

“Clean the world? Do you have the strength to do that?” Shangguan Hao said sardonically.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Just then, the five experts, including the Second Demon Elder, the First Demon Elder, and Yin Zong all moved, besieging Di s.h.i.+ and the Dragon King of the East Sea instantly.

Upon seeing that, everyone else present backed off immediately.

War was imminent!

In the Divine Map,

He had opened his eyes and stopped cultivating the moment the large formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe was swallowed by the Dragon King of the East Sea.

Because he clearly felt the change of forces in the formation, which had lowered sharply in that instant.

“What happened?” Su Mo was puzzled. He could not perceive what was going on outside the large formation.


Su Mo left the cave and flew to the sky, trying to make sense of what was ongoing outside.

“What’s the matter?”

“Can the s.p.a.cial Device not handle it any more?”


On seeing Su Mo, several martial artists in the Divine Map were alerted.

Amongst them were a few experts of the Martial Royal Realm, who had also flown to the sky near Su Mo.

Hai Mingjiang also appeared in front of Su Mo.

“Palace Master, what’s going on?” Hai Mingjiang asked in a deep voice.

Su Mo did not answer. He looked grim and took a closer look at the outside world.

“This …!” The other experts of the Martial Royal Realm felt doubtful and uncertain but felt it improper to probe further.

After a short while, Su Mo, who had looked solemn, raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Palace Master Su, is everything okay?” Hai Mingjiang asked again upon seeing his change of expression.

“Pavilion Leader Hai, the large formation of the fire smelting Vast Universe is melting away quickly. It will disappear in just a few seconds!” Su Mo said.


On hearing this, Hai Mingjiang was in ecstacy. He asked, “How did this happen? Is that part of their scheme?”

Hai Mingjiang was puzzled. They had previously been trapped in the large formation like a rat in a hole. How could the formation disappear so suddenly!

It was likely that Yang Dingtian and his groups planned to attack them in other ways.

Others also felt surprised and bewildered, and didn’t have much of a smile on their faces.

“Ha ha! As long as the large formation dissipates, we will have a chance to escape.”

Su Mo smiled slightly, and added, “Don’t worry. I’ll try my best to help break all of you out.”

The crowd felt a little relieved for they still believed in Su Mo’s strength.

After all, Su Mo was quite well-known outside, and they had also witnessed his strength before, which was no worse than Hai Mingjiang, the Pavilion Leader of the Sky-sea Pavilion.

“Su Mo, my friend! If you can break me out today, I’ll do everything for you.” A big, old man with a white beard, clenched his fists in at the front of the crowd towards Su Mo.

Su Mo took a look at this man and found that he had eighth level of cultivation in the Martial Royal Realm, which was not weak.

“Which sects do you come from?” Asked Su Mo in a low voice.

“Ha ha! I’m just a Rogue Cultivator who belongs to no sects.” The old man said with a smile.

Su Mo nodded slightly. A Rogue Cultivator who could reach such cultivation was really no easy task.

“Have you considered joining in any Sects? You can join our Firmament Palace, if you’d like.” Su Mo said.

“Well…!” The old man was shocked. He had not expected Su Mo to invite him to join the Firmament Palace.

He took a deep breath and nodded with a wry smile, “If I could get away from here today, I will definitely come to your palace some day!”

The old man didn’t refuse Su Mo’s invitation. He knew that, after all, the Firmament Palace was the ancient overlord, which had an extremely strong inner power. Therefore, if he could join the Firmament Palace, it would definitely be of great benefit for him.

Of course, none of that would matter if they did not survive that day.

“Palace Master Su, if I survive today, I’d like to join the Firmament Palace as well!” At this moment, a low-level Martial Royal Realm man clenched his fists towards Su Mo immediately.

He almost burnt to death in a fire before, but Su Mo had saved him. Thus, he also wanted to join the Firmament Palace.

“Palace Master Su, I’m in!”

“But I only at the sixth level of the Martial King Realm. Do you mind accepting me?”

“Palace Master Su, please count us in too!”

In an instant, almost half the crowd expressed their intention of joining the Firmament Palace.

There were several reasons that fuelled their desire to do so.

Firstly, Su Mo had saved their lives. Secondly, the Firmament Palace was nothing like other forces. It had a Legacy of inner power that had been pa.s.sed down through generations. Thirdly, most of their relatives and friends had died of the large fire smelting formation. Only by joining Su Mo could they have the chance to avenge themselves by defeating the Netherworld Devil Sect and the Yin-yang Palace.

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