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Chapter 1128: He’s Coming!

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“Today is the appointed date of the duel. Why haven’t Su Mo and the Netherworld Devil Sect Master arrived yet?”

“Has there been any change?”

“It’s already noon. The ultimate champions match may not happen today.”

“They may not even come.”


In the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range, there were countless, bustling martial artists. All kinds of noises swept the mountain range in every direction like rolling waves.

Everybody was anxious because Su Mo and Wu Sen had not arrived yet.

If both of them did not appear after a while longer, these people might have made a wasted trip.

A lot of experts from all the superpowers of the Firmament World were here. They were from the Warlord Hall, the Dugus, the Perdition Swordplay Sect, the Icy Palace of North Sea. They also included some Demons.

“Luckily, we stopped in time and did not turn against Su Mo. Otherwise, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

On the top of a mountain stood a group of experts from the Dugus. Their Highest Elder, Dugu Yan, said this to Master Dugu Hai with some emotions.

“Luckily, we didn’t become enemies with Su Mo and have decided not to seize the Billion Demonic Sword. Otherwise, we will have to learn from the Yins’ mistakes.”

Now, it seemed that they were quite wise. The reason why they had abandoned seizing the Billion Demonic Sword was because Su Mo had such great talent.

“This boy is quite extraordinary. Perhaps he may really have the strength to resist!” Zhan Kong said.

At the summit of another mountain.

Zhan Luan, who was tall and big, stared at all the crowds over the mountain with mixed feelings in his eyes.

He had been No. 1 on the List of 10,000 Talents in the Firmament World for many years. Yet he was not resigned to his defeat to Su Mo and wanted to redeem his honor.

Now, it seemed that it was all hopeless. His cultivation had only increased a little, while Su Mo was able to challenge a Martial Emperor Realm expert.

He was far inferior to Su Mo, both in his talent and strength.

“Luan Er, your mind is wavering!” With a gentle sigh, Zhan Kong, who was also tall and burly, walked over to Zhan Luan’s side.

“Father, I… !” Zhan Luan wanted to say something but did not know how to.

“Your invincible faith has been shaken!” Zhan Kong shook his head and secretly sighed.

Zhan Kong knew his son very well. After he had started practicing martial arts, he had never failed among his peers. He had early developed a faith in his own invinciblity.

After his defeat to Su Mo, Zhan Luan had been severely affected. Su Mo had progressed as fast as lightning, affecting him once again.

Now, his faith was wearing thin and his pride had been destroyed.

“You don’t need to compare yourself to him!”

Zhan Kong sighed and continued, “As a celestial favorite, he is blessed by Heaven. We can’t gauge him with a common scale!

“You only need to be yourself, who is also your biggest enemy. Only after you have constantly conquered and exceeded your limits can you go farther and fly higher!”

“Furthermore, temporary failures and defeats are nothing. True faith is in your bones. No matter how much frustration you experience, these failures can’t block your way.”

Zhan Kong kept talking to Zhan Luan, trying to enlighten him and dispel his depression.

After hearing his father’s words, Zhan Luan became speechless. He lapsed into complete silence.

After a long time, his eyes started to brim with vigor. He was full of fighting spirit again.

“Father, I got it! I won’t let you down!” Zhan Luan stared at Zhan Kong and said firmly.

“My father’s advice is correct. I don’t need to compare myself to Su Mo!

“Is Su Mo an ordinary person?

“He is a monster. I can’t gauge him with a common scale. There is no way we can compare!”

“That’s good! I believe you can do it.” Zhan Kong gave a smile.

The same situation had happened before in many of the other forces. Su Mo’s unexpected development had embarra.s.sed all their young.


Hai Mingjiang, Di s.h.i.+, and some other people from the Firmament Palace stood on the summit of a low mountain.

“I’d prefer Palace Master Su not to come!” Hai Mingjiang shook his head and sighed, listening to all the discussions around him.

He did not think Su Mo could defeat Wu Sen, so he preferred him not to come.

“Brother Su Mo will definitely come!” Xi’er stood quietly behind Di s.h.i.+. Upon hearing Hai Mingjiang’s words, she immediately shook her head.

Xi’er’s aura had changed a lot. She had reached the Peak of Lv 9 Martial King Realm.

Jiang Fengran had improved even more. He was now a Martial Royal Realm expert.

Sikong Yan, Cai Yun, Wenren Tiandu, and Long Teng had all improved their cultivations. Among them, Sikong Yan was the fastest. He had nearly caught up with Xi’er and was at Lv 9 Martial King Realm, close to its Peak.

“Su Mo will come. We don’t need to worry about him. He won’t die!” Sikong Yan said indifferently.

After Sikong Yan said this, the others could not help looking at him.

Everybody glared at him with ferocious eyes as if they harbored malicious intentions. Sikong Yan suddenly became frightened.

“Emm… Su Mo is a freak. You all know that. How could he have died?”

Sikong Yan cried aloud and continued, “What’s more, I know Su Mo. He will never do anything he is not certain of. So you need not to worry!”

n.o.body was talking. Naturally, they all knew this but there was a limit to even a pervert’s power!

Compared to an Emperor-to-be, a Martial Emperor Realm expert was much stronger.

“I believe in Brother Su Mo!” Xi’er said in a low voice. She trusted Su Mo unconditionally.

“I hope Brother Su can create a miracle again!” Long Teng sighed.

“He’s coming!”

After Long Teng said this, Sikong Yan suddenly cried out in alarm and glanced into the distance.

In the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range, the martial artists were as numerous as the sands by the Ganges River. They all raised their heads and looked up at the sky.

Millions of eyes were staring at a young man on the horizon.

In the distance, a cyan-robed young man stepped on the void. He was moving quickly in this direction.

He was that well-known, peerless monster, Su Mo.

At this moment, the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range suddenly quietened down. It seemed as if time had stood still and s.p.a.ce had solidified. Everything had frozen.

On the horizon, Su Mo trod lightly in mid-air.

Soon, he was flying high above the Emperor Xuan Mountain Range. He glanced around and saw many familiar faces among the million martial artists below him.

Like Zhan Luan and his father, the Empress of the North Sea, the Xuan Sect Master Jiu Chubei, and many others.

He certainly saw Di s.h.i.+, Hai Mingjiang, Xi’er, and others.

He ignored all these familiar faces. Glancing around, he did not find anyone from the Netherworld Devil Sect. He then sat cross-legged in the air.

Since Wu Sen had not arrived, he did not mind waiting for a while.

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