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Chapter 1370: Hoot

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Su Mo did not reply to Gu Tian Yi immediately but he bent his head down and thought He had never thought of the True Sage Realm before this.

All he was concerned about was cultivating peacefully and ensuring his own safety.

However, it seemed that he had to go now. Otherwise, he would not be able to save Nie Qian and Han Ying and they would have to suffer 5 years of having their souls tortured.

Although Nie Qian and Han Ying were not very talented, they were very sincere and kind friends.

Su Mo thought of the two of them as his real friends. If anyone wanted him to not care about the wellbeing of his friends, he would be unable to.

He wasn’t sure of the entire situation or if it was as GU Tian Yi said. However, Gu Tian Yi probably would not have lied to him because he did not have any motive.

“Alright, I will go to the True Sage Realm 8 months later!”

Su Mo finally agreed with Gu Tian Yi. Of course, he still had to look at the situation at that point 8 months later before he could decide. If leaving the Shen Wu Academy was far too dangerous, then he would have to rely on some other idea.

“That’s good!” Gu Tian Yi laughed lightly. It would be a good thing for him if Su Mo could really leave his name on the True Sage Stele.

His 30 years at the academy were almost up and soon, he would have to bring a group of talents back to the Imperial Ancestor Court Faction. Of course, he wouldn’t leave behind a top talent like Su Mo.

Su Mo would be his power next time and he would owe him a lot.

“Su Mo, if you need any help in the future, feel free to ask me. As long as it is something within my abilities, I will definitely not reject you!” Gu Tian Yi smiled.

“Thank you Brother Gu. If you need any favours in the future, also feel free to ask me!” Su Mo cupped his fists towards Gu Tian Yi.

“Ha ha! Definitely!” Gu Tian Yi broke into a light laugh.

“Brother Su! Brother Su!”

Right at that moment, an anxious voice rang from outside.


Su Mo was confused. That was Xie Bin’s voice, what had happened?

Su Mo and Gu Tian Yi exchanged a look before they headed out. Xie Bin was standing right at the peak of the mountain.

“Borther Xie, whats wrong?” Su Mo asked in a deep voice.

“Brother Su…!”

Just as Xie Bin was about to speak, he suddenly saw Gu Tian Yi beside Su Mo and immediately bowed, “greetings to Holy Son!”

“Mmph!” Gu Tian Yi casually accepted the bow and motioned for Xie Bin to be at ease.

Then, Xie Bin said towards Su Mo, “Brother Su, there are a ton of people gathered outside the academy who want to challenge you. At first, they were all fine and they left when you did not appear. However, right now there are some who are acting very absurdly!”

“How absurdly?” Su Mo frowned as he asked.

“They said that you are not worthy of being ranked first. you don’t have any name for yourself and you are a coward hiding in your own sh.e.l.l!” Xie Bin’s face fell.

The reason why he had come to Su Mo was to get Su Mo to teach them a lesson. After all, these people came on their own accord to challenge Su Mo. If Su Mo did not accept their challenge after a long time, it would tarnish the academy’s reputation.

“Brother Xie, it is just a small, ugly matter, don’t worry about it!” Su Mo shook his head.

“But…these people are really too much!” Xie Bin was dissatisfied.

“They are willing to act in this way, then we will let them be!” Su Mo lightly said as though he did not care at all.

“This…!” Xie Bin wore a helpless look on his face. He originally thought that Su Mo would go out and accept their challenge and did not think that Su Mo would not care at all.

“Brother Xie, do you want to come in and sit?” Su Mo smiled.

“It is alright, I will go first!”

Xie Bin shook his head before saluting Gu Tian Yi and turning to leave the immortal cave.

“Brother Su, I will leave too. If you have time, come by my Tian Yi Peak!” Gu Tian Yi smiled to Su Mo.

“Alright!” Su Mo nodded his head.

A few moments later, Su Mo went back into the cave and began his cultivation again.

Su Mo was not concerned about matters outside and was focused on his cultivation. However, things outside the academy were taking a turn.

Outside the grand and majestic gates of the academy, around a 100 young martial artists had gathered. The auras they gave out were not ordinary and one could tell that they were not average martial artists.

“Is this Su Mo, a coward hiding in his turtle sh.e.l.l?”

“Yeah, we are challenging him in broad daylight and he isn’t even showing himself!”

“First on the True Sage Board? He doesn’t even dare to accept challenges!”


The cries and insults did not stop as the challengers all wore looks of disgusts.

Amongst them, the one who threw insults the most was an average looking young man in a grey suit. His eyes shone brilliantly, reflecting his liveliness.

Not only were his insults the worst, he even encouraged the others to follow him.

Right at the gates to the academy, a few instructors stood their ground and tried to control the chaos.

Currently, quite a few disciples of the academy were also gathered at the gates, all staring at the group of challengers.

“Why isn’t Su Mo coming out?”

“Yeah right, these people are so rude and he still isn’t going to come out. Did he chicken out?”

“Su Mo isn’t a coward. However, this bunch of hooligans are really not respecting and acknowledging that Su Mo is the first on the True Sage Board.”

The disciples were engaged in a heated conversation as they all wore disapproving looks on their faces. This group had come for a challenge but were disregarding the authority of the academy.

However, they were all challenging Su Mo and the rest of the disciples could not interfere.

Outside the grand gates, a cold flash pa.s.sed through the grey suited young man’s eyes. He had thrown insults for so long and Su Mo still did not appear.

Then, he swallowed before taking two steps forward and yelling, “Su Mo is in the academy, are you guys all not going to get him out? We are very displeased at the fact that he is ranked first. If he really wants to be the first on the True Sage Board, then he should come and defeat us!”

As soon as the grey suited young man spoke, the group of challengers behind him also followed and yelled.

“That’s right! Come and challenge us!”

“If you have the ability then come out, don’t be a mouse and hide!’

“You really don’t deserve to be called the first on the True Sage Board!”

A mess of voices rose one after the other. These challengers were all geniuses in Star Gu Zhou and other nearby stars. None of them were weak, and their cultivation levels were all similar to Su Mo.

Their goal was obviously to degrade Su Mo and get their name known throughout the entire Ancientspirit Galaxy.

Who was Su Mo?

The number one on the True Sage Board. If anyone could defeat him, they would make a name for themselves.

“Su Mo has secluded himself, the rest of you should return!” Xie Bin hardened his face as he walked out and yelled towards the bunch of challengers.

“This Brother here, do you know Su Mo?” The young man in a grey suit asked Xie Bin as he stared at him.

“Of course I know!” Xie Bin said.

“Alright, then help me pa.s.s a message to him!”

A sinister smile played on the young man’s lips as he spoke in a cold voice, “please tell him, the number one on the True Sage Board, that he is just s.h.i.+t in my eyes. I am the same cultivation rank as him and I can easily trample him!”

“You…!” Xie Bin’s face turned blank. This man was actually so arrogant, he wasn’t afraid of his words at all.

As soon as everyone else heard the young man’s words, the academy disciples and the challengers were all shocked. Shocked at this man’s arrogance.

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