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Chapter 1371: Arrival of the Grand Priest

“Alright, I will help you pa.s.s on your message. If Su Mo comes out, you will definitely pay for your arrogance!”

Xie Bin sighed heavily before he turned and walked into the inner mansion again. This time, he had to convince Su Mo to take care of this man.

A sly flash pa.s.sed through the grey-coloured suit-wearing young man’s eyes.

This man was Wu Ren w.a.n.g. He used some special abilities and measures to suppress his cultivation and changed his appearance and aura. He even concealed his tribe’s seal as he wanted to lure Su Mo out.

As long as Su Mo came out, he would have the opportunity to capture him. of course, this couldn’t happen right in front of the academy’s doors.


In the immortal’s cave at Huo Yuan Peak.

Su Mo did not manage to cultivate for long before Xie Bin returned again.

“Brother Su, the challengers at the gate are really too arrogant, I can’t stand them!” Xie Bin shouted towards Su Mo’s immortal cave.

Su Mo opened his eyes and a look of helplessness pa.s.sed through them. He did not dismiss them but if they continued to shout insults, it would really be troublesome for him.

However, he wasn’t dumb. If there were a lot of Sorcerer Tribe experts out there, he would be in danger the moment he stepped out.

At that point, the Sorcerer Tribe experts would kill him in the blink of an eye. Even if the academy wanted to help Su Mo, it would be too late.

“It couldn’t be that this is the Sorcerer Tribe’s scheme right?” A brilliant flash pa.s.sed through Su Mo’s eyes and the more he thought about it, the more likely it seemed that it was true. If that was the case, all the more reason for why he shouldn’t go out.

Although Su Mo felt wronged, he could only withstand it temporarily.

After all, he had to raise his power rapidly now and prepare for the True Sage Realm. There was no time for him to bother about those challengers.

“Xie Bin, go and tell them, those who want to challenge me and gain a name for themselves shall do so at the True Sage Realm!” Su Mo yelled out.

“This…!” Xie Bin’s face fell. He did not understand why Su Mo did not accept any challenge even after so long. Unless Su Mo did not have confidence? That couldn’t be right!

‘Brother Su, their cultivation ranks are not high. They are all about the same rank as you!” Xie Bin tried to persuade him again.

However, silence engulfed the immortals cave and Su Mo did not speak again.

Eventually, Xie Bin could only leave helplessly.

Once he returned to the gates, Xie Bin reluctantly pa.s.sed on Su Mo’s full message to Wu Ren w.a.n.g and the rest of the challengers.

The moment Xie Bin’s words fell, a wave of chaos swept the group of challengers as tons of curse words filled the air.

Even a few disciples of the academy felt shameful. Su Mo was really a coward. Even as the first ranked in the True Sage Board, he still didn’t want to accept challenges.

Not only did this spoil the name of the first ranked in the True Sage Board, he also ruined the academy’s reputation.

“Hmph! As expected, Su Mo is not worth of the t.i.tles he is given, he is just a piece of tras.h.!.+”

Wu Ren w.a.n.g spoke with a darkened his face. He was annoyed. If Su Mo refused to come out, then he could only ask the priest to take action.

After throwing a few more insults, Wu Ren w.a.n.g left briskly.

In the moments after, the rest of the challengers also dissipated.

Since Su Mo refused to come out, they didn’t have much choice and could only leave to prepare for the True Sage Realm.

Of course, the events that happened at the gates of the academy couldn’t be hidden from those in the academy.

In a tower at the Outer Mansion, You Tian Han sat on the window and frowned.

He had not imagined that even with this, Su Mo had refused to come out and really became a turtle hiding in his sh.e.l.l.

“The True Sage Realm?”

You Tian Han laughed coldly. He would let Su Mo live a little longer and deal with him in the True Sage Realm.

Even if Wu Ren w.a.n.g did not kill him there, You Tian Han would personally kill him.

With his talents, if Su Mo could live another 2 more years, he would catch up to You Tian Han’s level. By then, it wouldn’t be easy to kill him.

At the immortal’s cave, Su Mo used a large stone to seal the cave entrance before he secluded himself in the s.p.a.ce of the jade bracelet.

As for the True Sage Realm, he wasn’t certain that he would go. Leaving the academy was too dangerous, and he would have to make his decision with the circ.u.mstances as they were at that point.

Su Mo seemed to have forgotten about time as he continuously cultivated the Narcissus’s Record while combining it with his Devouring Fighting Soul’s absorption of the Dark Force in Spiritual Crystals.

His mastery of the Naricssus’s Record rapidly increased and two months later, he reached the peak of the first rank. His water based Dark Force had increased its power by a few times.

At that point, he stopped cultivating the Narcissus’s Record and began the Three Thousand Flame Skill and the wood based Endless Growth Skill.

These two skills were equally strong. Furthermore, wood feeds fire and so they were compatible.

However, the speed of cultivating them was slower than the Narcissus’s Record.

After a full 3 months, Su Mo managed to reach the peak of the first rank for the Three Thousand Flame Skill. Yet, he was just at the introductory stage for the Endless Growth Skill.

Although he had already cultivated three types of Medium Honourable Skills, since the wood and fire based Dark Force were unable to merge, his power did not increase exponentially and his increase in strength was minimal.

Overall, his strength was at a stable level. It did not increase exponentially since the Dark Forces in him could not merge.

Once he had cultivated the Endless Growth Skill to the peak of the first rank and the wood and fire based Dark Forces had merged again, his strength would increase sharply.

Su Mo forgot about time and was totally absorbed in his cultivation.

“Su Mo, come with me to Shen Wu Peak!”

Right at that moment, Grand Master Huo Yuan’s voice suddenly rose within the immortal’s cave.

Since there was his willpower left on the jade bracelet, Su Mo immediately heard the Grand Master’s voice.

“Shen Wu Peak?” Su Mo’s heart jumped. Shen Wu Peak was the main peak in the inner mansion. It was where the Estate Master stayed. Why was Grandmaster Huo Yuan asking for him?

However, since he asked, Su Mo could not reject him. And with that thought, he left the s.p.a.ce of the jade bracelet.

Once Su Mo left the immortal’s cave, he flew towards the peak.

At that moment, Grandmaster Huo Yuan had walked out of the main hall and was sitting in some small grounds in front of the halls. Like a kind and gentle old man, he did not hold any aura on him.

“Senior, why did you want me to go to Shen Wu Peak?” Su Mo asked in a serious tone once he had flown down beside Grandmaster Huo Yuan.

“The Grand Priest, Wu Lun of the Heavenly Underworld Star Sorcerer Tribe, has arrived!” Grandmaster Huo Yuan spoke lightly.

“What?” Su Mo’s face instantly took a drastic turn as a voice shrieked in his mind, the Grand Priest had arrived?

His next thought was to leave immediately. However upon considering that this was Shen Wu Academy and that Grandmaster Huo Yuan was around, he immediately suppressed any rash thoughts of escaping.

“Senior, will he come and find me?” Su Mo asked in a serious manner. He knew that the Grand Priest would pressure the academy to hand him over to the Sorcerer Tribe.

“Mmph!” The Grand Priest nodded his head lightly.

“Senior…then?” Su Mo spoke again. He couldn’t help being anxious. He was of no match for a Martial Sage.

“Rest a.s.sured! With me around, nothing will happen to you!” Grandmaster Huo Yuan shook his head as though he did not really care.

Su Mo gradually heaved a sigh of relief, but his heart was still anxious. Since the Grand Priest had personally came here, he would not be spared.

Would the academy be willing to protect him? Was it even able to protect him? That was also another matter!

Su Mo was slightly regretting now that he did not make earlier preparations. If he had made a few other avatars, even if his real body died, his avatars would still be around and he would survive.

However, he had not imagined that the Grand Priest would arrive so quickly at Shen Wu Academy and he had no time now!

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