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Chapter 1995: Seven Strong Experts

In a grand palace in the Wild Mountain Range of Firmament Sect.

Su Mo sat down cross-legged as six martial artists stood in front of him. They were Si Kongyan, Jiang Fengran, Long Teng, Yi Xiaoxiao, Wenren Tiandu and Zhan Luan.

“Su Mo, the period of three months is up, let’s attack them!” Si Kongyan’s bright eyes stared at Su Mo.

“Su Mo, I and Tianhu have become Martial Sages. This time, we must make sure we kill the Sorcerer Tribe completely!” Zhan Luan said in a low voice. He had become a Martial Sage and his strength had increased sharply, increasing his confidence.

Although he was only an Initial Stage Martial Sage, he had the strength of an End Stage Martial Sage.

“Zhan Luan, Tiandu, the two of you are the disciples of Sacred Sword Sect in Black Death Galaxy. When you partic.i.p.ate in this… did you consider the consequences?” Su Mo didn’t rush to take action as he stared at Zhan Luan and Wenren Tiandu.

The moment they partic.i.p.ated in the matter, the Sacred Sword Sect would not accept them.

After all, the Sacred Sword Sect would not offend the Sorcerer Tribe because of the two.

There were many Empty G.o.ds in the Sorcerer Tribe on the G.o.d’s Path. Once they returned for revenge, the Sacred Sword Sect would not be able to withstand them.

“Su Mo, I am sure about this. However, as long as we can destroy the Sorcerer Tribe, nothing else matters!”

Wenren Tiandu stood tall and determined as he said in a serious tone.

Now that he was a Martial Sage, he wouldn’t be highly affected even if he left the Sacred Sword Sect.

The grudge against the Sorcerer Tribe was his destiny and he had to ma.s.sacre them.

“Su Mo, the Firmament Sect is our everything!” Zhan Luan added. As long as it was for the Firmament Sect, they could disregard everything else.

If the Sorcerer Tribe wasn’t destroyed, Firmament Sect would encounter difficulties in growing. Once the Firmament Sect grew strong, it would attract the attention of the Sorcerer Tribe.

Firmament Sect was still weak, despite being famous in Star Guzhou.

If the sect grew too strong and made a name for itself, it would be attacked by the Sorcerer Tribe.


Su Mo nodded his head heavily before he stood up and stared with deep eyes outside the palace as though he could see to the starry sky. As his voice deepened, he commanded, “This time, we will destroy the Sorcerer Tribe and take revenge for Firmament World!”

With that, Su Mo’s body flashed and he left the palace.

The six others immediately followed Su Mo closely and left the sect.

Once the seven people left the sect, they headed straight for Heavenly Sorcerer Star through the starry sky.

The seven were Martial Sages and their speeds were incredibly fast.

After ten days, they closed in on Heavenly Sorcerer Star, Heavenly Sorcerer Star slowly grew larger and larger in their eyes.

Su Mo stopped as he stared off into the distance, looking at the Heavenly Sorcerer Star that was currently as big as a small black dot in the sky.

“Brother Su Mo, what is it?”

The group stopped behind Su Mo and Yi Xiaoxiao asked worriedly.

“There are two side branches of the Sorcerer Tribe. Let’s destroy the two side branches first before we destroy the main branch!”

Su Mo’s eyes were cold and dark. The Sorcerer Tribe had three side branches. Aside from Heavenly Underworld Star, there was Spirited Star and Grey Cloud Star.

With that, Su Mo turned to the group and instructed, “Long Teng, destroy the Spirited Star of the Sorcerer Tribe!”

“Understood!” Long Teng immediately cupped his fists towards Su Mo.

“Si Kongyan, Jiang Fengran, Yi Xiaoxiao, Zhan Luan, Wenren Tiandu, the five of you must destroy Grey Cloud Star!” Su Mo instructed.

“Understood!” The five acknowledged.

“Go! Whether or not you succeed, meet me back at Heavenly Sorcerer Star ten hours later!” Su Mo waved his hand dismissively.

He did not go himself but ordered the six others because he wanted to give the six an experience for themselves.

Long Teng was strong, and had the strength of an Empty G.o.d. He could act alone.

Si Kongyan and the others were weaker, but if they collaborated, their strengths would be sufficient.

Most importantly, Yi Xiaoxiao was with them. As the Eight-winged Drake whose Blood Force had evolved, she might not be as strong as Long Teng, but she should be as strong as a King Sage.

The six people instantly took off and left for the two side branches of the Sorcerer Tribe.

“I hope that you will all succeed!” Su Mo sighed. The two Sorcerer Tribe side branches would be well defended as they would not wait like sitting ducks.

As such, Su Mo wasn’t sure whether the group would succeed with their missions.

Nonetheless, that didn’t matter. If they failed it wouldn’t be too late for Su Mo to attack.

After all, Wu Sheng wasn’t in Ancientspirit Galaxy and they wouldn’t be in any danger.

A few moments later, Su Mo stepped into the air and headed towards Heavenly Sorcerer Star.

As Su Mo drew closer to the star, Heavenly Sorcerer Star grew bigger in his view and Su Mo spotted the grand array around the star.

The large array securely protected the Heavenly Sorcerer Star within it, seeming to be unbreakable.

Very quickly, Su Mo arrived at the atmosphere of the array and carefully surveyed it.

The atmosphere of the array was not white nor transparent, but a deep red in color, as though it was a large blood ball that hovered in the air.

Buzz buzz~~

A soft buzzing sound rang through the air as the Five Dark Devouring Insects flew towards Su Mo before they were kept by him.

These five Dark Devouring Insects did not enter the Heavenly Sorcerer Star but had stood guard outside it.

Su Mo did not rush to attack but he waited patiently for Long Teng and the rest.

Time flew by quickly and Su Mo kept his distance from the protective array as he waited.

His ears seemed to be able to hear the sound of dragon roars. It was Long Teng’s voice and Long Teng must have started the attack on the Sorcerer Tribe side branch.

Su Mo could rest a.s.sured, for Long Teng as his strength was definitely stronger than the Rank 1 Empty G.o.d’s.

Si Kongyan and the rest were also strong and confident.

However, the two side branches should be protected by arrays as well and Su Mo wasn’t sure if they could break the arrays.

Time flew by and hours ticked away.

After about eight hours, a piercing sound shot through the air. Su Mo turned around and instantly broke into a smile.

Long Teng and the five others had returned, the killing intents in their bodies not fully recalled.

The group had returned under the stipulated ten hours and they must have succeeded in their missions.

“How was it?” Su Mo asked as the group returned.

“Done. The two side tribes have been destroyed and not many people managed to escape!” Long Teng replied first.

The two side tribes were protected by a strong array and they had exerted a lot of effort to break the arrays.

Thankfully, there weren’t Empty G.o.ds in the side tribes. Otherwise, there was no way they could have broken the array.

“Brother Su Mo, the two arrays around the side tribe were broken apart by Brother Long Teng. The array around Grey Cloud Star was so strong, the five of us were not able to break it!” Yi Xiaoxiao informed Su Mo.

She, Si Kongyan, Jiang Fengran, Zhan Luan and Wenren Tiandu were unable to break the array around Grey Cloud Star.

Luckily, Long Teng arrived to help them after destroying Spirited Star, helping them break the array around Grey Cloud Star.

These two side tribes were not guarded by an Empty G.o.d and there was only a King Sage and a group of Martial Sages protecting the star. They were unable to stand against the group and were hence easily killed.

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