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Chapter 1996: Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Very good!” Su Mo nodded his head lightly although his heart fell. The grand array around the main branch of the Sorcerer Tribe would certainly be much stronger than the side tribes.

Nonetheless, they had to do their best to break the array that day.

“Dead!” Right at that moment, Su Mo frowned deeply. The avatar, King Sage Jin Xu had been killed.

The person who had killed him was not the Demon G.o.d Jiu Yang nor Wu Sheng but Jing Yang of the Sun Moon Tribe.


Su Mo sighed lightly. He was not furious, the goal of the avatar was completed.

The avatar had successfully attracted all his enemies to Ming Xu Galaxy such that Su Mo could be fearless with what he was about to do.

“Su Mo, when are we going to attack the main tribe?” Si Kongyan’s killing intent surged wildly over his body as he asked impatiently.

“There is a grand array around the main tribe, it must be much stronger than the side tribes!” Wenren Tiandu stared at Heavenly Sorcerer Star as his face hardened and he spoke.

“We have to try to know how strong the array around the main tribe is!” Su Mo added in a deep voice. With that, he took a large step forward and headed towards the array around Heavenly Sorcerer Star.

In a few breaths of time, Su Mo closed in on the array. Bright golden light flashed in his hands and the Winged Insect Sword appeared.

Raising the large sword highly, thick Chaotic Energy rose to the sky along with dense Sword Force.

Su Mo brandished the sword heavily down and dazzling Chaotic Sword Qi struck at the array.


A deafening explosion occurred as the Chaotic Sword Qi tore through the starry sky and heavily struck the ma.s.sive array.

Chaotic Sword Qi instantly exploded apart into streaks of rain that fell through the starry sky.

On the other hand, the array started to shake violently after the blow. As though it was a waterfall, ripples of shock waves appeared across its surface.

Roar roar roar!!

Instantly, numerous ferocious roars of 10,000 Evil Spirits erupted through the sky.

Su Mo took a closer look and realized that the array harbored a large number of Evil Spirits.

There was a countless number of Evil Spirits.

Su Mo’s face immediately darkened. Each one of these Evil Spirits represented a life.

The Evil Spirits were the Fighting and Martial Souls that the Sorcerer Tribe had retrieved and refined from other martial artists.


Su Mo roared out and struck an even stronger blow without hesitation.

Chaotic Energy swept out and an incredible Sword Force filled the starry sky. The Blood Force of Su Mo had been activated in this much stronger blow.


Another deafening explosion occurred as the violent attack heavily struck against the array, causing the shock waves on the array to become stronger and the countless Evil Spirits inside it to roar out in greater desperation.

“Everyone attack together!”

Long Teng ordered as his palm formed a claw and he struck the array.

Si Kongyan and the others did not delay as they started their attacks as well.

In an instant, a wide variety of Dark Force filled the air.

Si Kongyan’s fire based Dark Force was a churning furnace that charred the array. Jiang Fengran’s wind-based Dark Force was incredible, and its attacking force was strong. Zhan Luan’s Ground based Dark Force was no weaker as it was thick and dense like a mountain.

Boom boom boom!

Deafening explosions continued to sound, echoing through the starry sky. The simultaneous attacks of the seven caused the shockwaves on the array to become even more violent.

However, the array was strong and even when the few people combined their attacks, the array showed no signs of vulnerability.

As the violent attacks shook the Heavenly Sorcerer Star, piercing screams filled the air.

Swoosh swoosh swoos.h.!.+

A large number of martial artists shot into the sky from Heavenly Sorcerer City, heading towards Heavenly Sorcerer Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, a few hundred experts had gathered on the peak of the sacred mountain.

Elder Jia Shen and Wu Chong stood at the top of the mountain as they stared into the starry sky, their faces as dark as water.

“Su Mo is here!” Elder Jia Shen muttered under his breath. Thankfully, the Sorcerer Tribe had made adequate preparations and constructed the array beforehand.

Otherwise, the tribe would lose greatly under Su Mo’s attack.

By then, even Elder Jia Shen did not dare to fight against Su Mo.

In the past, he had chased after Su Mo to kill him numerous times. However, Su Mo had topped the King Sage Board and he definitely had the strength of a Rank 1 Empty G.o.d. As such, Elder Jia Shen did not dare to attack Su Mo.

“There is actually a Dragon Tribe member!” Wu Chong’s eyes narrowed. He had not imagined that Su Mo would have allies, of which Dragon Tribe members were a part of.

“It is Long Teng! How could that be? When did Su Mo ally with the Dragon Tribe?” Elder Jia Shen stared closely at Long Teng’s face and immediately jumped in fright. He had attended the crowning ceremony at Sun Moon Tribe and naturally recognized Long Teng. He also understood Long Teng’s status.

It was the Dragon Tribe. The strongest tribe of Infinite Region. When did they ally with Su Mo?

“Grand Elder, Chong Shen, what should we do?”

“The array shouldn’t be broken, right?”

“If the array breaks, we are screwed!”

A group of martial artists had their faces filled with worry as their hearts sunk.

Su Mo was too famous and every battle that he had partic.i.p.ated in had shocked the Infinite Region.

In their hearts, they were trembling in fright at the sight of Su Mo. Even if there were two Empty G.o.ds in the tribe, they couldn’t help worrying.

“Don’t worry. This is the ‘Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array’. Not only is there the boundless Spiritual Qi of Heavenly Sorcerer Star supporting. There are also 8,000,000 Evils Spirits strengthening the array. As exceptional as Su Mo is, he will not be able to break the array!” Elder Jia Shen rea.s.sured them as he was not worried.

He was only worried about Su Mo’s growth. It was simply too fast.

If that carried on, the Sorcerer Tribe would not be able to suppress Su Mo. They would only see Su Mo getting stronger and stronger until the Sorcerer Tribe could no longer suppress him.

“That’s right, without the strength of a peak Rank 3 Empty G.o.d, no one can break the ‘Myriad Souls Sealing Heaven Array’” Wu Chong nodded his head.

“Thank goodness!”

The crowd heaved a collective sigh of relief. As long as Su Mo couldn’t break the array, they would be safe.

“Grand Elder, if we combine our attacks, do we have the hope of killing Su Mo?” Wu Chong’s eyes flashed brilliantly as he asked.

Since Su Mo was there, he would not waste the opportunity. Once Su Mo left and came back the next time, he would be even stronger.

As such, he wondered if they should open the array and kill Su Mo.

“No hope at all!” Jia Shen shook his head immediately. With his face completely serious, he said, “The top ranked on the King Sage Board has the strength to overcome almost all Rank 1 Empty G.o.ds. Furthermore, Long Teng is the Five Claw Golden Dragon whose Blood Force has completely evolved. His combat strength far exceeds what we can match up to. If we head out, we will definitely die!”

Elder Jia Shen had lived for over ten thousand years and he knew clearly how strong the top ranked on the King Sage Board was.

Furthermore, if it was only Su Mo, they might have had a chance of battling.

However, with Long Teng around, the two of them had no chance of winning at all.

Wu Chong sighed inwardly. He felt helpless about Su Mo, the G.o.dly talent of the millennial.

His growth was too fast!

Su Mo had been a measly ant in their eyes in the past but had overcome them both in the blink of an eye. This was a horrifying sight.

The group of martial artists of the Sorcerer Tribe had roughly the same thoughts as Wu Chong.

It was the Sorcerer Tribe’s greatest mistake that they had become enemies with Su Mo.

All of them knew clearly that if they couldn’t kill Su Mo soon, the Sorcerer Tribe would be on a road to h.e.l.l.

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