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Everybody who left the main hall looked up with worried eyes.

Xuan Feng arrived and ordered everyone to wait in the hall for Su Mo's arrival.

As a super talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents in East Continent, he was too proud to kill innocent people.

"d.a.m.n. This guy's level is too high. Su Mo will definitely lose!" Qing Pingzi said worriedly.

"Alas! It's us who have become a burden to Mo'er!" Su Hong said, blaming himself.

"It doesn't matter what we say now. Let's just hope Su Mo can defeat him!"

After Elder Wei said this, he then looked at Li Feng and continued, "Li Feng, what about the Cold-blood Hall?"

Looking up with a concerned face, Li Feng said, "The Cold-blood Hall has been eradicated!"


Everyone was stunned.

It took a long time before someone realized the extremity of the situation. "What did you say? The Cold-blood Hall was eradicated?"


Li Feng nodded and said, "The hall master and two of his deputies, the experts, and hundreds of thousands of disciples are all dead. The Cold-blood Hall is gone forever."


The gasping sounds rose one after another. Everyone's faces were filled with shock.

The imperial family and the Firmament Sect members doubted Li Feng's words.

After all, as the dominator of Hong Domain, how could the Cold-blood Hall be "eradicated" with a few easy words?

Most of the Sus bought it; They knew that Li Feng was trustworthy since he had stayed in the Sus for a long time.

"Li Feng, is it Mo'er that killed them all?" Su Hong asked in surprise.

Li Feng nodded again.

The crowd went into another round of shock. Some of them still did not believe it, but judging by Li Feng's serious look, he was not lying.

Was the Cold-blood Hall truly gone?

Was it Su Mo who had killed them all?

This was way too unbelievable!

The fight in the sky had begun, drawing the shocked crowd's attention.

It was happening high within the clouds.


Xuan Feng barked and swung his saber thrice. Three rows of horrible saber Qi rapidly moved toward Su Mo.

The ma.s.sive, imposing saber Qi carried a destructive power, and its sharp saber will shattered the air around Su Mo instantly.

Su Mo looked extremely somber. The strength of Xuan Feng was much stronger than that of the hall master.

"Break!" Su Mo snarled.

He clenched the Sky-crus.h.i.+ng Sword with both hands, and it launched out a huge sword radiance and moved in an upward arc. A 3333-meter-long, four-colored sword Qi was cast out to block the three saber Qi.


The sword Qi was shattered instantly as the saber Qi continued its approach toward Su Mo.


The saber Qi left Su Mo no room to parry. His sword danced while he was retreating, and it turned into illusions that formed layers of sword-curtains in front of him.


The three rows of saber Qi tore apart the sword-curtain instantly and smashed Su Mo's Body-protection Vital Spirit.


The Body-protection was shattered and the saber Qi hit Su Mo's body.


Su Mo was sent flying 3333 meters.

Fortunately, the three defenses had protected against 90% of the saber Qi's power, and Su Mo was unharmed.

When the crowd saw Su Mo flying backward, many turned pale with fright.

Su Mo was everyone's hope. They did not want him to die!

"Is he really this strong?"

Su Mo's eyebrows furrowed tightly. He had upgraded two levels recently and thought that he could fight a low-ranked talent on the List of Top 1,000 Talents. However, the truth had turned out to be the contrary! He had not expected this!

While Su Mo was pondering how everything had happened, Xuan Feng was even more surprised. He had used half of his strength, yet Su Mo had still survived!

Moreover, Su Mo's body had even stayed intact!

"How is this possible?"

Xuan Feng looked somber. He had also spectated the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion of the Nine Peaks and knew that Su Mo had incredible combat strength. Nevertheless, he was still shocked.

He was at Peak Lv 3 True Darkness Realm! Although he had only ranked 976th on the List of Top 1,000 Talents in East Continent, he had just increased his cultivation and thought he possibly now surpa.s.sed the 900s.

Now, he exerted half his strength, yet he had failed to kill an Enlightenment Realm martial artist!

Was this The Arabian Nights?

"Su Mo, I do admire your talents and strength. However, you will no longer be allowed to advance to stronger levels!"

Murderous intent burst out from his eyes. He had to kill Su Mo today.

Su Mo had not been able to reach Lv 9 of the Enlightenment Realm so quickly simply because of his experience at the Towering Sky Peak. He was also extremely naturally talented! If he did not kill Su Mo today, he would cause him trouble in the future!

"Let's fight!"

Su Mo's eyes burned with both the desire to fight and kill, for he also wanted to kill Xuan Feng.

"Three Secret Techniques!" Su Mo murmured.

The Vital Spirit in Su Mo boiled suddenly as his aura surged up incredibly high.

In a blink of an eye, his aura grew four times stronger than before and suffused a ma.s.sive, imposing power.

In the meantime, his long hair turned grey gradually; he now looked exactly the same as Feng Shaoyu.

Su Mo took 40% of his essence, qi, and spirit in order to quadruple his combat strength.

Theoretically, 40% would not turn his hair completely grey.

However, when he had fought with the hall master two days prior, he had already sacrificed 20% of his essence, qi, and spirit. He had not recovered yet.

Therefore, using 40% was now capable of turning his hair thoroughly grey.

This was his limit. Should he take more essence, qi, or spirit, he would be physically injured.

Even so, he would be feeble for a month after this fight.


While seeing Su Mo's aura surge, Xuan Feng stared agape at him.

"How does he have this hidden skill?!"

His face turned livid with rage. He thought that he could slay Su Mo easily; he was not prepared for this!

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