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Kill The Hero – Chapter 208 – Speedy Battle (3)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

After the terrorist attack on the Esprit Guild, the flow of incidents went exactly as he expected.

[The Special Player Protection Act has been put forward to Congress!]

The players moved to protect their interests.

[The Esprit Guild declares indefinite strike!]

And they began to make power plays in order to achieve their goals.

'It will pop soon.'

Terrorism was a ruthless and extreme act of violence carried out in order to a.s.sert the attackers' will.

In the case of this act of terrorism, it was done to express dissatisfaction with the inhumane and selfish behaviour of the players and guilds. (TL: I don't like that the author is trying to rationalise this…)

But the players' response to the attacks was inhumane and selfish.

So of course, there would be more attacks.

'If there is a second attack, the bill will be pa.s.sed unquestionably. If that happens, players from other countries will also demand something similar from their governments. If not, they will strike.'

And the players were more than willing to use the powerful weapon known as 'strike' in their hands as blackmail.

'However, the Messiah Guild will choose another path.'

But the Messiah Guild would use this as an opportunity to appear more n.o.ble.

'Everything is progressing as I expected.'

He didn't believe anything would change this time.

Furthermore, he had already expected this to happen since early on.

'It's a good thing I didn't deal with money from the start.'

That's why he wasn't very interested in money with numbers in it and instead bartered for items.

In the era he expected to come, it was clear that bullets created in an unnamed factory would be worth more than paper issued from the government.

That was why the Lightning King wasn't very surprised by the terrorist attack or the subsequent situations.

In other words, it wasn't the terrorist incident nor its aftermath that caused the Lightning to furrow his eyebrows at that moment.

'If I subtract Isaac Ivanov.'

Isaac Ivanov.

He was the reason the Lightning King was pondering so heavily at that moment.

 The Lightning King had never once doubted his ability.

After all, hadn't the fact that he'd hunted the Hatchling alone, hunted the h.e.l.lhound alone, and even had the ability to revive the h.e.l.lhound proved what he was capable of already?

That was the reason he'd invested so boldly.

He'd even taken out a legendary skill page from his collection and given it to a man, Kim Woo-jin, who claimed to be able to order Isaac Ivanov.

'I didn't expect him to be that good.'

But when he'd actually lifted the lid, Isaac Ivanov was much stronger than he'd expected.

'Kim Woo-jin.'

In particular, the strength and ability Kim Woo-jin displayed made them understand just why he was able to be a member of Isaac Ivanov's team.

'I didn't think he'd be the commander.'

Kim Woo-jin was the commander for Isaac Ivanov's party.

'There's nothing stopping them from being the Messiah Guild's rivals.'

What was clear to him was the fact that even in his current state, Isaac Ivanov was capable of rivalling the Messiah Guild.

That was the reason for his concern.

'So how do I make him into the Messiah Guild's rival?'

Making Isaac Ivanov stronger and pitting him against the Messiah Guild was another story.

Moreover, Isaac Ivanov's path seemed to coincide with the Messiah Guild.

If Isaac Ivanov hadn't targeted Lee Se-jun's weaknesses and the Twin Headed Cyclops dungeon, the Lightning King wouldn't have been interested in him.

'I'll have to communicate with the Phoenix Guild's Master.'

Therefore he felt that he would need to contact Park Yong-wan.

Of course, he had no intention of talking to him directly.

'As expected, it was really smart to buy Kim Woo-jin.'

After all, he'd already bought a spy close to Park Yong-wan.

In an abandoned electronics store in Fortaleza.

Kim Woo-jin was talking on the phone in this place that had been looted so thoroughly, he didn't even have to clean it up.

-Right, so let me get this straight.

Of course, the person on the other end was Oh Se-chan.

-The Lightning King wants Park Yong-wan to help him make Isaac Ivanov the Messiah Guild's rival?


-What did Park Yong-wan say?

“He said to first pretend to listen to the Lightning King's orders. From Park Yong-wan's perspective, it's beneficial to have a double spy working under the Lightning King.”

The Lightning King had given Kim Woo-jin a simple order.

Get Park Yong-wan to agree to make Isaac Ivanov act in a manner that would aggravate the Messiah Guild.

Kim Woo-jin delivered this information to Park Yong-wan as is, and Park Yong-wan also gave him orders.

Firstly pretend to obey the Lightning King's order.

-d.a.m.n, that's so complicated.

It was just as complicated as Oh Se-chan said.

“That's why Korean beef is expensive in Korea.”

-RIght. In the end, the distributors make all the money.

And that was exactly what Kim Woo-jin was aiming for.

Honestly speaking, bolstering Isaac Ivanov's power was not difficult.

Isaac Ivanov had already become an irreplaceable trump card.

He could receive an enormous amount of support simply by joining one of the Five Top Guilds, except the Messiah Guild.

Even in the case of the Lightning King, if Isaac Ivanov bowed his head to him directly, he would directly receive the same amount of support that the King of Undead received.

After all, Kim Woo-jin now had power similar to the King of Undead of the past.

In other words, such treatment was natural.

And because it was natural, Kim Woo-jin wasn't satisfied with it.

-In this case, the guy known as Kim Woo-jin will earn the most.

So he complicated the process.

As Oh Se-chan had said, it was a complicated distribution process, and Kim Woo-jin had set himself up as the distributor.

-So what will they give you?

In other words, in order to get Isaac Ivanov to move as they wished, either Park Yong-wan or the Lightning King had to pay a price to Kim Woo-jin as well.

As a result, Kim Woo-jin also intended to acquire the power of another person from his past other than the King of Undead.

“I won't wait for what they give. I'll let them give me what I want.”

-Then my question was wrong. So what is it that you want?

“Things related to blood poison.”

The King of Deadly Poison!

Kim Woo-jin was planning to use this opportunity to get it.

“What are Johann Georg and the Ten doing now?”

-They headed to France.


-It's obvious. If you look at the current situation, right now, the French players and the Esprit Guild are about to go on strike. If they attack the dungeons they abandoned then tda! They'll gain recognition. It seems that their power isn't normal.

“Of course it's not normal. He managed to take my halo's favour for a while.”

-Favour? From you?

Oh Se-chan was surprised.

He also knew the personality of the Emissary of the Underworld as well as how serious the information Kim Woo-jin had just shared was.

However, Kim Woo-jin wasn't surprised.

'It's nothing strange.'

The King of Undead had become a player before Kim Woo-jin and he had enjoyed the halo's favoritism before Kim Woo-jin picked the Emissary of the Underworld as his halo.

Furthermore, in a world filled with chaos, even Lee Se-jun and he would feel a sense of crisis.

Such a person had received the support of the Messiah Guild, so it would be strange if his power didn't increase substantially.

-Isn't that dangerous?

But that didn't mean that Kim Woo-jin was worried about it.

“Doesn't matter. I'll receive the halo's favoritism again in the next dungeon.”

-What's the next dungeon?

“The Burning Forest.”

Because he was going to nail this opportunity.

-As soon as your 5 Floor debut ends, you jump into an rank… usually it takes about half a year to adjust to 5 Floor dungeons, your speed is simply ridiculous. Anyway, I'll send you a gift before then.

Oh Se-chan intended to happily attach wings to the tiger known as Kim Woo-jin.

-We got the Blood Cloud skill you mentioned.

Blood Cloud.

Kim Woo-jin smiled when he thought about the skill that made a cloud of blood that even rained blood down.


-It was really hard to obtain. You should buy a meal for me to make up for it.

“Lee Jin-ah owes me a meal, let's eat together then.”

-Really? Then I'll eat caviar with a tablespoon. So how should I send it?

When he heard that question, Kim Woo-jin answered without hesitation.

“Send it through Park Yong-wan.”

-Park Yong-wan?

Kim Woo-jin responded calmly to Oh Se-chan's question.

“Distribution is complicated.”

-Now I'm definitely sure that Park Yong-wan sold out his country in his past life. Otherwise, there's no way he would've met a human like you.

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