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Chapter 1164 - Zoo Staff Contracts -unedited

With a hearty meal prepared by Lynn's penguins, Jin had discussed with them as to what he would have done to all the other minions. First by showing the contract and subsequently telling them about the System once they have signed it.

But even in the process of getting them to sign the contract, Jin was shocked by their expected salary. (Despite Claire giving him a heads up that they might be expensive.) 

"User, you are indeed getting a good deal considering their skills and experience as well as the knowledge they possessed." The System said even though it knows that the Dungeon Supplier has the resources to buy them thrice over. And when they learnt that the exotic animals Jin had were not just numerous but distinct, Kristin nearly went nuts.

"I thought Claire would have given you the heads up for the types of animals in the zoo," Jin said as he finally had them sign all the additional clauses upon them learning the existence of the System. He took the cup of Chinese Pu Er Tea (Fermented Tea) and gulped it down to clear his throat.

"Nope, she said you would give an infinite amount of grant as long as I demand it. –" 

"Let's not forget the equipment needed." Jiang Bo added to his wife's reply but Kristin ignored him and continued. 

"As long as I demand it for the longest time ever. Considering that this is a brand new field because you are putting real life animals into artificially while seemingly real environment into their lives." 

"A prison actually." Jiang Song added as he continued his bowl of noodles.

"If I might interject the environment, they are constantly s.h.i.+fting. There is no 'Hey I found a wall' kind of moment. As we speak, my colleagues (aka Another Jins) are getting other herbivores as recommended by the System to populate the area so that they won't feel that lonely per se." Jin replied. 

"Then what about the cultivation zoo part, where the cultivators come in?" Tong Wu asked as what Jin had been emphasising the pristine condition of the animals to not be disturbed and not the main problem of having human interaction.

"They will be like the Zura.s.sic Zoo movie. In those moveable motorised capsules, less the diesel engines and powered by magic crystals so they make absolutely no sounds. Most importantly, those cultivators would not be able to come out." Jin said as he asked the System to show the pictures of those moving human sized hamster capsules for them to see.

"Otherwise, the bulk of the customers would be in invisible hovercrafts right above the environment and in case you are worried that birds might crash into them, the flying hovercrafts would be equipped with magic wind crystal to divert the airflow to prevent any crashes. If you like, I can show them to you after this meal." Jin answered.

"So basically no human interactions? Will those capsules move too close to the animals or you know accidentally crush any of those exotic and nearly extinct specimens?"  Jiang Bo had to ask even though he believed he already had the answer considering that Jin is in possession of an incredible tool at his disposal.

"Nope. There is a System module that manages the routes and prevents any accidental kills. Like motion sensors etc. We will be putting some bugs and insects to manage the flora too but erm there's a high chance we won't be able to save those. The System nevertheless will put up a casualty report if necessary. And should the animals be curious about these capsules, the System will force the capsules to a halt and allow the animal to interact with them until it is bored. Worst case scenario, the humans are teleported out of the capsules."

"So the animals would just have to adjust to this mysterious stuff coming in once in a while until they are used to it," Kristin said as she wrote a note on her handphone. "But in any case, this will no doubt be a first in the world of animal studies and trust me, if this works in the long term, that infinite grant you give me would be put to good use."

"Please stop saying infinite grant. My funds are still limited somewhat."

"Judging by the store instance that you have, I beg to differ." Kristin teased Jin a little more before agreeing that it is time to see the Cultivation Zoo first hand. The rest had also finished their meal and were raring to see this dimensional instanced cultivation zoo.

"I shall bring you guys to see a special somebody first," Jin said as he created a portal out but before he could go in, a fast moving creature suddenly came rus.h.i.+ng over and out of the portal. Jiang Song immediately reacted by taking his baton out but Jin stood in front of them and halted the creature.

"Xin!" Tong Wu said as she saw the big giant panda putting its weight on Jin by hugging it. The moment the Panda saw Tong Wu and Jiang Song, it screeched a little with happiness and let go of Jin to receive pats from the two former workers of Shenzhen Cultivation Zoo.

Unlike Jin, Xin was very well behaved right in front of them and Tong Wu even took out a piece of bamboo shoot out from her storage ring for the Panda to eat. "Yes, you little boy, it's one of your favourites. Bamboo from Shunan."

"Shunan?" Jin questioned and Tong Wu answered that the bamboo shoots came from one of the famous bamboo forests in China, known for cultivating high quality bamboo picky pandas like Xin to eat. In the meantime, Kristin was observing the relations.h.i.+p between Jin and Xin

"I see. A Spiritual Union had been done. No wonder this panda is so friendly towards you and Shenzhen Province even allows you to take it out of its hands and to your new zoo" Kristin said and Jin looked at her surprised.

"She can see these unions rather easily. It's one of her abilities upon achieving a union herself too." Jiang Bo said and Kristin added that Jin bȧrėly even scratches the concept of Spiritual Union.

"Since you are my new boss, and with the goodwill you bestowed upon me, I will take some time to help you increase the level of your Spiritual Union with Xin." Kristin said and Jin nodded with delight, obviously could not wait to look forward to such a session.

But for now, they would take a look at the Cultivation Zoo Instance.

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