The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1529 - Fell to the Ground With a Loud Crash and Shattered to Pieces

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Chapter 1529: Fell to the Ground With a Loud Crash and Shattered to Pieces

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Mo Yongheng paused, holding on to the chopsticks. He looked up and peered into her bright eyes and flicked her head with the chopsticks he was holding.

“You had a concussion and have just been discharged from the hospital and you still want to have a drink now? Finish your food, take a shower, and go to bed.”


As expected, he was so unromantic and didn’t even get that she wanted to be drunk so she could make advances on him.

Sigh, she would have to come up with another plan.

Zheng Yan finished her meal, preoccupied with her own thoughts.

In her mind, she was running through the various ways she could ‘legitimately’ con him to sleep with her. She did not manage to come up with a solution, even when she was done eating.

She sulked as she stared at the empty rice bowl in front of her.

“Still hungry?” said Mo Yongheng.

“I am full to the point of almost bursting.” Zheng Yan answered obediently before muttering to herself silently, “But I’ve yet to make a meal out of you, what a pity.”

Zheng Yan was no cook, but she knew how to wash the dishes.

She was about to collect the dirty plates and utensils when Mo Yongheng took them out of her hands. He wanted her to wait for him on the sofa in the living room.

She did not relent and tailed him to the kitchen, insisting that she would help wash the dishes. Mo Yongheng refused. In desperation, she hugged his waist tightly from behind.

Mo Yongheng froze, his hands trembled and the ceramic plates dropped from his hands.

The plates dropped to the ground with a loud crash and shattered into pieces.

He quickly turned and carried Zheng Yan so she would not step on the shattered fragments. His dark eyes narrowed as he met her terrified gaze and he carried her steadily out of the kitchen.

“Sit here quietly and don’t move.” Mo Yongheng said throatily as he placed her on a chair in the dining room.

He tried his best to suppress his body’s instincts as he turned and walked into the kitchen.

He did not pick up the shattered fragments on the floor immediately. Instead, he walked over to the sink and splashed water all over his face.

Willing himself to calm down…

When he walked out of the kitchen, he did not see Zheng Yan in the dining room.

Where was she?

Had he scared her with his reaction just now?

Mo Yongheng’s dark eyes flickered as he walked briskly from the dining room, searching for her all over the villa and finally made his way back to the master bedroom.

He walked to the door of the bathroom and he could hear the water running.

He stopped in his tracks as images of him helping her change her clothes in the hospital started flas.h.i.+ng across his mind.

She had injured her head and was in shock. He was worried about her and had insisted on helping her change, while inspecting her to see if there were other injuries on her body at the same time.

Then, he was truly concerned for her and had no other intentions.

But the moment he took off her top, he realized that he was attempting something dangerous.

If not for the fact that she was injured, he would have lost control of his desire and been tempted to take her there and then.

Mo Yongheng shook his head. The memory of it was making his throat dry.

Zheng Yan was like a drug. Every time he went near her, he would lose all control of himself.

Whenever she knitted her brows and smiled…

Her unknowing touch, her innocent gaze… would inevitably ignite his senses.

He was screaming inside — he wanted her so badly!


All of a sudden, the bathroom door opened.

Zheng Yan’s beautiful face peered out cautiously from within, the tip of her nose was still wet. Her shoulders were bare and she seemed to be naked with only a towel wrapped around her bosom.

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The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1529 - Fell to the Ground With a Loud Crash and Shattered to Pieces summary

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