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Fang Zhenyi's legs were numb from standing the whole morning.

She dared not interrupt rashly without Yu Yuehan's further instructions, so all she could do was wait.

She could only lift her head in secret and stare at the man who seemed to emit a type of evil and royal charm; one so irresistible that onlookers were unable to remove their gazes from him.

Her love for him deepened with every look.

Putting away the thoughts of marrying Yu Yuehan, becoming the Young Mistress of the Yu Family, and in turn, becoming the most highly respected woman in all of City H—her unwavering love for him would still remain even if she did not have any status in his family. All he had to do was just look at her in her face for once.

After an unknown period of standing, she finally saw Yu Yuehan put down the doc.u.ment in his hands. He looked up from the study table.

His eyes were hidden in the depths, and his expression was ice cold.

He glanced at her, but at the same time, he seemed not to have noticed a single thing.

It was as if she was absolutely unworthy in his eyes.

With a slight movement of his hand, he threw a piece of the doc.u.ment onto the table.

Before Fang Zhenyi had time to register what it was, she heard his indifferent voice, "What's your name?"

"Young Master Han, my name is Fang Zhenyi!" Elated, she took a step forward and spoke eagerly, "It means squarish for the word 'Fang,' truth for the word 'Zhen'..."

"You were the one who soaked Xiao Liuliu's medicine box?" Yu Yuehan spoke before Fang Zhenyi could complete her sentence and interrupted her coldly.

From her very excited demeanor just one second ago, her expression changed all at once after she heard this.

Although guilty, she clenched her fists, trying to maintain a composed expression all the while.

"Young Master Han, what are you talking about? I don't understand. Wasn't Nian Xiaomu the one who soaked the medicine box? You even fired her because of this."

Do not panic, do not panic!

She and Nian Xiaomu were the only ones at the scene at that time. As long as she denied flatly, Nian Xiaomu would have no choice but to admit her mistake!

At the thought of this, the last bit of guilt disappeared from her face.

She lifted her head. Just when she wanted to utter something, she met Yu Yuehan's cynical gaze.

He seemed to be mocking her naivety...


Yu Yuehan grabbed the doc.u.ments on the table and threw them at her.

"Think carefully before you answer my question."

"..." Fang Zhenyi was stunned.

Dumbfounded, she looked at the doc.u.ments on the floor and finally picked them up after a while.

Her face turned ghastly white with just one glance at them!

She stared incredulously at the doc.u.ments in her hands. Fear seeped into her eyes...

"Why is it like this?"

She had thought that since there were no CCTVs in Xiao Liuliu's room, n.o.body would find out that she was the one who soaked the medicine box on purpose.

But never had she thought that Yu Yuehan would send his subordinates to check Xiao Liuliu's room—the cup that she had used to spill the water had been sent for a.n.a.lysis, and they managed to find her fingerprints on the cup!

It was a servant who had brought the cup in, but it was her fingerprints that were last found on the cup.

Nian Xiaomu had not touched the cup from the start!

"Young Master Han, that wasn't the case. Please listen to my explanation!" Fang Zhenyi held on to the doc.u.ments in her hands and rushed forward.

"I was too thirsty at that time, so I drank from the cup of water that was in Little Miss' room. This is the reason why my fingerprints were found on the cup. Nian Xiaomu had already soaked the box before I entered the room..."

"Enough!" Yu Yuehan lowered his voice and impatience flashed across his eyes.

A single word was enough for Fang Zhenyi to kneel down with a thump.

She crawled toward him, her face pale with panic.

"Young Master Han, I know I am in the wrong. Please give me one more chance. I really hope that I can take care of Little Miss."


"Moreover, I am more professional compared to Nian Xiaomu. Young Master Han, have you forgotten about this? She is just a dabbler when it comes to nursing. She won't be able to take good care of Little Miss..."

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