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Chapter 765: A Wig and a Cap

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Yu Yuehan hung up the call, he threw the cell phone onto the office desk. He stood up from the chair and reached out to retrieve his coat.

The a.s.sistant rushed forward immediately and asked, “Young Master Han, are you heading back to the villa now?”

Yu Yuehan stopped his actions and thought it over. “I am going to look for Tang Yuansi.”

Even though Tang Yuansi had been discharged from the hospital, he could not strain himself in any way with the current condition of his body.

Yu Yuehan had last seen him at the entrance of the Tang Family villa.

He was wearing a full white suit and had not allowed his a.s.sistant to follow him. As he walked out of the Tang Family villa alone, he pulled open the car door and sat in the Yu Family villa’s car.

A smile appeared on his slightly pale face when he met Yu Yuehan’s disgusted gaze.

“Don’t say that I am not a good friend. Let’s go to the Tang Family restaurant tonight.”

“What?” Yu Yuehan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard the restaurant name that he mentioned.

He was the only person who would think of heading to his own restaurant for a gathering with his friend.

Was he going to have a meal there or was he going to do an inspection?

A ray of light flickered past Tang Yuansi’s eyes; just as Yu Yuehan was about to say something, Tang Yuansi added on slowly, “I’ve just received news that Nian Xiaomu has made a reservation there to treat someone to a meal. Heh, your fiancée is going on a date behind your back. It looks like you are about to turn into an ex-husband. Do you not want to go there? In that case, we can change a drinking location…”

Yu Yuehan had already instructed the driver, with a deep voice, before Tang Yuansi could finish his sentence.

“Drive off, go to the Tang Family restaurant!”

It was a restaurant with a cla.s.sical, oriental touch to it.

The place appeared to be exceptionally comfortable with carved railings and jade inlays that could be seen everywhere, as well as the windows of fretwork designs.

Nian Xiaomu followed Secretary Hao in.

Secretary Hao had reserved a table in the restaurant under her name.

With Secretary Hao around, she could meet the person whom she wanted to see today without much effort.


Nian Xiaomu was slightly taken aback when she saw the gentleman standing beside the young lady.

Secretary Hao explained immediately and said, “This is my best friend’s boyfriend, he is an air steward. He’s handsome, yeah? They can hardly ever meet up because of their busy schedules, so they are like Siamese twins whenever they have common off days. Sorry for this, but rest a.s.sured that they are both easy-going people. You can simply ask them whatever you need to know.”

Nian Xiaomu smiled amiably when she heard the secretary’s words.

Stretching her hands, she took the initiative to greet the two people in front of her.

“Nice to meet you both.”

“Same for us…”

After brief introductions, they sat down and started to order their food.

Nian Xiaomu was worried about Tan Bengbeng and did not have much of an appet.i.te. However, she still ordered the food enthusiastically since they were guests. After the server took the menus away, she opened her mouth hurriedly and asked, “I heard from Secretary Hao that you have seen Tan Bengbeng before? Can you tell me about the situation that day?”

Secretary Hao’s best friendly knitted her eyebrows in an obvious manner when she heard that name.

As she picked up the cup, she took a sip of water with a slightly hesitant expression.

“Is there something that you don’t want me to know?” Nian Xiaomu asked anxiously.

“Not really.” The young lady paused in her words before continuing, “To be honest, people who work in the service industry like us have seen many situations. However, it is certainly very rare for us to have encountered a pa.s.senger like Miss Tan who requested something like this.”


“As the flight was slightly delayed that day, Miss Tan kept on inquiring about the take-off time and she appeared to be very anxious. I just happened to be around that day, and I remembered very clearly that Miss Tan came rus.h.i.+ng to us, asking if we had a wig or a hat. How would the staff members have such things with us? As such, we recommended her to head to the shops in the airport…”

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