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Chapter 817: It Must Be Her!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the video at the exit of the airport, a few blurry figures could be seen instantly.

Fan Yu pointed at the clearest picture and said, “I compared this with the footage at the boarding gate. I tried to find the people who had a similar figure to Tan Bengbeng among the people who left the airport. Take a look and see if you can recognize her.”

Even though it was the clearest picture, the camera was still too far away. Hence, only a blurry image of the person could be seen.

After zooming into the picture, the features of the person were totally blurred.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it would be very challenging to identify someone.

However, after taking a look at it, Nian Xiaomu still managed to recognize the person in the picture and exclaimed, “It’s Bengbeng! It must be her!”

She did not board the plane…

Nian Xiaomu held onto the mouse anxiously and repeatedly checked the person who had appeared in the video.

There were many exits at the airport and there were also many people at the airport. Tan Bengbeng seemed to be avoiding surveillance cameras intentionally. She had chosen the exits with the least number of people and those situated farthest from the surveillance cameras.

If there were cameras that she could not avoid, she would use her hood to hide her face.

The people who appeared in different footage were not wearing the same clothes.

If it were other people, it would not be possible for them to determine if they were Tan Bengbeng. However, Nian Xiaomu was not “other people”.

In the past few years, she had been in contact with Tan Bengbeng the most. She was also the one who knew Tan Bengbeng best!

“Are you sure it’s her? I tried to get someone to make a comparison. However, the faces were far too blurry and they only had 40% certainty,” said Fan Yu, after hearing what she had said.

“There is no need to make any more comparisons. I’m sure that it’s her!”

Nian Xiaomu raised her head suddenly, her gaze filled with confidence.

“Even though she changed her clothes, she did not change her necklace. It was the one which I gave her for her birthday last year. She always wears it!”


Fan Yu leaned forward to take a look at the person in the footage.

This was when he realized that even though the features of this person were blurred, the necklace she had been wearing was captured clearly in the footage.

If it was anyone else, they may not have been able to tell.

However, if the necklace was a gift from Nian Xiaomu, it would be a different situation altogether…

“In this case, something must have cropped up at the airport that day causing Tan Bengbeng to not board the plane. That is to say, she did not die!” Fan Yu said as he turned around to look at Nian Xiaomu, who was very excited.

He remained silent for a while and then continued speaking, “I know that you believe in Tan Bengbeng. However, have you thought of any reasons why Tan Bengbeng has not returned if she is not dead? The footage had captured it very clearly. When she left the airport, not only was she agile, she was also conscious. Besides, she was alone and had not been kidnapped…”

Hence, the most probable reason was not that Tan Bengbeng could not return, but she did not want to return!


After Fan Yu finished speaking, the study room became silent.

The smile at the corner of Nian Xiaomu’s mouth started to disappear gradually.

She lowered her eyes slightly.

She believed in Tan Bengbeng.

If Tan Bengbeng wanted to harm her, she did not have to wait.

From their interactions, she could feel that Tan Bengbeng treated her well from the bottom of her heart. She would be the only one who could sense her sincerity.

“Let me remind you. Yu Yuehan will be able to find out these same things.”

Fan Yu finished speaking and reached out to grab Nian Xiaomu’s shoulder.

Looking at her seriously, he said, “Honestly, I like you. I can’t wait to see you break up with Yu Yuehan. However, as a friend, I believe that you are also aware that the evidence we have now either point towards you or Tan Bengbeng. If you’re unwilling to suspect Tan Bengbeng, it is equivalent to admitting that all this has something to do with you!”

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