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Chapter 818: Cannot Afford

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nian Xiaomu bit her lips and nodded her head.

She understood what he meant.

“Did you not suspect Tan Bengbeng until now? Do you not want Yu Yuehan anymore?” Fan Yu let go of her, crossed his arms and smiled brightly.

He went up to her and pointed at himself.

“If you do not want Yu Yuehan, you can consider me? We were childhood friends and you liked me a lot when we were young. You even used to say that you wanted me as your kept man.”

“I was young and naive at that time, is there still time if I apologize to you now? Stop mocking me. I can’t even afford Yu Yuehan, where am I going to find the money to get another one?”

Nian Xiaomu pouted and complained to Fan Yu.

“You have no idea how miserable my days are. I watch Yu Yuehan’s handsome face hang around me every day yet I cannot do anything about it. I have to resist the temptation in the office and when I return home it’s no different. Yesterday, to take care of Xiao Liuliu, he was sleeping just beside me. I wanted to wait until he fell asleep then I could secretly kiss him, However, before he fell asleep, I fell asleep. The moment I remembered what had happened, I wanted to slap myself.”

Fan Yu kept his smile and asked, “If you can’t bear to, why did you leave him?”

“What do you know. The more I can’t bear to, the more I have to leave him.” Nian Xiaomu sniffed and sat down on the chair.

She took out the USB and copied the video in Fan Yu’s computer onto it. She was muttering, “He can’t bear to quarrel with me and I can’t bear to quarrel with him either. If we both hide it and continue to be together, something will definitely go wrong. It is good that we separate and take some time to cool down.”

Speaking of this, Nian Xiaomu remembered something and smiled joyfully.

She looked at Fan Yu and mindlessly said, “When I was sleeping last night, I dreamt that Yu Yuehan asked me to move back into the Yu Family villa. I was overjoyed, but I woke up and found out that that it was all a dream. I was so disappointed!”


He wanted to tell her that if Yu Yuehan didn’t know how to treasure her, she could return to his side. But, he looked at her innocent gaze and he didn’t know how to tell her.

She was always like that, simple-minded but intelligent.

She knew his thoughts but was unwilling to give him a chance.

She spoke so sincerely about Yu Yuehan in front of him like he was her brother.

It actually made him less upset.

Fan Yu hid his emotions and said, “Since we can be sure that Tan Bengbeng is not dead, I will send people to track her down. I will inform you when there is any news.”

By the time Nian Xiaomu returned to Yu Corporation, it was already afternoon.

Upon entering the public relations department, the secretary walked up with a file. “Manager Nian, this is the information you want on Zheng Yan. This is all that can be found.”

Nian Xiaomu took the information and entered her office.

She opened the information and glanced at it. It wasn’t much different from what she had seen previously.

There was only information on Zheng Yan’s previous school, major and the projects she had handled.

It was very impressive.

Not just her, even her resume was very impressive.

As a woman, her performance in the business field was outstanding.

It was no wonder that Zheng Yan could be the Vice-President in Zheng Corporation when the Zheng Family’s son was only a branch manager.

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