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The blood-knitted face seemed to knock into something and halted thirty centimeters away from Chen Ge.

"This is?"

The face was stunned. The blood vessels on the face started to pull back. There was now a young man standing between it and Chen Ge.

"They peeled my skin back, and as the blood fell, I saw how they planned to share me."

The young man did not look old, and there were tears in his eyes. He slowly raised his head, and his emotions started to run wild as blood started to flow from every orifice of his body. "It was painful, so painful!"

His face twisted, and the facial features moved. Maddened, he dug his hands into the face on the back of the pa.s.senger's head before gnawing and chewing on the blood vessels that formed the face like a crazed dog!

The pa.s.senger and the face screamed at the same time, and Chen Ge staggered one large step back. This was the first time he had seen Xu Yin in the flesh. Probably due to the pain and torment he had suffered before death, Xu Yin had turned into an extremely violent specter, like aggression was the only way to vent the pain and resentment he had suffered in his life.

This is mad.

The scene turned increasingly b.l.o.o.d.y, and Chen Ge nudged another step back.

He won't hold back once he is summoned; that is quite scary.

Chen Ge gripped the hammer tightly.

But it won't be good for him to hold onto his rage. I should try to counsel him somehow.

Xu Yin was not a Red Specter, so his ability was weaker than Zhang Ya. However, in terms of ruthlessness and tendency for violence, this young man was much more intense than Zhang Ya.

Every single specter in the Wheel of Misfortune is unique. Looks like I need to be careful in the future.

With the t.i.tle of Specter's Favored, Chen Ge had a feeling that he would only get Baleful Specters or items to increase the specters' affection from the spinning wheel. In the end, he would only end up with more specters around him.

I might have a greater courage than most, but ultimately, I'm just a human being. Some things should not be pushed too far.

The pa.s.senger crawled on the ground. The face behind his head was much stronger than Chen Ge had thought. Xu Yin also suffered some injuries in the battle; his body started to flicker. However, the face did not have a good time, either. It was almost yanked out of the pa.s.senger's head by Xu Yin.

"What kind of monster is this?" The face continued to wail in pain, but no one answered it. The blood vessels continued to crumble, and Xu Yin's attacks looked more like he was yearning for death. Chen Ge felt pity, looking at him.

Looks like I shouldn't summon Xu Yin unless it's a moment of life and death.

Chen Ge now missed the Pen Spirit. Of all his employees, she was the gentlest. Despite her cunning nature, she had never once gone against Chen Ge's orders.

Xu Yin started to lose himself in his angered aggression. Chen Ge came out from his hiding place in a hurry. He could not bear to witness this bloodshed anymore and decided to end it as soon as possible.

The monsters from behind the door needed to possess a human being if they want to survive for long outside the door. The Doctor Skull-cracker's effect on the blood face is limited, so I'll need to target the pa.s.senger.

Chen Ge charged at the pa.s.senger with the hammer raised. He locked onto his target and swung the hammer. Couldn't whack the head, so where should I aim to knock him out without endangering his life?

The pa.s.senger seemed to have heard Chen Ge coming. The hairs rose on his back, and he turned to look at Chen Ge. His eyes were almost falling out of his face. "I…"

He seemed to want to say something, but Chen Ge did not give him the chance. The hammer fell, and the bone cracked.

The member from ghost stories society collapsed onto the floor with a broken leg. The blood face seemed to know it needed a host, so it peeled itself off to transform into a malicious human head and escaped toward the crematorium. The instant it left the pa.s.senger, the soul of the pa.s.senger seemed to be sucked out, and he crumbled to the floor. There was no life in his eyes.

"Chase after it!" Even before the reminder from Chen Ge, Xu Yin had already started to move. This young man, who looked quite melancholic and artistic when he first appeared, now had a twisted expression on his face. Wounds dripped blood all over his body as he chased after the human head.

"Don't kill it! I still have questions to ask it!" Chen Ge warned, but he was still too late. Xu Yin was completely out of control. He grabbed the human head and started to feast on it. Ear-splitting screams caused the leaves to fall, and the human head slowly disappeared from Xu Yin's hands.

After consuming the monster, Xu Yin stood where he was for a long time. The wounds on his body started to heal, but the blood stains on his s.h.i.+rt did not recede. When the blood stains covered his whole clothes, he would become the second Red Specter at Chen Ge's Haunted House.

His arms hanging by his side, Xu Yin slowly turned, and a pair of hollow eyes looked at Chen Ge. Like a man trapped in a house on a rainy day, he wished to leave but was afraid of getting wet. Seeing Xu Yin like this, Chen Ge did not know what to say. He could sense the pain and loneliness in Xu Yin.

"I know about your past and your pain, but you can select another method to vent them in the future. Perhaps you can come talk to me." Chen Ge did not berate Xu Yin but walked toward him and reached out his hand. "Perhaps we can be friends."

He had told Zhang Ya the same thing some time ago but slightly edited. Chen Ge noticed the change in Xu Yin's expression and realized that he could use this speech in the future again.

Xu Yin stared at Chen Ge's face for a long time. However, he did not reach out to take Chen Ge's hand but slowly dissipated into the darkness.

"So painful…"

The tape in the recorder stopped turning, and the woods returned to silence like everything that happened was a dream. Chen Ge picked up the unconscious pa.s.senger and pulled the sleeves back to inspect his arms.

After comparing the location of the cigarette wounds, Chen Ge could confirm this was the man who had appeared at Hai Ming Apartments and was No. 5 of the ghost stories society!

After the death of Xu Tong and the patient with Phantom Limb Syndrome, the black phone gave an alert about increasing mission completion rate. The monster from No. 5 has been dealt with, and the person is unconscious, but the black phone has not responded in any way. Looks like the chance of him being a patient from the Third Sick Hall is very low.

Chen Ge dragged No. 5 out, and he only took few steps when he was reminded of something.

This is weird! With the power of the thin monster on w.a.n.g Shenglong, it shouldn't have needed to run from the blood face. But according to w.a.n.g Shenglong, the thin monster felt threatened, so it chose to leave.

No. 5 wouldn't be able to create such threat, which means that…

There was a glow in Chen Ge's eyes.

There must have been others who accompanied No. 5 to Hai Ming Apartments!

The surveillance had probably caught the face of other members as well, but they hid themselves well, so they had not been discovered.

There could only have been a Red Specter who made the thin monster feel threatened!

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