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Chapter 2.2: Mysterious Past

Only the Heavens knew how many thousand times bigger the surface area of the Immortal Realm was compared to the Heavenly Star Continent and hence, any kind of herb that the Heavenly Star Continent had basically also existed in the Immortal Realm.

All the herbs that Yun Qing Yan mentioned were all the most common and ordinary kinds and they did not require any prerequisite conditions for them to grow. Barring anything unexpected, all those herbs should exist here in the Heavenly Star Continent.

"Father! I heard that Little Brother Yan has come back!" Right at that moment, an excited voice sounded just outside the courtyard. In a matter of seconds, a young man appeared right before Yun Qing Yan.

The young man was handsome looking, tall and slender, and the only thing lacking in all that perfection was that his left sleeve hung empty…..

"Little Brother Yan. It's really you….." Upon seeing Yun Qing Yan, the young man could not contain the surge of emotions in his heart, and he immediately pounced onto Yun Qing Yan with a great big hug.

That young man was none other that Yun Qing Yan's older cousin, Yun Xuan.

Although Yun Qing Yan and Yun Xuan were only cousins, but the relations.h.i.+p between those two was no different from that of blood brothers!

"Big Brother, what happened to your left arm?" In contrast to Yun Xuan's excited joy, Yun Qing Yan's eyes had narrowed into slits, an icy cold aura emanating from his body.

If someone from the Immortal Realm was present, they would definitely be overcome with terror, as once the Divine Emperor Yun Qing Yan narrowed his eyes, it meant that killing was imminent.

The only thing that would follow would only be a bloodbath of ma.s.sacre.

"It's….. It's nothing. I was just careless and got hurt, losing an arm as a result. Little Brother Yan, today is a joyous day as you've come back. Let us two brothers not talk about that shall we?" Yun Xuan's eyes flashed with a moment of sadness, and the one arm hugging Yun Qing Yan then loosened its grasp.

"Sure!" Yun Qing Yan nodded, and did not probe any further. But in his heart, thick and intense murder brewed. Yun Xuan had not only lost his arm, but even his cultivation had been completely destroyed.

"Father. Tonight, just leave me and Little Brother Yan to ourselves! We've not met for three years and your son really has so much I want to tell Little Brother Yan about!" Yun Xuan turned to his father Yun Han, his eyes almost pleading.

"Alright. But I will have to state this here now. You must not drink too much!" In his heart, Yun Han had actually wanted to reminisce with Yun Qing Yan very much as well, but when he saw Yun Xuan's eyes, his heart could not help but soften.

Ever since he was made a cripple by those people half a year ago, Yun Xuan had turned to become highly reclusive, to the extent that he had given himself up to despair. Upon seeing Yun Qing Yan today, it was the first time that he had shown a smile in the past six months.

After Eldest Uncle Yun Han left, Yun Xuan immediately got the servants to prepare a table full of wine and dishes.

During the feast, Yun Xuan continued to clink cups with Yun Qing Yan incessantly. His tolerance for wine was great. With more than ten cups in his tummy, his face was not even red and his breathing remained unchanged.

Yun Qing Yan had been used to the wine of the Immortals and the mortal wine here in the Heavenly Star Continent would naturally not make him drunk.

"Little Brother Yan, you had better tell me where you've been these three whole years. Do you know? When you went missing, all of us had mobilized the might of the entire Family Clan to search for you!" Yun Xuan went on to say, over wine.

Yun Qing Yan immediately repeated the story he had told his Eldest Uncle earlier.

The two brothers chatted about many many things, seemingly having almost made up for all the things they have not talked about for the past three years, where in the end, the two of them did not say a word anymore, but just kept drinking.

Without realizing it, time had pa.s.sed and it was already deep into the night.

"Little Brother Yan, I had not thought….. having not seen you for three years….. your tolerance for wine would become so surprising. Even as an elder brother….. I am unable to match up to!" It was only till now that Yun Xuan was tipsy. Five catties to a jar of Bamboo Leaf Green wine, and he had already downed three big jars.

Yun Qing Yan looked at the state Yun Xuan was in, and his heart could not help but winced with pain.

To have drunk a good fifteen catties before he became tipsy, it could be seen what a great tolerance Yun Xuan had developed for wine. And tolerance for wine can grow greater only by drinking frequently.

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