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He Zhichu's eyes immediate turned cold--not only were they icy, but ruthless. He looked at Wen Shouyi, "...It is true? This has something to do with you?"

Wen Shouyi blanched and used all her composure to keep herself from shaking like a leaf. Gu Nianzhi surprised her again, she was even able to find the hidden cameras. But she knew that she couldn't appear afraid right now, otherwise she'd be beyond He Zhichu's forgiveness… She wasn't a typical person. After being caught off guard by Gu Nianzhi, she quickly composed herself and gently closed the gift box. She smiled and said to He Zhichu, "Professor He, I can explain when we get back. This is a misunderstanding."

Wen Shouyi stressed the word, "misunderstanding," and made it sound as if she truly had a special reason.

Gu Nianzhi didn't accept this and propped her face up with both hands as she leaned towards the table and smiled, "What kind of misunderstanding? Shouldn't Teaching a.s.sistant Wen explain to me, the party concerned? Anyways, Professor He always says today is as good as any other day, so let's talk about it now." She originally wanted to test her and although she was fairly sure Wen Shouyi was responsible for the cameras, there was still a small possibility it could be someone else. But Wen Shouyi's reaction confirmed her suspicions. She typically didn't guess incorrectly when it came to things with a certain probability.

Brother Huang was watching from the side with his jaw dropped. He looked at the stubborn Gu Nianzhi, then the humilated Wen Shouyi--he immediately stood up and said, "...I have to go to the bathroom." He scuttled off.

Gu Nianzhi knew Brother Huang didn't want to get involved and didn't blame him. She was already thankful that he didn't join Wen Shouyi's ranks in making her life miserable and couldn't expect everyone to to support her unwaveringly like Brother Xiong and Brother Ze?

Only three people remained at the dining table.

Wen Shouyi managed to smile, "Nianzhi, if I tell you I had no ill intentions, would you believe me?"

"Hehe, you think I'll believe just anything you say? Why would I? Are you stupid? We study law and know that evidence is the most important. You were caught red handed, so it's not just a matter a of you being innocent just because you're saying that. Don't try to bluff through this." Gu Nianzhi was beaming as she tilted her head at Wen Shouyi and looked at He Zhichu from the corner of her eyes.

He Zhichu was silent for a long moment before pouring Gu Nianzhi a gla.s.s of water with lemon and red wine for Brother Huang. He said nonchalantly, "You and Little Huang just got here and will need two days to adjust to the time difference. start on Monday. Let Little Huang know when he's back.

Gu Nianzhi never thought He Zhichu would totally sweep this under the rug. She raised her brows and looked thoughtfully at him, then Wen Shouyi, who held a long stemmed red wine gla.s.s. She was refused to back down and opened her mouth to bicker with He Zhichu. Suddenly, someone kicked her gently from under the table. Although it didn't hurt at all, it scared her to death. Gu Nianzhi subconsciously yelped and bent down to rub her ankle--then happened to see He Zhichu's black leather shoe slowly shrink back.

He Zhichu was the one who kicked her?! Huh! This was all sorts of wrong? He Zhichu was taking sides? Covering for his teaching a.s.sistant?

Gu Nianzhi suddenly lost all respect for him. She originally thought he would be a principled and reasonable professor--why did he completely change after she arrived to the States? There must be something wrong with the feng shui here…

"Nianzhi, what is it?" Wen Shouyi also looked underneath the table, but she didn't see He Zhichu's shoe shrink back and thought Gu Nianzhi stubbed herself in a moment of frenzy, "It's a bit cramped here, be careful."

Gu Nianzhi remained bent over and glared at He Zhichu's shoe. She straightened in her seat and said vehemently, "My bad, sorry."

He Zhichu's expression was cool as he wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin, then set it back on the table. He raised the wine gla.s.s in his hand, "Here, Nianzhi, I wish you a pleasant six months in the States."

"Pleasant or not depends on Teaching a.s.sistant Wen, not me." He Zhichu covering for Wen Shouri earlier was unacceptable to Gu Nianzhi, "Professor He, I don't want this thing to happen over and over again. I request a restraining order--Teaching a.s.sistant Wen cannot be involved with anything to do with me."

"Gu Nianzhi, don't take this too far." Wen Shouyi quickly reb.u.t.ted, her tone no longer cordial, "What is the meaning of this? You're just a student and I'm not only Professor He's teaching a.s.sistant, but also an a.s.sociate professor at Harvard. You have two taught by me during your two months at the Harvard Law School, do you not want your credits? If you don't get the credits you've violated the requirements for the F1 American student visa, this is illegal and will result in you being deported."

"Then I won't take the credits! Deport me." Gu Nianzhi was also furious and set the gla.s.s of water down, "Professor He, I want to go back. If Teaching a.s.sistant Wen treats me like this, the next six months will be h.e.l.l for me. It's not that I can't suffer, but I don't want to be wronged." Her eyes turned red as soon as she said the word, "wronged."

She would take it if Uncle Huo gave her a hard time. But who was Wen Shouyi? Why did she have to suffer her?

Gu Nianzhi's inky eyes s.h.i.+mmered with tears and the slightly raised corners of her eyes were pink as though she had blush on.

He Zhichu closed his eyes in exasperation and rubbed between his brows. His icy voice was tinged with hopelessness, "...I know, I'll personally teach all your"

"Professor He?!" Wen Shouyi was shocked and dropped her napkin.

"I knew Professor He is the most reasonable!" Gu Nianzhi was overjoyed and immediately picked up the wine to pour He Zhichu a gla.s.s, "I toast you, Professor He!"

He Zhichu accepted the gla.s.s but looked at her disapprovingly, "But there is something wrong with how you're treating Teaching a.s.sistant Wen, --Apologize to her, ok?"

Gu Nianzhi knew when to draw the line and immediately looked at Wen Shouyi kindly as she smiled and poured her a gla.s.s, "Teaching a.s.sistant Wen, please graciously forgive my pettiness and spare me from now on. I'm just a student, how could I dare mess with you, the local? Isn't that right?"

Wen Shouyi glared at her, no amount of self-restraint could quell the hate surging in her, "I don't dare. You're a force to be reckoned with, even as a student. More so than even a professor." She didn't touch the wine Gu Nianzhi poured and turned to He Zhuchu, her eyes red too, "Professor He, I just remembered I have some marking left to do, I won't be joining you for dinner."

"Teaching a.s.sistant Wen is leaving just like that? But what about the salad you ordered earlier? It won't do to waste food, that's sinful." Gu Nianzhi blinked rapidly and Wen Shouyi wanted to punch her in the face.

"It won't be wasted, I'll ask the waiter to pack it up for me. Have a good dinner and Professor He will take you guys back after." Wen Shouyi nearly ran off.

She was afraid that she couldn't help but slap Gu Nianzhi if she stayed even a minute longer. How could that face be so infuriating? She never thought that Gu Nianzhi would be this kind of person. She was looking out for her, but had her intentions seen as evil. She couldn't see what was so great about Gu Nianzhi, that someone as cold as Professor He would keep acquiescing…

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