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Chapter 1200: Samsara Paths

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The Three-Eyed Stone Being was not too familiar with the techniques of the six Ancient Ancestors, but the light-wheel revolving in the sky overwhelmed him with horror.

 Nomological laws of life and death interchanged between the revolutions. Each complete revolution signified one lifespan. Although the Three-Eyed Stone Being stood a considerable distance away, he was still extremely cautious because he felt as though he could be sucked in at any moment.

 There was no chance of retaliating!

 If he was unable to come up with a top technique to break open this light-wheel, Luo Yunyang would very likely perish because of it eventually regardless of how strong he was!

 Of course, how could it be easy to break out of this light-wheel? Within it was the power of six peak Taiyi Yuan Venerates as well as realms derived from six sky laws.

 In the Three-Eyed Stone Being's opinion, it would be possible to break the light-wheel only if the ent.i.ty that destroyed eras was in Luo Yunyang's place.

 The Sky Spirit Monarch was totally anxious deep down even though he appeared calm on the surface.

 Although he wasn't exactly willing to be subservient to Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang's current restraints would eventually threaten the Sky Spirit Monarch's fate.

 Furthermore, from the looks of it, it seemed as though only Luo Yunyang could lead the Human Race to survival through the Great Calamity.

 Annihilating the Ancient Six Families had originally seemed like a very easy matter.

 Who would have expected that the Ancient Six Families would still have such deadly backup methods hidden up their sleeves that would catch them unaware?

 He was unable to rescue Luo Yunyang from the light-wheel even if he wanted to. After all, he knew that going close to it would cause his consciousness to be sucked in as well.

 Even though he had an exceptional cultivation status as well, the Sky Spirit Monarch still felt that it would be almost impossible to escape if his consciousness was drawn into the light-wheel!

 “Human Ruler, you have to get out of the Samsara Wheel!”

 The Spirit Monarch did not launch an attack on the Three-Eyed Stone Being and the rest, as he was too distracted by the revolving wheel of light.

 He knew very well that the Ancient Six Families' powerhouses were merely at the mercy of their ancestors. If Luo Yunyang were to prevail, these people would naturally perish as well.

 However, if Luo Yunyang were to be defeated, then it would make no difference even if he killed everyone present.

 Within the Samsara Wheel, Luo Yunyang raised his Mind Attribute to the highest level he could. Unfortunately, it was hard for his mind power to keep up with the constant changes happening in his body.

 His memory and mind power continued to weaken with each cycle of Samsara.

 Luo Yunyang remained calm despite being trapped in the Samsara Wheel. However, his anxiety and emotions started to increase after a prolonged period inside.

 This was because he was unable to do much against this strange attack that trapped him there.

 He could not go on like this. If this continued, he was really going to perish inside!

 Luo Yunyang had already used all the past techniques he had learned, especially those that used greatly-concentrated mind power, but to no avail. What made it worse was that he was unable to make contact with his other clones, especially the clone that was still located in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm.

 The Vast Sky Sacred Realm was full of strong martialists. Luo Yunyang had the support of the Taixu Sect over there and even had access to methods that could obliterate and remodel the Origin Intent. Requesting some a.s.sistance to break out of this light-wheel would not be too difficult.

 Unfortunately, contact with that clone had been broken.

 What could he do? How was he going to deal with this rotating light-wheel?

 Was he really going to keep letting himself whittle away and eventually cease to exist in the 36 Great Cosmoses?

 He was not willing to resign himself to fate!

 While the death of this physical body alone was not sufficient to completely destroy him, it would still be a considerable blow to his acc.u.mulated strength.

 However, there was an even more serious implication. Returning to the 36 Great Cosmoses to defend them against the destroyer of eras would no longer be possible.

 While he wasn't willing to resign himself to fate, he had no other choice. Even if he were to use the attribute regulator to adjust his mind power to the maximum, it would still be destroyed eventually by each cycle of the wheel.

 While Luo Yunyang was racking his brains to decide his next move, the Ancient Ancestors of the Ancient Six Families were using their spiritual consciousness to communicate with each other.

 “The wheel has already gone over 300 revolutions, but we have done minimal damage to him. His mind power is strong indeed!” the Ancient Ancestor on the Humanity Path said.

 “What is the point of having strong mind power? If he is unable to break out of the Samsara Wheel, he will still have to die eventually,” the Ghoul Path Ancient Ancestor replied.

 “It would be quite a waste if he died!” The Humanity Path Ancient Ancestor lamented with a frown.

 “Die? How can we let him die so easily after all the trouble he has caused us? This wheel has such a strong, explosive power that our Lord will probably get wind of it.”

 “We hid this Samsara Wheel without reporting it. As a result, we do not know what sort of consequences await us.”

 “I intend to reduce his body down to the level of an evil spirit that I can order about in the future,” the Purgatory Path Ancient Ancestor said coldly. “Otherwise, how can the hatred within my heart be resolved? Maybe I should keep his body in the Beast Path so I can keep transforming him into different beasts so I can resolve my hatred.” The Beast Path Ancient Ancestor chuckled.

 “Enough! Luo Yunyang is still a hero of the Human Race. Even if he were to die, we ought to give him the due respect he deserves.” The Sky Path Ancient Ancestor interrupted them before they could continue.

 “Also, you guys should stop this meaningless discussion. It is more important that we carefully observe Luo Yunyang's situation and make preparations for the final part of this battle. If we do not become Samsara Controllers, we will never take charge of our own destiny.”

 The Sky Path Ancient Ancestor was considered the leader of the six Ancient Ancestors. Upon listening to what he said, the other five stopped their dispute.

 “It is just not possible to have full control over the Samsara Wheel.” The Purgatory Path Ancient Ancestor sounded exasperated.

 “It is simply useless even if we deduce what we can, as we cannot meet the conditions to have full control over the Samsara Wheel.”

 His voice was not loud, but his other five comrades could hear him clearly. None of them replied.

 If it were not for the mounting pressure put on them by Luo Yunyang, they would not have chosen to make use of this tribulation to show off this weapon of theirs. However, this extremely testing matter also made them have confidence.

 Time was pa.s.sing extremely fast within the Samsara Wheel. In just a short moment, Luo Yunyang had gone through another 100 full revolutions.

 Despite how hard he tried to increase his mind power, he knew that certain things he used to be clear about were gradually starting to blur out in his memories.

 There were even some names that he could not remember clearly.

 The situation was becoming increasingly frightening, but even Luo Yunyang was unable to reverse this decline.

 It could be said that he was helpless under the circ.u.mstances.

 He had thought about using the attribute regulator to adjust the attributes of the six Ancient Ancestors. While this idea seemed plausible, he just could not find any data on the six Ancient Ancestors on the regulator.

 While he was not sure why that was so, he knew very well that this method was not an alternative option.

 Luo Yunyang had tried all the various strategies he could deploy by using the attribute regulator, but to no avail.

 As he looked through the dialog box in his head, a feeling of terror began to cloud Luo Yunyang's mind. He realized that if he forgot how to use the attribute regulator due to the continuous decline of his mind, then…

 These thoughts began to flow through his head as he tried hard to deny them. Luo Yunyang was truly in a state of loss. He had no idea what to do, as he was in denial.

 Would he really be unable to break out of this wheel?

 “Regulate the Samsara Wheel!” Luo Yunyang commanded furiously in his mind.

 He did not feel that this command would be of any use. However, after the command was given, a dialog box appeared within his mind.

 Sky Path: 10,000

 Humanity Path: 10,000

 Asura Path: 10,000

 Ghoul Path: 10,000

 Beast Path: 10,000

 Purgatory Path: 10,000

 Luo Yunyang felt a glimmer of hope when he saw these figures. He knew that an opportunity to break out of this situation was finally there!

After carefully a.n.a.lyzing these numbers, Luo Yunyang adjusted the attribute of the Sky Path to 11,000 and lowered the Purgatory Path to 9,000.

 The multi-colored numbers looked as dazzling as ever to Luo Yunyang. Without any further hesitation, he made another adjustment to the attribute of the Sky Path.

 This time, he raised it to 15,000.

 Conversely, the Purgatory Path was reduced to only 5,000.

 Luo Yunyang felt good, even though he could feel the strange powers in his body changing.

 He could feel that the power trapping him in there seemed ready to crumble.

 “Sky Path: 20,000, Purgatory Dao: 0!”

 Luo Yunyang had had enough of this strange sensation and was now ready for a big change.

 He waited silently after making this change. He could already feel the energies around him beginning to crumble.

 As long as this collapsing force took form, he could completely destroy the force of the Samsara that was keeping him trapped.

 This moment was right before him!

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