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Chapter 724: Mahākāśyapa t.i.tan Mark

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During the process of waiting, Luo Yunyang spent most of his time in the Glazed t.i.tan Sect Secret Scripture Trove, studying the various martial techniques of the Glazed t.i.tan Sect.

As a subsidiary sect of the Three Era Supreme Sect, the Glazed t.i.tan Sect had inherited a lot of good stuff from the Three Era Supreme Sect, including the Great t.i.tan Mark. The Three Era Supreme Sect also possessed a reputable technique.

The extremely firm and powerful Great t.i.tan Mark complemented the Cleansing Gla.s.s Flame Body made from gla.s.s flames and could be considered a great balance of offense and defense that was difficult to break through.

For many years, the Glazed t.i.tan Sect had relied on these two techniques, especially the Great t.i.tan Mark, to support its huge reputation.

After looking through the original copy of the Great t.i.tan Mark, Luo Yunyang put it down.

Although the Great t.i.tan Mark was supposed to be easy to learn but hard to master, it didn't pose any difficulty to Luo Yunyang, who possessed the knowledge of a Heavenly Venerate.

He looked as though he was comprehending the Great t.i.tan Mark, but he was in fact pondering the problem within his own body.

Indeed, the internal universe in Luo Yunyang's body had expanded and gotten slightly out of his control.

While he had been cultivating the Cleansing Gla.s.s Flame, Luo Yunyang had envisaged that the Gla.s.s Flame Boundary formed would not interfere with the Chaotic Hole Universe within his body. However, during Lu Xiaolian's Sacred Phaseless Dance, the first strand of the Cleansing Gla.s.s Flame had emerged in Luo Yunyang's internal Chaotic Hole Universe.

The Chaotic Hole Universe still existed, but it was now one with the Gla.s.s Flame Boundary.

This fusion was naturally a good thing, as it allowed Luo Yunyang's power to increase considerably. However, after the two of them fused, Luo Yunyang would need much more time to grasp this.

“Senior Brother, the Sect Master requests for your presence!” A rather pretty lady in a purple dress glided gracefully over to Luo Yunyang and spoke gently.

This lady was Yue Liuli's personal disciple, Chu Mohan. She was also considered a very reputable disciple within the Glazed t.i.tan Sect.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Chu Mohan before he stood up and left the Secret Scripture Trove with her. Although the two of them were walking one behind the other, Chu Mohan was secretly observing Luo Yunyang along the way.

Good looks normally made most women feel a sense of superiority. Furthermore, considering her status as a personal disciple, how could she look up at Luo Yunyang? However, right now, she felt as though she was looking up at a tall mountain as she faced him.

“Senior Brother Luo, there are some areas I don't really understand in the process of cultivating the Cleansing Gla.s.s Flame Technique. I wonder if I could trouble you for some guidance?” Chu Mohan felt her face blus.h.i.+ng slightly as she said that.

Someone as conceited as she was would only say such words if they had already resolved to do this. Of course, she had an ulterior motive for seeking guidance.

What sort of person was Luo Yunyang? Thanks to his mind power, he could naturally guess what this lady was up to. However, he wouldn't expose her.

Thus, he replied casually, “If you have any problems, you can seek guidance from the Sect Master. I am rather busy, so that would botch things up.”

Chu Mohan's face stiffened slightly when she was tactfully rejected by Luo Yunyang. This was the first time she had been treated this way, so she felt really embarra.s.sed.

The vibe between the two of them became somewhat awkward. Therefore, they quickened their pace. Luckily, the place where Yue Liuli wanted to meet Luo Yunyang wasn't far, and the two of them quickly arrived at a small pavilion.

The pavilion was simple and elegant. Yue Liuli sat quietly, playing the guqin. As she strummed it, Yue Liuli looked like a graceful fairy floating in the air.

“Jin Wuxue has sent a message saying that there are some difficulties with the Divine Sacred Hall. It is difficult for the sects to come to a decision right now.” Yue Liuli looked at Luo Yunyang and placated him. “There is no need to go if you can't.”

“There are still many opportunities in the Three Era Supreme Sect. There is also a number of opportunities of a higher level than the Divine Sacred Hall. When the time comes, I can help you fight for them.”

Being unable to go to the Divine Sacred Hall was a huge loss for Luo Yunyang, who then asked, “Sect Master, did Jin Wuxue say why?”

“Your reputation isn't sufficient, and you have a very limited battle record. The elders of the Three Era Supreme Sect are afraid that you might be too inexperienced and suffer in the Divine Sacred Hall.” Yue Liuli's fingers lightly caressed the guqin as she spoke softly.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. He didn't say anything else as he left.

Chu Mohan felt slightly elated deep down as she watched Luo Yunyang's figure heading away. Luo Yunyang had actually dared brush away her kind intentions. That was really repulsive.

Luo Yunyang returned to his room. He had already made up his mind. The Divine Sacred Hall was very important, so he absolutely couldn't let it slip away that easily.

Wasn't it said that his reputation was insufficient? Then, he would just have to raise it so the people stopping him would not have anything to say.

10 days later, in a huge city 100,000 miles away from the Glazed t.i.tan Sect, Luo Yunyang was walking at a leisurely pace. On the surface, he looked rather carefree, but his mind had already locked onto a man.

It was the Sky Roc Sage. The Sky Roc Sage was the top generational genius of the Sky Roc Tribe, one of the eight great tribes beneath the Human Tribe. He was from the Hengtian Sect and ranked among the eight Hengtian sons.

The Hengtian Sect and the Three Era Supreme Sect were both top sects in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. The Sky Roc Saint had received the right to enter the Divine Sacred Hall. At the moment, the Sky Roc Sage was attending a banquet for some young elites held in this city.

Luo Yunyang entered a paradise-like garden with a single step. His arrival had gone undetected by the martialists responsible for security. The Sky Roc Sage was also oblivious. At the moment, he was deeply engrossed in a conversation with an elegant, beautiful lady.

“You are the Sky Roc Sage? You don't seem like much!” Luo Yunyang approached the Sky Roc Sage and spoke bluntly.

The Sky Roc Sage looked up. His expression stiffened when he saw Luo Yunyang.

The newcomer actually made him feel threatened. Before he could speak, a young man at the Sky Roc Sage's side criticized him in a stern voice. “Who are you? How dare you create a ruckus here! Hurry up and scram!”

Luo Yunyang simply didn't care about the youngster berating him. He didn't speak either. Instead, he just put up his left hand and a golden palm strike was blasted at this youngster.

This young man was also considered someone with a high status in this city. He had just reached a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base, so even people who were more senior than him would only greet him with a smile when they crossed paths.

If he hadn't wanted to get on the Sky Roc Saint's good side, would such a situation have occurred?

However, he had never imagined that the other person would make a move so tyrannically just moments after he had spoken.

He still wanted to counterattack when Luo Yunyang made his move, but an extremely firm and intense aura stifled him as the golden palm hurtled towards him.

“The Great t.i.tan Mark!” the Sky Roc Sage shouted. “Are you someone from the Three Era Supreme Sect? I shall show you today that, although the Great t.i.tan Mark is really powerful, it isn't of any use in the face of the Hengtian Sect's Sky-Ripping Sword Intent!”

As he spoke, the Sky Roc Sage's arms moved and 3,000 sword-lights flew forth from his body, forming a ma.s.sive sword that shot towards Luo Yunyang.

The Sky Roc Sage's cultivation base was at the fifth level of the Celestial Domain Grade. It could be considered greater than Luo Yunyang's cultivation base, but unfortunately, he was way inferior both in terms of technique and power.

With a mere thought, that golden palm mark turned into a violet palm mark. Furthermore, this palm mark contained an extremely boundless, unyielding power.

Anyone who had fought against Luo Yunyang in the past would definitely have been able to sense that this attack contained the power of the Divine Martial Technique.

Mahākāśyapa t.i.tan Mark!

Luo Yunyang combined the power of the Divine Martial Technique and the Samsara Palm, thus creating an attack many times greater than the Great t.i.tan Mark.

This method not only multiplied Luo Yunyang's power over 40 times, but it was also as extensive as the Great t.i.tan Mark and the Divine Martial Technique.

This was the first time Luo Yunyang was using it.

Boom! The Sky Roc Sage's sword light was immediately shattered. The Sky Roc Sage was absolutely terrified. He wanted to flee, but Luo Yunyang's Mahākāśyapa t.i.tan Mark totally nullified the speed that he had been so proud of.

The Sky Roc Saint couldn't even squeak as he was slammed to the ground. The magnificent garden they were in was turned into ruins during this exchange.

Many rare flowers and forms of gra.s.s, as well as some sacred fruit-bearing trees, were turned to ashes. Some people were distressed. However, even more people were concerned about the Sky Roc Sage.

The Sky Roc Sage had been slapped into the ground. He thought that he was going to die. but fortunately, as he was despairing, the power that terrified him vanished completely.

What was going on?

The Sky Roc Sage didn't know what had happened, yet being able to escape was the best thing that could have happened to him.

“Who are you? I don't have any grudges or grievances with you. Why did you attack me?” The Sky Roc Sage no longer had his earlier distinguished poise as he clambered up while pointing a finger at Luo Yunyang.

“I am Luo Yunyang from the Glazed t.i.tan Sect. I attacked you simply because I found you an eyesore.”

Luo Yunyang eyed the miserable-looking Sky Roc Sage and shook his head. “Sky Roc Sage who? You are not a big deal.”

With that, Luo Yunyang patted the dust off his clothes and swaggered off.

n.o.body dared to stop him, not just because of Luo Yunyang's strike, but also because of the Glazed t.i.tan Sect's reputation.

Although the Glazed t.i.tan Sect had no way of going up against the Hengtian Sect, the Three Era Supreme Sect still stood behind the Glazed t.i.tan Sect.

Even if they really wished to get in the Sky Roc Sage's good books, they wouldn't want to be caught up in a conflict between these two powers.

Furthermore, they couldn't get involved in such a conflict, even if they wanted to.

The Sky Roc Sage felt wronged. He had gone over there to attend a banquet, yet he had been beaten up for no rhyme or reason. Who had he even offended?

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