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The Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool was an ultimate treasure of the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe. The Dragon Transformation Fluid within the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool could only be produced once every 10,000 years.

The powerful usage of the Dragon Transformation Fluid was something many Sacred Wyrm people relied on to advance. This time, top elites of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had gathered outside the Eight-Treasure Transformation Pool. Every single one of them eagerly antic.i.p.ated being able to evolve their bloodline through the Dragon Transformation Fluid and entering a whole new boundary.

The Dragon Transformation Fluid within the Dragon Transformation Pool looked like a whole, but portions of it actually differed. For example, the fluid in the most central part was a hundred times more effective than the fluid in other areas.

When the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool opened, the fluid in the most central point was what all these top elites wanted the most.

Just as they were all pumped up to enter the Dragon Transformation Pool and seize the greatest opportunity, they were informed that a big shot from the Human Tribe had claimed the core of the Dragon Transformation Pool.

All they could do was grab some and pieces from the fringes.

This made them feel intense humiliation and anger!

"The Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool is our tribe's treasure. Even the Human Tribe shouldn't be able to claim it when they wis.h.!.+" said a wyrm with s.h.i.+mmering scarlet scales before he bellowed angrily, "We don't accept!"

"Right, we won't accept this!" Resentful voices echoed all around.

The person managing the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool had a high status within the Sacred Wyrm Tribe. Generally, the word of this person was the law.

Furthermore, they were issuing the decree of the Patriarch right now.

However, the people questioning this policy weren't ordinary individuals either. Not only were these people not backing down, but various large factions of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe were also backing them.

For example, the scarlet-scaled wyrm belonged to the Scarlet Wyrm Branch, one of the top factions of the tribe.

The Patriarch of the Scarlet Wyrm Tribe was a Yuan Venerate, so even unrivaled ent.i.ties of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe would treat the Scarlet Wyrm Patriarch politely.

It went without saying that the bunch of wyrms causing a ruckus had powerful existences backing them up.

After mulling this over for a moment, he addressed these Sacred Wyrm Tribe elites. "I will inform the Patriarch about everyone's opinions."

"However, we cannot make a decision. Please do not get so upset. Perhaps the tribe might compensate you regarding this later on."

After watching the wyrm that had come to dispatch the order, the Sacred Wyrm elites all gathered beside the scarlet-scaled wyrm.

At the moment, they already considered this scarlet-scaled wyrm their pillar.

"Chiming, I believe that it is very difficult to change anything," a wise green wyrm said, "I just heard from my second uncle that it is a Zongzi from the Human Race's Hong Meng Sacred Hall that wants to use our Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool to cultivate."

That green wyrm also came from a main branch of the Sacred Wyrm Sect. The second uncle of this green wyrm was one of the Five Great Heavenly Venerates that controlled the most ordinary issues of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

The moment he said this, the scarlet-scaled wyrm didn't appear to cower. His eyes actually burned with a fiery fighting spirit.

"Are you talking about the Zongzis groomed by Hong Meng Sacred Hall? I wish I could experience exactly how strong these Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzis are. This is a rather decent chance."

The green wyrm glanced at Chiming and said, "Although we have already become Heavenly Venerates, I'm afraid we might still be a little inferior to those Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzis."

At this point, the green wyrm said, "If we challenge them rashly, we will ultimately be crushed. Then…"

Although they were Sacred Wyrm elites, they were all proud. However, Hong Meng Sacred Hall was a power that could make the entire Human Race dance to its tune, which was still rather scary.

They also knew that there was a high possibility that the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzis had cultivation bases that surpa.s.sed their own.

"Then what do you suggest we do? Are we really going to obediently hand the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool over and pick up the"

After he said this, Chiming's eyes glimmered coldly. "You all might be willing to cower and hide, but I am not."

The green wyrm chuckled. "Perhaps we can't compare in terms of power. However, this Dragon Transformation Pool… We can ask the tribe to open up the Nine Heaven Falls!"

When the Nine Heaven Falls were mentioned, the green wyrm lowered his voice slightly. "The Nine Heaven Falls is the home ground of our Sacred Wyrm Tribe. We probably wouldn't lose."

"Right, the Nine Heaven Falls!" Chiming clapped his dragon claws together and chimed in. "However, getting the Patriarch to accept our request this time would require mobilizing the powers behind us. None of us can shrink back this time."

"If I find out that any branch is not lending their strength, don't blame me for the consequences."

The scheme orchestrated by Chiming and the others was quickly made known to the powers behind them. Soon, great waves seemed to be building up within the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

In an ancient, withered palace, a wyrm with a purple horn on his head studied the pile of jade seals before him.

These jade seals were a special means of communication in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe. The content of these messages was that the Nine Heaven Falls would be used to decide the allocation of the quintessential Dragon Transformation Fluid of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool.

"How united!" The giant wyrm whose scales flashed with nine colors shook his head. The purple horn on his ma.s.sive wyrm's head s.h.i.+mmered with dense killing intent.

"The nine branches of the Sacred Wyrm have made their decision!"

Below the giant worm was a person with a wyrm's head but a human body. He said respectfully, "After all, the Dragon Transformation Fluid is extremely important to the various branches."

"Furthermore, it is normal for the nine branches to be unhappy that the core of the Dragon Transformation was forcefully claimed by the Human Tribe."

The giant purple horn wyrm huffed. "Of course they would be. However, we have already given the priority usage rights of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation pool to Hong Meng Sacred Hall long ago."

"In the past, Hong Meng Sacred Hall personnel might not have used it. However, if we do this when they want to use it, we might really make those three uncomfortable."

"Although the Sacred Wyrm Tribe has a few Yuan Venerate Almighties, the disparity between us and the Human Tribe can be imagined easily."

"As long as someone amongst those three chooses to act, we'll basically have no other option."

The wyrm humanoid, who also knew that the purple worm was speaking the truth, paused for a bit before saying, "Sir, it also wouldn't be too good if you kept restricting the various branches."

"Besides, I think that their suggestion isn't entirely impossible. After all, even if they knew about the compet.i.tion between the young ones, they wouldn't blame us."

"I believe that if we are able to defeat the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzi, both our tribe's young generation and our status in the eyes of the Human Tribe will experience a ma.s.sive rise."

The giant purple-horned wyrm didn't respond right away. His eyes were continuously flickering with light. The large hall was currently experiencing a bout of deathly silence, and beads of perspiration formed on the forehead of that humanoid wyrm.

Although he believed that this matter didn't concern him, regardless of whether the Patriarch accepted or not, he couldn't help but feel a little anxious.

This anxiousness wasn't caused by the awe-inspiring might of the giant purple-horned wyrm, but by the worry he felt deep down.

"Alright!" the giant purple-horned wyrm said gravely, "I accept the suggestion of this group of young people. We shall give them a chance to enter the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool through the Nine Heaven Falls."

"Help me contact Hong Meng Sacred Hall and convey my message. We'll also inform them that if Luo Yunyang can attain victory, he will obtain a piece of Origin Dragon Divine Crystal on top of the opportunity to claim the core of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool."

"Origin Dragon Divine Crystal? How can that be?" The humanoid wyrm's voice was panicky.

An Origin Dragon Divine Crystal was a crystal created from the blood of a Sacred Wyrm Tribe Almighty that fell in battle. Within this crystal was boundless energy, as well as the cultivation knowledge of that Sacred Wyrm Tribe Almighty.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the value of this Origin Dragon Divine Crystal was even bigger than the value of the Dragon Transformation Fluid.

Within the Sacred Wyrm Tribe, even ordinary Heavenly Venerates didn't get a chance to see the Origin Dragon Divine Crystal. Now that this was being used as a reward in case Luo Yunyang attained victory, it was…

"Why can't it be? If we do not bring out the Origin Divine Crystal, then how will we express our sincerity to Hong Meng Sacred Hall? Why would Hong Meng Sacred Hall be willing to accept our proposal?"

The humanoid wyrm fell silent for a bit before replying with a firm, resolved expression. "The Patriarch is right. We should have an advantage thanks to the Nine Heaven Falls. Although Luo Yunyang is extraordinary, there is no way he can defeat all the elites of our tribe in our own domain."

The giant purple-horned wyrm nodded. "Also, if Luo Yunyang isn't the first to enter the Nine Heaven Falls, he can still claim half of the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool's core."

The humanoid wyrm's expression changed again. There was even a hint of fury in his eyes.

If Luo Yunyang was victorious, he would be given the Origin Dragon Divine Crystal; if he failed, his share of the Dragon Transformation Fluid would be cut in half.

This was really unfair. However, the humanoid wyrm knew that there was no way of changing it. After all, the might of the Human Race wasn't something the Sacred Wyrm Tribe could compare with.

"I will do as you bid," the humanoid wyrm said respectfully. However, an hour after he left, this news had already spread amongst the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

An hour later, Luo Yunyang also received this information aboard his s.h.i.+p. His eyes gleamed coldly when he saw the contents of the message transmitted to his high-grade communication device from Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

He didn't want any issues to sidetrack him, yet he had never imagined that such things would occur.

"Nine Heaven Falls?" Luo Yunyang mumbled to himself as his expression darkened!

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