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Suddenly, a shadow rushed out, leaping high into the sky, and his speed was as fast as lightning!

Soaring right into the air, running through clouds and fog, Su Yan’s body was full of the momentum of splitting the sky!

"Who’s talking so arrogantly? Is Xia Ze coming?"

People around here were all stunned. He dared to compete with Warlord Zu Yan for treasures? Did he want to die? Zu Yan was the strongest man on the earth!

Then their face changed dramatically, looking extremely sullen. Wasn’t him Su Yan? How did he pop up and even dare to say such words to our Warlord Zu Yan!

"Su Yan, how dare you take the female Asura away and now even disrespect Warlord Zu Yan. How impudent you are!"

Some people screamed out of control. Zu Yan was the G.o.d in their minds. How could they bear Su Yan's provocation? They thought it was an insult to Zu Yan!

"Su Yan, you are so ridiculous. You don’t deserve the treasures Zu Yan wants. Take a good look at yourself in your pee!"

"That's right. And Su Yan, you've been hiding for so long time! You’d better find yourself a great refuge and enjoy your old age in peace. Now you dare to run out and disrespect Zu Yan. You're really courting death!"

"Come on guys! Let's put him down!”

At this moment, dozens of masters pranced at once to Su Yan, with anger bursting around them. They would never allow anyone to trample on the dignity of G.o.dlike Zu Yan in their minds.

However, what astonished the onlookers was that many of these masters fell off midair because of lack of strength. They didn’t have the strong power to rise as high as Su Yan. Approved Only.

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The people around all gasped in astonishment and saw the problem. Su Yan was not blocked by the Qi of Dragon Vein at all, but how did he do that? It seemed that even the Warlord Zu Yan couldn't do that!

Su Yan was not only safe and sound. He even leaped higher to the sky, stood on the essence of the Dragon Vein at high alt.i.tude, as if he was walking on clouds at this moment.

What’s more, the dragon totem on his arm was swallowing up the essence of the Dragon Vein autonomously. A large quant.i.ty of the essence of Dragon Vein, which was exuberant like a vast ocean, was absorbed by the dragon totem!

But even with the rapacious swallowing speed of the dragon totem, the loss of dragon Qi was invisible. It was obvious how horrible the amount of essence of Dragon Vein here was that even Su Yan was stunned!

Su Yan looked cool right now. He stood in the ocean of dragon vein, in front of the purple waterfall!

At this moment, his body sparkled autonomously with glorious flow!


The essence and blood of Su Yan’s body was boiling and rumbling. Even his muscles were so excited to tremble.

It was like a perfect tonic. Su Yan's body outbroke spontaneously, and even his Destiny Spring was fully functioning uncontrollably to swallow purple Dragon Qi!

"What’s this?"

Su Yan was shocked. He felt that this energy ent.i.ty was not inferior to the Fontal Qi of Heaven and Earth!

More importantly, there were thousands of these energy ent.i.ties. Just like the most powerful Qi of Dragon Vein, they played a great role in the cultivation of Destiny Spring, and were big treasures to Su Yan!

"Su Yan!"

Zu Yan's eyes were full of coldness and fixed at Su Yan. He was surprised that Su Yan was still alive!

Zu Yan clenched his fists. This accident almost made Zu Yan lose his mind. Although the appearance of Su Yan was a bit different from his college days, Zu Yan recognized him at first glance!

He was even rejuvenated!

"Zu Yan!"

Su Yan also looked at Zu Yan, and he noticed that there was no shock in Zu Yan’s cold eyes, nor the excitement of meeting former cla.s.smates!

Zu Yan at the moment was totally different from a hundred years ago. Su Yan now understood that his hundred years of missing must be related to Zu Yan.

At first, Su Yan had an unrealistic guess that Zu Yan might not know Female Asura. After all, Su Bingshuang had no blood relation with Su Yan.

But now this illusion shattered!

This was the last thing Su Yan wanted to see not because of his former friends.h.i.+p with Zu Yan, but because this person was a mystery. Zu Yan must have known the secret of Mount Everest a hundred years ago!

Such a possibility daunted Su Yan, so who the h.e.l.l was he?

And what about Yin Yisi? Su Yan was silent. When he looked at Zu Yan again, he regained calm, his eyes so black like a deep pool.

Zu Yan also said nothing but still stared at Su Yan!

Precisely, he was staring at the protective glow surrounding Su Yan's body!

This protective glow of his body even obstructed the pressure of the Dragon Vein, so that Su Yan could walk and stand freely in it.

The next moment, what Su Yan did made Zu Yan's followers so furious.

They could all see clearly that at that time, Zu Yan was seizing the purple waterfall. Although they had no idea what this treasure was, it was certainly not ordinary because Zu Yan wanted it.

And now?

Su Yan's body was like a furnace with all the pores of his body fully opened. When he breathed in and out, wisps of the purple air ma.s.s flew into his flesh one after another!

Su Yan's whole body, as if breaking off a terrible shackle, became increasingly powerful with constantly increasing divine power under the nourishment of the purple air!

Nourished by the purple air, even his muscles and bones were strengthened rapidly like eating fortified stones.

Su Yan was frightened. This was a little overwhelming. What on earth the purple air was? It was too omnipotent to strengthen every aspect of the body like a great tonic upgrading people's foundation? Su Yan gasped in astonishment!

But Su Yan found that this purple air seemed to be more effective for Destiny Spring.

When he guided the purple air to run through his Destiny Spring, it roared as if turning into a purple hollow, spraying thousands of purple glows. Even the root of the Destiny Spring strengthened fast like lightning!

"Good heavens!"

A surprised expression appeared on Su Yan's face. Destiny Spring strengthened one realm after another as cultivation leveled up. To open up the potential of Destiny Spring, one must break through step by step.

And there was only one way to make Destiny Spring superior than that of others, that was, to absorb excellent material like the Qi of Dragon Vein, which was a magic Qi bred by the earth that could nourish people and extent lives!

The Qi of Dragon Vein was the root essence of dragon vein!

Su Yan didn't know what cla.s.s the Fontal Qi of Heaven and Earth belonged to. But the potential of his Destiny Spring was indeed greatly enhanced when he first took it!

But now the purple air he encountered could also enhance his source of power, letting the potential of his Destiny Spring expand unlimitedly, which shocked Su Yan a lot! This treasure was too terrible, even the Essence Stone couldn’t be comparable to it!

That was to say, with the same body potential as in Jiang Wuhen’s and Zu Yan’s case, if Jiang Wuhen got the purple air, his potential would catch up and even surpa.s.s Zu Yan's.

This was a super treasure that was not likely to happen in millions of years. But now, Su Yan got it, and it could be used for the legendary awakening.

"Absorb it, go on, absorb!"

Su Yan crazily activated his body to absorb the purple air ma.s.s, which was a hard process, so he had to do it desperately.

Wisps of purple air ma.s.s drilled into his Destiny Spring.


Zu Yan flew into such a rage that even blood oozed from the corners of his eyes. He had been coveting this place for decades but now it was easily taken by Su Yan!

Zu Yan originally intended to repress Su Yan with calmness and invincibility.

But now he went berserk. His heart was bleeding because every bit of decrease of the purple air was a great loss to him.


The raging Zu Yan was like a violet King of G.o.ds bursting forth with boundless purple radiance. His hair was dancing wildly in the air.

The Golden Armor, Purple Cloud Boots, Purple Gold Crown, and the Chest-protecting Mirror, all revived to their peak fleetly!

What was this?

It was like the great four legendary weapons breaking out at the same time that Zu Yan was likely to have the power of tearing the firmament. He released the strongest power and seemed to split the ocean of Dragon Vein to kill Su Yan.


Unimaginably horrible as it was, the ocean of dragon Qi was boundless and began to rise and fall. It was hard to split no matter how strong Zu Yan was.

"This is my treasure! Break it!"

Zu Yan roared hysterically. He rushed forward insanely and recklessly to split the ocean.

The ocean of Dragon Vein could be called as immemorial blue sky. When Zu Yan rushed forward, that supreme power pressed down, making his body-protecting light s.h.i.+eld crack spontaneously. Even the Golden Armor was creaking with visible cracks.

However, Zu Yan didn't give up. He recklessly bombarded the ocean over and over again with his strongest power.

Clearly, he knew how horrible the treasure was, and it was still the strongest treasure even back to the immemorial time. He must fight it back!


Su Yan's Destiny Spring expanded twice as large as it used to be and even continued to expand.

Su Yan operated the Incipient Scripture while his Destiny Spring was expanding. During the absorption, the essence of the Dragon Vein ran through his body continuously from all directions.


Su Yan shouted with excitement. Firstly, the natural essence gathered here was so abundant that it became the purest Innate Liquid. Besides, it was thousands of millions of times richer than that of the Treasure Cave.

Su Yan's Destiny Spring surged suddenly. The essence refined from the Qi soon filled up the expanding Destiny Spring.


He even s.h.i.+vered all over. Another fetter of the Destiny Spring was cracked, opening a new life-gate.

The fourth level! Su Yan had entered the fourth level of the Destiny Spring Realm!

His aura kept rising steadily, and most of the purple air ma.s.s had been absorbed by him. The improvement of the realm made his absorption speed even faster. Lots of the air ma.s.s gathered in his Destiny Spring!

Su Yan's cultivation soared like a rocket.

Starting from the beginning of the fourth level of the Destiny Spring Realm to the medium, and then to the peak!

At this time, Su Yan made another breakthrough, entering the fifth level!

The more levels Su Yan's Destiny Spring broke through, the more potential his body could explore. Therefore, Su Yan's body was insanely absorbing the Essence of Dragon Vein!

"Breach it!"

Zu Yan raged extremely and at this time he finally split the ocean of Dragon Vein. He rushed into the split with his rolling anger and activated his strongest power to defend against the force of the ocean from all directions.

"Kill him! Zu Yan! Kill him!"

After seeing the miracle created by Su Yan, countless people now was jealous of him as it was the craziest improving speed that the whole world would covet. Besides, Su Yan now had broken the speed records of cultivation one after another.

Who could break through two small realms in succession within a quarter of an hour? Who could do that?!!

Su Yan knew it clearly that it was because the Dragon Totem had absorbed incomputable essence from the ocean of Dragon Vein, which made the ocean so weak, that finally Zu Yan could burst in.

"You d.a.m.n it! Stop!"

Zu Yan looked out of control, for the purple energy was not much left now.

All the onlookers were frightened, because from Warlord Zu Yan's birth till now, he always controlled the situation with imposing and composed att.i.tude. They had never seen him rage like this, not once!

"d.a.m.n it!"

Su Yan's expression changed sharply, for his body-protecting light was vanis.h.i.+ng rapidly and the power of the ocean of Dragon Vein made him feel suffocated at the moment when Zu Yan rushed to the purple air ma.s.s like a hungry wolf.

"Dragon Totem! G.o.d d.a.m.n you!"

Su Yan nearly went off his head, because the Dragon Totem disappeared. He faintly felt that it was sleeping. After absorbing enough energy, it fell asleep, at such a critical moment!

"I have enough gains, it's time to go. Leave some residuum to Zu Yan, for he is really pitiful!"

Su Yan wasn’t nervous at all. He looked at the crazy Zu Yan and then left directly without any hesitation.

After all, less than a tenth purple air ma.s.s was left, and nearly half was stored in Su Yan's Destiny Spring. He couldn't use up this energy.

Su Yan would not take all of it, or Zu Yan would be crazy.

"Su Yan! Su Yan!"

Seeing Su Yan turn and run away, Zu Yan's eyes reddened as blood. But he could not go and chase after Su Yan, because such a treasure was too rare to meet in thousands of years. The nine dragons locking the sky would not always occur, which would disappear soon.

He must take the rest purple air ma.s.s and even had to fight against the force of the ocean!

"d.a.m.n it!"

Zu Yan nearly cried out. Decades of scheming was almost in vain.

Now he could not even chase after Su Yan but to absorb the rest of the purple air ma.s.s. How furious he felt inside!

"Go together! Catch Su Yan!"

Someone roared out of control and rushed like a hot-headed man, but he didn't notice that no one dared to follow.

Ridiculous! Su Yan's Qi and aura were extremely horrifying just now. They thought that Su Yan had probably entered the ninth level of the Destiny Spring Realm. Now who dared to die?

"Su Yan! You dared to kill Tao Tianhua, and even challenge the school rules for several times! You d.a.m.ned lawless s.h.i.+t! What else you dare not to do?"

At this moment, there came the raging sound resonating in the air. Between the sky and the earth burst gusts of winds and thunders with flashes of lightning.

Elder Lei came. He rebuked angrily and indignantly, "Su Yan! You are beyond forgiveness! Today I'm going to enforce justice on behalf of Heaven and kill a great bad a.s.shole for the college!"

Elder Lei saw Su Yan jumping down from sky, just as if seeing a lamb to the slaughter!

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