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Chapter 932 The Capacity of a Beyond Grade A

At the same time, in the dynasty's central territory, a small unmarked fleet was docked above a huge blue planet. The planet hosted one of the most famous interstellar cities in the Crimson Dynasty, with a prosperous economy and a huge population.

This fleet came from the branch of the Black Star Army in Constellation Corridor. Because of his long stay in the dynasty this time, Han Xiao immediately dispatched the local army fleet the moment he arrived in order to utilize the fleet's machinery factory to produce machinery to while away the time on the way.

The Crimson Dynasty knew that Han Xiao had come over to the Central Galaxy with the purpose of avoiding any danger, so he did not need to proceed to Planet Crimson Ring to report. Except for the secret military areas, he was free to roam about the territory of the dynasty, and the upper echelons of the dynasty would not restrict him.

Han Xiao was practicing his Energy Training Techniques whilst searching for the famous people of the dynasty in the future. He had arrived in this interstellar city to visit just one person. The No.16 Comprehensive Superpower Academy of the dynasty was a first-cla.s.s university and a famous facility on this planet. The goal of Han Xiao's trip was precisely this academy. In his memories, a future Beyond Grade A Dynasty member had graduated from this college.

According to the data from his past life, this Beyond Grade A was recruited into the academy between the years 709 and 712 on the Galaxy Calendar. This was the early stage of the update from Version 3.0 to Version 4.0, this exact period.

Because his fleet was unmarked, the arrival of Han Xiao did not cause a sensation on the planet. Only the upper echelons of the academy were notified, and the immediately dropped all his affairs to personally greet them. At this moment, in one of the campuses of the dynasty's No.16 Comprehensive Superpower Academy, Han Xiao took Aurora with him as they walked down the tree-lined road. Their faces were concealed by a virtual disguise, and their real ident.i.ties could not be seen.

The artificially planted trees helped to ward off the s.h.i.+ne from the artificial sun in the sky, and the sunlight pa.s.sing through their canopies was cut into slivers of golden specks. The was also a sparkling river beside the road, where several students were frolicking in the water. Further ahead, there was a patch of gra.s.s where students of difference races mingled with each other in discussion, and occasionally, a few students flew past in midair holding books to rush to cla.s.s. Everywhere was full of youthfulness.

“So nice…” Looking at this scene, a slight longing and envy appeared in Aurora's eyes. Her childhood was akin to h.e.l.l, and she had never experienced such a normal growth process.

Gazing at the scene, Han Xiao suddenly felt a little sad. The life of a normal person is already too far away for me…

Lowering his head, Aurora's profile, under the morning light appeared particularly pure and sacred, and her long eyelashes twitched gently.

“Your Excellency Black Star, the Pugilist Department is in front of us.”

At this time, the voice of the sounded by his ear. Han Xiao withdrew his gaze from Aurora, looking forward at a tall building complex. There were spherical gravity training s.p.a.ces visible to the naked eye, and many of the pugilists were also practicing. The three of them walked around the teaching area for a while and walked past a cla.s.sroom. A new cla.s.s of pugilists were in the middle of a cultural cla.s.s. When Han Xiao looked in, his gaze immediately landed on an unremarkable person belonging to the Galaxy Human Race. This plain and una.s.suming face was very familiar in his eyes…

Karlot, the Beyond Grade A directly under the dynasty in the later versions. After 'Dark Lord' Clotti died, he took over his position, and his combat ability also reached the peak of Beyond Grade A…

The memories of his past flashed through Han Xiao's mind in an instant, and Han Xiao's eyes flashed inexplicably.

Seeing that Han Xiao had stopped and did not move, the was a little confused. He looked over and saw Karlot seated there. He hesitated before he asked, “Your Excellency Black Star, do you recognize this freshman?”

Han Xiao shook his head. “I just felt that he has a lot of potential.”

Hearing this, the immediately looked carefully, but he could not see anything special about Karlot. He was a little dissatisfied in his heart, but he could not help paying attention to the opinions of a Beyond Grade A. The secretly took out his communicator to check Karlot's files, but he found out that the freshman had yet to awaken his Super-Gene, and thus, his performance was also at the bottom of the cohort.

The majority of the freshmen in the college were ordinary people, as the college would also conduct tests to select the good seedlings to start education earlier. Within this one-and-half-year period, if they could not awaken their Super genes, they would be asked to leave.

“I hope to be able to chat with him,” Han Xiao said. “This… ok.” The hesitated a little but finally agreed.

Han Xiao walked into a random empty cla.s.sroom, and when the bell rang, the hallways got noisy. The door of the cla.s.sroom opened, and the walked in with Karlot.

“Sit.” Han Xiao smiled.

“Why do you want to meet me? I, I didn't do anything wrong.” Karlot stood dumbly, his expression cramped and speech awkward.

His family were all ordinary people who ran a small business. However, his parents wanted him to become a Super so that this family business could obtain the social welfare treatment that was unique to Supers. Thus, they allowed him to go to the college. Karlot had no opinion and thus took the admission exam, being lucky enough to pa.s.s it.

As a freshman who had never come into contact with any Supers, Karlot had only met the once at the opening ceremony. However, the had approached him personally today, which made him anxious as to whether he had broken any rules.

“Haha, you didn't do anything wrong. I just wanted to chat with you.” Han Xiao laughed.

Karlot finally heaved a sigh of relief, closely scrutinizing Han Xiao's face before he asked curiously, “You… Who are you? I don't recognize you. Why are you looking for me?”

“Oh, my name is Black Star. Maybe you've heard of my name. I'm an ally of the Crimson Dynasty, and I think that you have potential. Are you willing to join my Black Star Army?” Han Xiao smiled.

The purpose of this trip was to search for potential strong candidates, but because Karlot's starting ident.i.ty was too low, he was not spotted early. If Han Xiao could bring such a power over, he would not hesitate.

Seeing this, the began to doubt his own eyes. It was impolite to poach someone in front of him, but he did not dare say anything. It was even more surprising, seeing that Black Star would personally invite this person without any extraordinary features.

“What is the Black Star Army?” Karlot opened his eyes wide, a look of puzzlement. He never paid attention to interstellar matters and did not even know what their Dynasty Ruler was called.

Han Xiao's face cramped up, and he threw a glance to Aurora. Aurora could only explain it patiently to him.

Karlot seemed to only understand half of it. “So, you guys are mercenaries?” “You can put it this way, I guess.” Han Xiao was helpless. “If you join our army, not only will you obtain better teachings, you can also obtain more benefits. I…”

Before waiting for Han Xiao to finish, Karlot began shaking his head. “I'm not going. Dad only sent me here to improve our family condition. He does not allow me to go out to fight and kill. If he learns about this, he will beat me up.”

Hearing this sentence, Han Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. This reason was quite refres.h.i.+ng.

The universe indeed was not lacking people who wanted to be Super just for the benefits. However, once they obtained the strength, their mentalities would undergo a change. Thus, he could understand why Karlot was thinking like this right now. In his previous life, Karlot himself belonged to the late-bloomer protagonist character archetype. He was honest, clumsy, and had a slow growth rate, but he slowly stepped forward until he stood at the peak of all Supers. During his peak, he could even kill ordinary Beyond Grade As without losing his breath.

After graduating from this official superpower academy, the military and some government departments came to recruit him. At that time, Karlot finally had his own beliefs and joined the army against the will of his family, starting his legendary career. However, now, Karlot was still a naive child in Han Xiao's eyes.

Every Beyond Grade A was unique. If he rashly changed Karlot's future, he might not grow up like his previous life. After all, guys like Karlot were not like Hila, who had the innate potential to hit Beyond Grade A.

Seeing that no one was talking, Karlot scratched his head and hesitantly asked, “If there's nothing else, can I go?”

“Alright.” Han Xiao put his thoughts aside and smiled as he nodded. He decided not to push Karlot so far right now as he did not have the value to be poached.

But he had also helped Karlot indirectly, since he showed this student's importance. The would definitely try to focus on his training, and he could use this time to foster a closer relations.h.i.+p with him.

Watching Karlot leave, Han Xiao temporarily bid farewell to the, returning to his s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

As soon as he entered the cabin, his communicator rang. It was Sylvia on the line.

“Teacher, there's a situation with the Limitless Financial Group!”

Han Xiao's eyes flashed. “Explain in detail.”

Sylvia quickly summarized the incidents, and Han Xiao frowned as he connected the picture of him conversing with Sorokin. An understanding came to him.

“Them entering the Shattered Star Ring market is false. Their true motive is to deal with me.”

“Teacher, you're saying…” Han Xiao sighed. “The Limitless Financial Group acts as an economic and commercial enterprise on the surface, but its true motive is to support the Bloodshed Land in opposing us, interfering with our development. I've been waiting to see what the pressure brought about by the Evolutionary Totems would be, and it turns out it's in this form. There should be many backers behind the Limitless Financial Group this time, likely the federation and the church as well.”

“Then, what should we do? There's no way to resolve this!” Sylvia's expression was solemn.

Han Xiao was also tied up. In terms of commercial activities, the Limitless Financial Group was the undisputed ruler. The core businesses of the army were not impacted, but he was unable to prevent Sorokin from acquiring his partners. That would later cause a negative effect as his other business partners would choose to dissolve any relations.h.i.+ps in order not to be targeted.

This was a straightforward strategy of attacking using their own abilities.

“If we hope to compete with the Limitless Financial Group, we must turn our dispersed capital into a whole. Use this external pressure to facilitate internal cohesion among our partners, encourage them to unite and form an existence similar to that of a Chamber of Commerce. We can help each other resist the malicious acquisition of the Limitless Financial Group.”

Sylvia thought about it before nodding in agreement. “This method is not bad.”

“Alas, there is no method to tackle the root cause. We can only stop the damage from spreading.” Han Xiao's eyes flashed with a cold light. “After a period of time, I'll have the mechanical host I left in the headquarters go to the Bloodshed Land and find Heber for… a good talk!”

After discussing the countermeasures, Han Xiao hung up, and his expression sank.

Now that the Black Star Army had gained the opportunity to s.h.i.+ne in the world and develop rapidly, Sorokin attempted to deliberately drag them down, preventing them from developing peacefully.

He wanted to destroy the network of interests Han Xiao had spent years trying to build up!

Although this method of Sorokin's could not shake the core businesses, it was very sinister and disgusting, and it would kill the future of the army!

He wanted to contact Sorokin for questioning, but he quickly banished this idea. With that old fox's character, he would definitely use all kinds of business activities as an excuse, and there would be no way to express his own dissatisfaction.

Since he knew how Sorokin was going to reply, there was no point calling him. If Heber promised to cooperate, it means that he's taking this opportunity to develop his forces. He, of course, won't mind knocking me down in the process. When I advance to level 300, I'll go and chat with him.

Han Xiao clenched his fists with a heavy expression.

Since he could not deal with Sorokin, he would cause trouble for Heber!

Ty-Ty is not giving me face at all. If you think that this wave of trading is very profitable for you, don't blame me for destroying your prestige later!

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