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Chapter 1237: Her Leg Has Fully Recovered

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Yun Bixue felt excited as well. It had been more than a month now, and it was difficult for her to do many things.

She still had a lot of things to do, and she could not afford to drag them on any longer.

Seeing the warm smile on Yun Bixue's face, Xie Limo caressed her hair. He knew that she would only smile so relaxedly in front of him.

During this past month, the two of them did not mention Grandfather's incident either.

Yun Bixue did not want Xie Limo to be upset, so she did not tell him for the time being. On the other hand, Xie Limo did not want to mention Old Master Yun's incident again because he was afraid that it would remind her of sad things.

He had sent someone to check as well. Although it was very difficult to investigate, they still found some clues. He did not believe that Old Master Yun was gone just like that.

Yun Bixue's hand was being held in Xie Limo's hand. However, she would still feel excited and nervous. Her palms were even starting to sweat.

Xie Limo kept saying by her ear, “Don't worry, your leg will be fine. Trust me.”

“Yeah. I'm just very happy. I can stand very soon and do whatever I want. It's been hard on you for the past month.”

Xie Limo did everything himself, and seeing his busy figure made Yun Bixue's heart ache. Moreover, he had always prepared her meals for her, making her gain back the weight that she had lost as well.

Xie Limo kissed Yun Bixue's hand and wiped away the sweat on it as he said, “We're husband and wife, so what hards.h.i.+p is there to talk about?”

He always felt that he owed her. He took care of her willingly. Even if her leg healed, he could not bear to let her do anything either.

After removing the cast, the doctor said, “Congratulations, Young Madam, your bone healed really well. This is considered a light injury. Since you recovered well and took good care of yourself, it will not be much of a problem later. However, for safety reasons, walk slowly for the next couple of days. Also, don't engage in vigorous activities…”

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo listened to the doctor seriously, with Xie Limo being more serious than Yun Bixue about this.

Today, both of them were very excited. Xie Limo said, “Xue, today is a day worth celebrating. What do you want to eat?”

Yun Bixue was about to say that she wanted to eat seafood, but she suddenly thought of her grandfather and felt that there was nothing she should celebrate.

However, Yun Bixue did not want Xie Limo to worry either, so she said, “Let's make some noodles to eat at home!”


Xie Limo could tell that Yun Bixue was torturing herself deep down. He really hoped that Old Master Yun was still alive. Or else, he should really have a child with Yun Bixue, so her spirits could be raised.

In fact, once her leg recovered, the first thing Yun Bixue thought of was to go to Ning An City to pay respects to her grandfather.

However, she did not know how to tell Xie Limo about her grandfather's accident.

It was in the dead of winter. The weather was really unpredictable, and it was snowing heavily.

Yun Bixue stood by the window side and stared at the snow, feeling a little lost. It was as if she was still in Ning An City, as if everything had never changed.

Just as she was immersed in her thoughts, she received a call from an unknown number. “h.e.l.lo!”

“Is this Yun Bixue? Do you still remember Yangyang? Although she's not your child, you would probably still yearn for her, right?”

Yun Bixue could not tell who was on the other end of the call, but she knew that the other party may very well have used a voice-changing application. She replied sternly, “Who are you? What exactly do you want?”

A ruthless voice rang out from the other end of the call, saying, “It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is if you're coming to save Yangyang. Yun Bixue, you care about this child too, right? If you come, she lives. If you don't come, she dies.”

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