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Yun Bixue's heart sank in that instant. She could imagine how Yangyang was the hope of the Su family. If Yangyang was fine and well, Su Lenghan and his parents would also live well.

If anything happened to Yangyang, the Su family might just go crazy.

Yun Bixue shook her head hard and asked, "Su Lenghan, where are you now?"

"I'm outside. Yun Bixue, I want to thank you and Xie Limo for everything in the past. People only understand a lot of truths in life when they reach this point in time like me…"

Su Lenghan did not mention anything about Yangyang. The other party told him that he must let Yun Bixue exchange a life for a life to save Yangyang.

His child was important. However, he owed Yun Bixue a lot in this life. He could not do any more things to hurt them.

It was his fault as a father for not being able to save Yangyang. Thus, he decided to accompany his child to death.

Su Lenghan was already mentally prepared for this and even activated the men of sacrifice from the Su family. He did not know whether it was because his prayers had been answered. Once he received Yun Bixue's call, he could finally tell her the words he kept in his heart in advance. At least he would be able to leave with no regrets when he was gone with Yangyang.

Yun Bixue could increasingly sense the grief and desolation in Su Lenghan's voice. Her heart started thumping wildly, but she tried her best to calm herself down. "Su Lenghan, I will be going to Ning An City later. I will come to your village to visit as well."

Su Lenghan panicked. He shouted, "Yun Bixue, don't come to Ning An City."

He was afraid that Yun Bixue would be in danger. The target of the person who called him was her.

"I will be going with Xie Limo. You can just wait for us at the village."

After Yun Bixue said that, she immediately hung up the phone. She said that because she wanted Su Lenghan to wait in the village and also because she was afraid that Su Lenghan would do something silly.

She knew that when a person was at his wits' end, it was very easy for him to lose all rationality.

She experienced it before, so she knew how that felt like.

She kept her things in a rush and changed into another outfit that contained silver needles, daggers, knives, sedative drugs, and poison. She also placed a gun in her boots.

She even wound a whip around her waist.

She put on a thick down coat and tied her hair in a bun. She placed lethal silver needles that could kill at once in her hair bun as well.

Once she was ready, Yun Bixue was all dressed up as a cold-blooded killer.

When Xie Limo rushed in, Yun Bixue had just changed into her outfit. "Limo, we must save the child, or else I will feel uneasy."

Xie Limo held Yun Bixue's hand and said somberly, "Okay, I will come with you."

Xie Limo made a few simple preparations. He had also sent out his orders to the Xie clan's secret guards in Ning An City.

Once they got in the car, a thought suddenly came to Yun Bixue's mind. She said to Xie Limo, "Limo, we have always focused our target in Ning An City, so I was thinking who we offended there. But I suddenly recalled Jiang Jingshan from not long ago. Could it be because I let someone slap her?"

Xie Limo said seriously, "Did Jiang Jingshan send anyone to find trouble for you these few days?"

Yun Bixue shook her head. "No, it's not normal if things were so quiet. By right, she wouldn't have been able to take this lying down."

Xie Limo nodded. "Let's go to Ning An City first."

He gestured to the car that was following behind them. Xie Wu drove over, and Xie Limo rolled down the window and told him, "Go and keep watch on the Jiang family. Check on Jiang Jingshan's movements and try your best to control the Jiang family as soon as possible. Create some trouble there to restrain Jiang Jingshan in emergency situations."

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