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Chapter 1568: The Major's Anxiousness

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“D-Don't…” Bai Yaoyao said between coughs. She grabbed Duan Yanhao's sleeve and shook her head.

 Duan Yanhao was so anxious that he was almost hopping on his toes. His face did not look good. He was so worried that his brows seemed to be covered in snow and shrouded in ice.

 On such a rainy day, no matter how she tried to hold it in, her body still ached in pain.

Duan Yanhao's heart ached terribly. “Yaoyao, if you go on like this, you will cough your lungs out. How can I be at ease? Seeing you like this makes me feel really terrible, do you know that?”

 “No worries. I might have been tired out. I just need some rest.”

 “Then I'll make some herbal medicine for you.”


 After Duan Yanhao went out, he let Lin Pei come in to look after Bai Yaoyao while he went to the canteen to boil some herbal medicine.

 Ever since Bai Yaoyao fell ill, he learned how to make herbal medicine in the hopes that he would be able to improve her physical condition.

 However, he realized that after she got injured, it was really difficult for her to recuperate her wounds.

No matter how anxious or angry he got, or even if he grounded her, he would not be able to stop her determination to go onto the battlefield.

 He knew that Bai Yaoyao was a stubborn girl. If she wanted to do something, no one would be able to dissuade her from it.

 It was just like how she loved Xirong Ziye back then. She was in so much pain loving him, but she had never given up.

 Thinking of this made Duan Yanhao's heart twist in pain. However, considering that she was right in front of him now and would be his in the future still comforted him.

 He would not let Xirong Ziye s.n.a.t.c.h her back. Furthermore, Xirong Ziye did not have the right to.

 He would look after Yaoyao closely as Yaoyao belonged to him.

 He would treat her well, so well that no one else could compare.

 Major Duan was still a little childish deep down, and when it came to love, he had his own stubbornness as well.

 When he came back with the herbal medicine, Bai Yaoyao had already fallen asleep. He gestured for Lin Pei to go back first while he stayed to look after her.

 He placed the herbal medicine on the table and sat quietly beside the bed, watching her.

Seeing her sweet face sound asleep made his heart feel at ease.

 However, his heart still ached when he looked at her pale, thin face.

 If not for him, Bai Yaoyao would not fight so hard in the war. He knew that she did all this for him, so the war in Country X would end sooner.

 He saw all the good that Bai Yaoyao did, but his heart ached for her as well. As long as she was alive and well, he would try his best to nourish her and bring her back to good health.

 What he feared the most now was losing her. There were many times on the battlefield when he saw her in danger from afar, yet he would not be able to make it in time to save her. He would be so scared that his soul almost left his body.

 This was better, seeing her sound asleep and looking so sweet.

 Perhaps she had really been tired. She had not had much good rest these past few months.

 Now, there was only the cleaning up left to do, and he planned to bring her home as well.

 Duan Yanhao stayed in the military camp to accompany Bai Yaoyao while he settled some military matters. When most of the things had been settled, he left the rest to his subordinates to handle and rushed to fetch Bai Yaoyao home.

 He could not wait to marry her and bring her home. Only that would really put his heart at ease.

 Once they were in the car, Bai Yaoyao glanced sideways at Duan Yanhao and said, “Yanhao, actually, you don't need to be so anxious. I won't run away.”

 “Nope. I will be anxious even if you're not.”

 Bai Yaoyao's lips curved up. She knew that his domineering temper was coming out again. No one would be able to convince him otherwise.

 “Do you think it's okay to leave the rest of the things to them?”

 “Yaoyao, as a leader, you must learn to delegate. You can't do everything on your own just because you're worried. If that's the case, you will only weaken the capabilities of your subordinates.”

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