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Chapter 1774: Cold and Distant

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Faced with Xie Limo's chilly question, Wu Yin had an urge to turn and leave.

 She looked up at Majesty Huang and realized he was staring at her ambiguously. She truly feared she would mess things up for the Princess.

 She didn't know if she should say it now. However, if she didn't and simply let Deputy Xie leave, she would have failed what the Princess tasked her to do.

 Seeing her behave hesitantly, Xie Limo's expression turned cold, and a chilly glow flickered in his eyes.

 Wu Yin felt a chill run down her spine. She suddenly felt that this Deputy Xie wasn't as peaceful as he appeared on the surface. His aura was not something she could stand up against.

 She thought the person Deputy Xie fell for would be very blissful. If he could fall in love with the Princess, the Princess would be very blissful.

 Too bad Deputy Xie was wholeheartedly devoted to his wife.

 She had watched with the Princess for several days. Previously, Deputy Xie would take a stroll with his wife every afternoon, and his every gesture showed his intense caring side.

 It was at that time that she saw Deputy Xie's mild and gentle side.

 Only now did she realize that Deputy Xie only showed that side of him in front of his wife. Before others, he would only display a cold and distant manner.

 Seeing Wu Yin behaving so hesitantly, Majesty Huang glanced at Xie Limo, his expression changing as he said, “Speak whatever you have to say. Why are you hemming and hawing? You can't speak because I'm here?”

 Wu Yin hurriedly said, “No, Your Majesty.”

 “Then speak!”

 “Yes, yes. It's like this. The princess learned that Young Madam Xie was hospitalized today and had wanted to visit her, but was told that Young Madam Xie had discharged and gone home. Hence, the princess found two precious tonics in the storeroom and went to visit, but Young Madam Xie had declined to see her.”

 At this point, Wu Yin could feel the chilly air on Deputy Xie intensifying. She had no idea why, but she couldn't withstand this chilliness. Her forehead had involuntarily broke out in a cold sweat.

 A cold glint flickered in Xie Limo's eyes. To him, of course he wouldn't hope to see anyone visiting his wife at this critical juncture.

 Moreover, he didn't feel that Xiajun Yanwu had pure intentions of visiting Yun Bixue. It didn't make sense for a royal princess to visit Yun Bixue, who didn't even come from a prominent family in the imperial capital.

 He said blandly, “Continue.”

 “Yes, because of this, the news is going viral on the internet. Some of those comments are unfavorable to Young Madam Xie, and some are unfavorable to the Princess!”

 Xie Limo's lips curled up slightly. He stared at Wu Yin and asked, “Did the Princess ask you to come here and say this?”

 Wu Yin hadn't expected Deputy Xie to ask her such a question, so she had no idea how to answer it.

 Xie Limo said coldly, “If this matter arose because of the Princess, then I believe she has the responsibility to resolve this matter. What's the point of you coming to tell me about this?”

 Wu Yin felt intimidated, feeling that Deputy Xie was able to see through everything.

 Xiajun Yanli stared at Wu Yin with a warning look as he said, “Since this matter arose because of Yanwu, if Yanwu can stand out and clarify matters, the rumors will naturally be dispelled.”

 Wu Yin didn't understand why Majesty Huang wanted to help Deputy Xie. But she was only a servant, so she could only leave with the orders.

 When Xiajun Yanwu saw Wu Yin but not Xie Limo, she was rather disappointed.

 Xiajun Yanwu stared at Wu Yin and asked dubiously, “You really told him?”

 Wu Yin nodded respectfully. “I did, but…”

 “But what?”

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