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Chapter 2899: Chapter 2901-angry

Translator: 549690339

Everyone looked at the scene in front of them in fear. At that critical moment, Yun Bilu was the one who saved them.

Yun Bilu’s display of her skills shocked everyone, and they did not recover from their shock for a long time.

The Black Dragon Gang was a martial arts organization. After seeing Yun Bilu’s impressive skills with their own eyes, some of the people who were eating had looks of admiration in their eyes.

“Oh my G.o.d, did I see wrong just now?”

“This … This is amazing!”

“Even old guys like us might not be able to react so quickly.”

“It’s so accurate. No wonder the old master insisted on supporting her.”

“Not only does she have a strong background, but she’s also powerful herself. Our young master has good taste. The two of them are the most compatible.”

“Indeed, my heart is still beating wildly. It was really dangerous …”

“This chandelier is perfectly fine. How could it have fallen out of thin air? I think there must be a problem.”


Everyone discussed in hushed voices while Yun Bilu stood there quietly. She looked at the ceiling lamp in front of her with an unreadable expression.

Huang yize pulled Yun Bilu over and looked at her from head to toe. After confirming that she was fine, he pulled her into his arms without caring about the public.

“Silly girl, you really scared me to death just now.”

Huang yize could still feel the lingering fear in his heart. His heart was still beating violently, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Yun Bilu’s expression was cold. She wanted to push Huang yize away, but in this situation, she didn’t move. She didn’t want to make things difficult for Huang yize.

This was the first time the Black Dragon Gang’s higher-ups had seen their young master lose his composure in front of someone.

In the past, no matter what happened, even if young master was shot and in danger, he would still have a calm expression and didn’t care about anything.

Huang yize was the future heir of the Black Dragon Gang, so his att.i.tude towards Yun Bilu was more important than anything else.

They re-evaluated Yun Bilu’s status and silently agreed that their master, Huang minglin, was right. They definitely couldn’t neglect this miss Yun.

Of course, they did not dare to neglect or disrespect miss Yun’s skill.

Huang minglin, on the other hand, was much calmer. Back then, he had more than ten top-notch experts by his side, but they were all easily defeated by Yun Bilu. What else could he say?

Huang minglin made a prompt decision to get someone to investigate this matter. The chandelier couldn’t have fallen for no reason, so no one was allowed to leave this reunion dinner and they were to be investigated.

Everyone only dispersed in the evening.

Huang yize pulled Yun Bilu back to his residence. Seeing how upset Yun Bilu looked, Huang yize felt uneasy as well.

He looked at Yun Bilu, who was sitting there silently. He pulled her hand over and used a wet towel to wipe it clean for her. He then sighed softly and said,””Girl, if you’re not happy, you can hit me or scold me. Don’t be angry with yourself, okay?”

Yun Bilu closed her eyes. Her heart was in a mess right now, and she didn’t feel like talking.

She slowly opened her mouth.”Let me be alone.”

Huang yize stood up and pressed down on Yun Bilu’s shoulders.”Girl, you’re having a cold War with me!”

“No, I don’t feel comfortable.”

“Don’t torture yourself if you don’t feel comfortable. ”

Seeing Yun Bilu’s silence, Huang yize shook her shoulders.”Girl, did you forget what you told me? You’d rather stab my heart with a knife than torment yourself in silence!”

Yun Bilu pushed Huang yize away.”I’m not happy right now, and I don’t want to fight.”

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