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The white car was as light as a cat while w.a.n.g Yao's black vehicle was like a fierce leopard. It b.u.mped into the white car, causing it to hit a tree. All the airbags were activated and the driver was in shock.

All the cars and buses stopped 2 meters away from the elderly man and the child.

There was a traffic accident.

w.a.n.g Yao was involved in the accident; he got out of the car and called the police.

The area where the accident happened was quite special. There were a lot of local government buildings nearby so the police were very efficient. They soon arrived at the accident spot, and then took pictures and notes.

The car hitting the tree was a BMW and its driver seemed to be mildly injured. He crawled out of the car and squat down for a while. After he put himself together he got up and tried to fight with w.a.n.g Yao but he was taken away by the policeman. CCTV was installed all over the area, so it was easy to find out what happened.

w.a.n.g Yao and the driver of the BMW were taken to the police station.

The police had a look at the record of the CCTV, which showed them that the BMW could have hit the pedestrians if w.a.n.g Yao didn't stop it.

"Wow, he hit the BMW with a Tiguan! That's gonna cost him a fortune," sighed the policeman who was in charge of the case.

"Stop sighing. They are both rich guys. Write your report!" said the senior policeman.

"Sir, someone called just now saying he is a relative of the driver of BMW and he knows Captain Li," said one of the traffic policemen.

"Okay, I'll wait for Captain Li's phone call then," the policeman in charge said.

"I think the driver of the Tiguan did a good thing," said the traffic policeman.

"Don't worry. I don't think he will get into trouble. Can you write down his number plate for me? We'll still have to wait for the call," said the policeman in charge.

The driver of the BMW was now fully recovered from his shock. He started making numerous phone calls and looked at w.a.n.g Yao in a threatening way.

"You wait! You are in big trouble now!" he said in front of the policemen.

Who is this silly boy? I feel sorry for his parents! thought w.a.n.g Yao.

A moment later the policeman in charge came to ask questions again.

"Why didn't you indicate when changing lanes?" asked the policeman.

"I didn't have time to do it. I did it subconsciously," said w.a.n.g Yao.

"Subconsciously?" said the policeman in surprise.

w.a.n.g Yao was telling the truth. He just did it. He saw the BMW trying to overtake him in the rear vision mirror and just tried to stop it. He turned the steering wheel towards the BMW and accelerated. The Tiguan made in Germany was a really good vehicle—it did exactly what w.a.n.g Yao wanted it to do.

"Your subconscious behavior caused a traffic accident and potential casualties. Are you aware of that?" said the policeman.

"Sir, the BMW didn't indicate to change lanes either. I had no idea he was going to overtake me, plus the traffic signs indicate that overtaking is not permitted in that area," said w.a.n.g Yao.

"You seem to know a lot," said the policeman whose face fell.

"More or less," said w.a.n.g Yao in a bad temper.

The policeman didn't ask any more questions. He took some notes and left.

The result came out in the morning. w.a.n.g Yao would take the main responsibility for the accident.

w.a.n.g Yao laughed after he heard the outcome.

The young driver of BMW looked provokingly at w.a.n.g Yao, as if he were saying I know people, hit me if you can. w.a.n.g Yao regretted that he hadn't accelerated harder.

Hey, is this kind of behavior considered illness? Is there any medication for this? thought w.a.n.g Yao.

The outcome meant w.a.n.g Yao would have to pay for costs of both vehicle repairs, medical bills and mental damage.

"I don't accept the outcome," said w.a.n.g Yao calmly. "I will leave it to my lawyer."

A traffic policeman rushed into the room.

"Where is the report of the accident?" he asked urgently.

"It's here!" said another policeman.

"I'm sorry, we've got it all wrong!" the traffic policeman s.n.a.t.c.hed the reports away from w.a.n.g Yao and the other driver. He shredded the reports in front of everyone.

"Wait, the electronic copy should be deleted too. Type it again," said the traffic policeman.

It was winter and very cold outside and so, the police station had heaters installed but. Still, it was not very warm but the traffic policeman seemed to be sweating.

"What is going on? Why do the reports need to be written again?" asked the driver of BMW loudly. He was apparently not happy. Everyone in the room turned to look at him.

Are you kidding me? It took me such great effort to pull a few strings to reach an outcome favoring me. How could this happen? thought the driver of BMW.

"Stay away!" the traffic policeman shouted at the driver of the BMW with discontent.

Soon the news report came out: w.a.n.g Yao was fine while Li Zhengzhi, the young driver of the BMW took full responsibility.

w.a.n.g Yao was also surprised.

He had no idea how there could be two completely different outcomes within ten minutes. Was justice going to win?

"What's going on?!" said Li Zhengzhi in shock.

"Can't you read the report yourself?" said the traffic policeman in cold voice.

The accident was settled. w.a.n.g Yao didn't ask for much, he just wanted Li Zhengzhi to pay the repair fee of his vehicle, as there was a dent and some scratches on the b.u.mper.

Li Zhengzhi was still arrogant and aggressive, but he stopped after he received a phone call. He promised that he would take the full responsibility.

The 4S store told w.a.n.g Yao that it would take about a week to fix his vehicle. He would need a new b.u.mper and it was not cheap. w.a.n.g Yao left his car in the store and asked the manager to rent him a car for temporary use.

It seemed the accident was over, at least it was over to w.a.n.g Yao. Although there were ups and downs, the result was good and justice was served. The driver of the BMW was punished, although w.a.n.g Yao thought it was just a slap on the wrist.

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