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Chapter 981 New Medicine

“let's go there,” guo zhenghe said. “after all, it's closer to he county.”

“alright.” chen zhouchuan nodded and said, “it's just that the rules and temperament of wu san are a little eccentric. you have to be prepared for that.”

it often depended on who the eccentric temper and rules were directed at.

as for w.a.n.g yao, unless he was left with no other way, he really didn't want to knock on his door.

that day, he used his family's connections and went directly to southern yunnan to find the king pharmacist, wu san.

it was said that he lived in a remote village and his rules were strange and eccentric. as guo zhenghe had said, since he had been in contact with the outside world, it was inevitable to have secular human feelings. the man also had family members and relatives. sometimes the rules could be appropriately relaxed, especially when a provincial leader came to visit in person.

“only this one time.”

favors had to be returned, but rules had to be followed as well.

“yes, only this once.”

“alright, bring him in.”

guo zhenghe entered the wooden building and met the king pharmacist of miaojiang, wu san.

he looked no more than 40 years old. he had done a good job of maintaining his youth.

he thought he had the same scent as miao xihe.

“this is?” after wu san performed a diagnosis for guo zhenghe, his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

“it's a poisonous insect, isn't it?” guo zhenghe asked.

“yes. were you in he county?”

“i'm the secretary of he county,” guo zhenghe bluntly said. “in the past, i was attacked by poisonous insects. at that time, it was treated by the people of the valley of thousands of medicine.”

“well.” after hearing that, wu san didn't speak again. his heart was clear about what had happened.

miao xihe, what are you trying to do?

naturally, he knew about this kind of poisonous insect. they indeed came from the stockade. for him, they were to treat.

soon, wu san purged all the poisonous insects from his body.

“all done.”

“thank you.”

“you're welcome,” wu san replied with a wave of his hand.

he felt that he might have been dragged into some trouble.

“be careful when you get back,” wu san said. “i don't wish to see you again.”

guo zhenghe was stunned by his words. his expression was a little ugly. he forced himself to say nothing. he turned and walked out of the wooden building.

“how are you doing?”

“i'm fine now.”

“that's good, that's good.”

although he was in southern yunnan, he did not rush back. he returned to jing. on the way there, he thought about how to solve the problem.

when he arrived in jing, he was surprised to find that his father had also returned.

“dad, why are you back?”

“i have business in jing. how is your health?”

“it's alright,” guo zhenghe said. “i'm planning to go to the hospital to have them check me again.” although wu san had said that he was fine, and he could no longer feel the pain anymore, he still wasn't completely sure. it would be best to go to the hospital for an examination.

“yes, you have to go for a checkup,” his mother said. “i have just discussed it with your father. you can't stay in he county anymore. it's too dangerous.” as a mother, her biggest worry was the health and life of her son. all other things were of secondary importance.

“about that, i want to stay on for a while more,” guo zhenghe replied. “besides, it would not be very responsible of me to leave at this time.”

there had been too many things happening in he county. to leave at such a time was quite irresponsible.

“i also suggest that you don't stay there any longer,” guo zhenghe's father said. “recently, a cadre training course is going to be organized here in jing. you should prepare for it.”

guo zhenghe thought for a moment and nodded. “alright.”

a wise man foresaw and mitigated risks. he knew when he should attack and when he should retreat.

“your sister was hurt there before as well.”

“yes,” guo zhenghe said. “it was just before the new year.”

“well, what kind of place is that valley of thousands of medicine? it's too much!” governor guo's words were a little severe. at the same time, he was also expressing his extreme dissatisfaction with that place. they were his son and daughter. they were from the guo family. when had they ever been bullied, let alone encountered such life-threatening situations?

“yes, i've been thinking about it these days as well,” guo zhenghe replied.

“isn't the chief named miao xihe?” his father asked.

“yes, that is the man.”

“what kind of man is he?”

“he is ambitious, but he doesn't want to be paid too much attention,” guo zhenghe said.

“ambitious? are all these things happening because of him?”

“yes, it's all because of him.”

“since so many things have happened, he should bear the corresponding consequences,” governor guo said.

“i've already got some ideas,” guo zhenghe replied.

“oh, tell me about them.”

“doesn't he want to avoid the world and not be paid attention to by too many people?” guo zhenghe asked. “so, we let their stockade be completely exposed and displayed in front of people's eyes.”

“well, that's a good idea.”

in the mountain villages, thousands of miles away…

in the medical clinic, the boy who was as fragile as gla.s.s received a second treatment.

after three days of medicine absorption and recovery after the first treatment, the young man's physical condition had changed to a great extent. the boy felt the change. strength had returned to his body. he had become more spirited and started to love eating. his mother, who had been caring for him all this while, could naturally see the changes in her son.

the woman exclaimed more than once, “dr. w.a.n.g's skills are superb!”

the second treatment went very smoothly. the young man was very cooperative.

“dr. w.a.n.g, can our xiao rui be cured?” the woman asked.

“according to the current situation, there should be no problem,” w.a.n.g yao said.

he was going to change the roots of this teenager. his disease was not acquired. it was innate. he had brought it out of his mother's womb, and it was in his bones. therefore, it was more difficult to treat. w.a.n.g yao was trying to fundamentally treat it to change the young man's body const.i.tution from within.

“that's great,” the woman replied. she had asked that question once before.

“alright, come back in three days.”

“thank you, thank you.” the woman was overjoyed.

“dr. w.a.n.g, xiaoxue, are you free this evening?”

“auntie, what can i do for you?”

“ah, i'd like to invite you to have a meal to thank you.”

“there's no need for that,” w.a.n.g yao said with a smile.

in the end, he declined the woman's invitation.

“after the third treatment, i will accompany you back to jing.”

they had already discussed it. w.a.n.g yao would accompany xiaoxue back to her house to celebrate the lantern festival together.


in the town center, a large number of medicinal materials arrived at the pharmaceutical factory. they were to be used for the trial production of the second type of medicine:

heat clearing powder.

after the medicinal materials arrived, zheng weijun notified w.a.n.g yao. he drove to the factory and inspected them in person. after confirming that there was no problem with the herbs, he started the trial production.

the first batch of medicinal materials was small. they were planning to brew a liquid form this time. there were no plans to make them into pills via powder form.

the first trial production seemed to be very smooth. after the medicine came out, w.a.n.g yao knew it was off just from its scent.

“the medicine isn't up to standard. it has been brewed for too long.”

“too long?” the person in charge of the production process hurriedly jotted that down.

“how much time should it be shortened by?”

“is the order of the adding of medicinal herbs according to what i said?”


“after all the medicinal herbs have been added, the brewing time should be shortened by one and a half minutes. at that time, we'll check the effect again.”

“noted.”that day, w.a.n.g yao and su xiaoxue stayed in his clinic. as a result, seven batches of medicinal materials were wasted in one day. they did not produce any medicinal materials that satisfied w.a.n.g yao. the main problem was with time and control of heat while brewing the medicine.

“we're almost there. i'll end it here today. i'll come back tomorrow. let's continue debugging it then.”

“ok,” the person in charge of the production process replied.

the production of new drugs was not a simple process. few people succeeded after only one try. even with the guidance of w.a.n.g yao, the primordial spirit soup had taken several days and wasted quite a lot of medicinal materials before succeeding.

“what do we do with these drugs?”

“send them to the sewage treatment process!”

unqualified products were waste products. that was the most basic rule. these inferior products could not be sold as good products. to deal with the waste-water generated in the process, the factory had been equipped with an advanced sewage treatment equipment. it alone had required tens of millions of dollars.

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