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Chapter 11: Harsh Training

Seiya and Celseus came face to face inside the summoning chamber.

As usual, I was told "not to enter until the buzzer makes a sound", but yes, it would be bad to disturb those two, so I dutifully kept my promise. In the afternoon, I found Celseus eating on the table at the dining hall of the G.o.d's realm.

I sat next to him and asked the following.

「Master Celseus, what happened to Seiya? 」

Then, he opened his mouth and answered laughing.

「Well! I never thought he would be such a tough man, of course, with a foul mouth as well! But for the first day, it is a bit difficult to go against my swordsman skills! 」

「Is, is that so! 」

「Well, he still has long ways to go before I start seeing him as a real opponent!」

I was relieved when I saw Celseus; he looks like he is having fun. Apparently, they seem to be getting along well during practice.

「Then, I leave him in your care, thank you very much! 」

I bowed to Celseus and left the dining hall.

*feeling rea.s.sured* After all, you seem to be doing quite well! That's amazing Seiya, I am impressed!

Then, the second day came.

I went to the dining hall at noontime, and I saw Celseus sitting at a table, but today, he had serious face and started stabbing the fish with a fork.

I sat right next to him, and said h.e.l.lo.

「h.e.l.lo. How's the training going? 」

「Well, yes, it is doing gre…great. 」

…What? Did I just feel that he said that while gritting his teeth?

Celseus took a deep breath and sighed.

「That b.a.s.t.a.r.d. In just two days, he gained a terrifying strength… 」

The last time I saw Seiya's status, his "experience gain increase" exceeded level 10. Maybe this is the reason why he is learning at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed.

Although I think this situation is quite positive, Celseus is muttering with hatred.

「I wish I could show him my true strength. 」

「I understand but…it's forbidden to fight human adversaries using 100% of a G.o.d's power… 」

「You're correct. However, the divinity rules states that there are special cases, such as when a G.o.d's power is being surpa.s.sed by the opponent. Indeed. I might be able to defeat him easily if I use my full strength… 」

「Sorry!? What did you just say!? 」

「No, it's nothing! 」

Did I just heard him say "might be able to defeat him"? What? Don't tell me that in just two days he has beaten Celseus? …No, it can't be! There's no way that happened! I'm sure I heard him wrong!

「*laughs eccentrically* Even so, that's a tough and compet.i.tive opponent to defeat! *laughs madly non-stop* 」

 He is laughing way too much. His state of mind is clearly different from yesterdays; I feel a little uneasy.

The third day.

I found Celseus in the dining hall drinking small portions of water from a cup. I feel that his complexion does not have a good vibe. My heart feels a bit wary to approach him.

「Master Celseus. Have you lost a bit of weight? 」

He opened his mouth little by little.

「No…not really… 」

「Okay. Then, how is it going with Seiya? 」

「Well. It's going… 」

「Has he improved with training? 」

「So-so, I guess… 」

「So-so? What does it mean "so-so"? 」

「"So-so" is so-so… 」

「Well, I mean…if you could be more specific? After all, I'm the G.o.ddess responsible for Seiya. 」

Unexpectedly, Celseus struck the table with his fist and spoke aggressively.

「Hey you!! Stop chatting right now!! Do you know this is my lunch break!? Then, don't talk about "training"!! 」

「*sounds shocked* I'm, I'm, I'm so sorry!! 」

The other G.o.ds in the dining hall were startled and looked at us wondering what was going on. Looking at his surroundings, Celseus regained his composure.

「…Sorry. I apologize for yelling at you. 」

After he apologized, I left the dining hall straightaway.

The fourth day.

Although it was lunch break, Celseus was not in the dining hall.

Lately, he has been mentally tired, maybe he is resting in his room…?

Then, I thought it would be nice to check on Seiya; he is been inside the summoning chamber for last few days, so I decided to go to the kitchen in the dining hall. I went to the corner of the kitchen to get some seaweed to make onigiri…

「What!? 」

I screamed all of sudden. I saw Celseus crouched next to the dried seaweed.

「Master Celseus!? What on earth are you doing here!? 」

「Suhh! Be quiet! 」

「What's the matter? It seems like you are hiding away from something… 」

「It doesn't seem like. I'm really hiding. 」

Then, Celseus made signs to me to get closer to him, and he whispered on my ear.

「Listarte. Listen, carefully. All right? That hero is…sick…! 」

Yes, I know that…but I can't say that, so I kept silent. Celseus's face became quite pale and he spoke with a trembling voice.

「I said to him that our training was enough already, but he kept saying "not yet, not yet, it's not enough yet" and didn't hear anything to what I said. I have been forced to keep training with him even with insomnia, for him, it is never enough and just wants more and more training. 」

「So, that's what happened…no wonder you're like this… 」

「I already said to him that he is three times stronger than I am now, but he was not satisfied and said, "I can't be rea.s.sured until I am hundred times stronger". He has already gone crazy. He's got a Super Berserker spirit that he makes a normal Berserker sound petty. 」

In the middle of talking…

「…Hey. 」

Celseus and I slowly raised our faces in the direction of the low voice that we suddenly heard.

There was a Super Berserker standing in front of us with his arms crossed.

I was surprised…

「What!? 」

Celseus starts sobbing.

「Why!? 」

He started speaking without even noticing that Celseus was sobbing.

「Celseus. Lunch break is over. What are you doing there right next to the dry seaweed? 」

「Well, no, I…well… 」

After some thinking, Celseus came up with an excuse.

「That's it! I am here because…I was imitating the dry seaweed! 」

I was perplexed with his explanation.

What on earth is a "seaweed imitation"? How can he come up with such a puzzled excuse!?

However, Seiya didn't seem to be particularly interested on that excuse. He sent a cold look at Celseus.

「I understand. Then, have you finished it? 」

「Well, no, I need to keep working on it a bit longer. I have to do my best to be more like the dry seaweed. 」

「You can't. Let's go. 」

On that moment, Seiya grabbed Celseus by his neck with his hand and spoke like he was declaring a verdict.

「Considering that we lost a good amount of time, today we are going to practice continuously without a break. 」

「No break…? Continuously…? 」

Celseus began trembling and then started pleading.

「I, I don't want to…!! *screams repeatedly* 」

He started crying loudly. This whole scenario astonished me.

「Master Celseus!? Your body is collapsing!? 」

「I don't want swords anymore!! I don't even want to see them!! 」

「What!? But you are a swordsman G.o.d, what do you mean you don't want to see a sword anymore!? 」

「I hate it!! I don't even want to think about that "long and sharp pointed thing”!!」

「*shocked* He doesn't even say "sword" anymore!! 」

Celseus was throwing tantrums like a child. Still, Seiya grabbed his neck and dragged him out of the kitchen.

「Please help me!! 」

Celseus eyes were tearing up as he was being dragged away in front of me.

「Wait, Seiya!! Stop that!! He said he don't want to go!! 」

In that exact moment, the kitchen doors opened abruptly and Aria rushed in.

「So, you are here Lista! Isister has been searching for you!! 」

「What!? 」

From Aria's serious look, it seems that it must be a very important matter.

「Master Celseus! Please endure it just a little bit longer! 」

Yet, he…

「Don't abandon me…!! *screams incessantly* 」

I left Celseus crying in the kitchen and I left urgently to the Great G.o.ddess Isister's room.

Poor Celseus just what is happening inside that summoning chamber? Any ideias? >;)

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